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Chapter 8 of

Parenting Pandemonium

By: swapai munchkin

To witness your best friend making out with her boyfriend in front of your naked eyes is something to hot and sizzling to pretend that you are practically unaffected by it. Mikan's eyes turned into comical O's as she watched Hotaru and Ruka rock their bodies in sync. She felt hot down there. The great urge to touch her cunt and make self pleasure was overpowering her. However, she looked at Natsume dumbstruck a few feet away from her. She bowed her head and thought of,

"Howalons. Howalons. Howalons"

But Howalons did nothing one bit to cure her in her need to satisfy herself. She glanced back at Natsume and found that he had a huge bulge on his pants. Mikan can't control of the tension anymore as she screamed.


Natsume felt like he was slapped on the face as his eyes finally tore off at the couple making out. Ruka and Hotaru seemed to enjoy their lovemaking so much that they didn't even notice the two others on the room.

"What are you doing, idiot? You want us to be dead by tomorrow, huh?" Natsume said exasperated, he was more worried of what Hotaru can do to them as a punishment when they disturb their passionate lovemaking. He returned his attention to the couple.

Mikan can't seem to take her gaze off on her best friend, who is now giving Ruka a very noisy, slurp blowjob. The sex scenes from the movie she saw on Hotaru's theater room suddenly flashed before her eyes and it's making her hornier. All her will power to refuse to touch herself was gone when Ruka's cum shot out like a fountain into Hotaru's face, mouth and breasts.

"God, I can't take it anymore," she sighed, feeling all her energy drain away, she turned her back on Natsume and went inside the bathroom, she can't afford him to see her masturbating herself. She sat down on the bathroom floor and she opened her legs wide and traced the line of her lace panty and took it off, she involuntarily slipped a moan as she inserted a finger, she worked it up and down and mounting pressure was built in her stomach, she could feel her hands going faster.

Natsume, who seemed oblivious to what Mikan is doing, cannot ignore the huge bulge his 'friend' is making. He unzipped his fly and let the monster out. He worked on it and he could feel his body going stiff, he's about to explode, yet at the same time he wants to pee. The Great and Mighty Natsume can't afford to have rumors on him peeing on his pants. He immediately went to the bathroom, he was about to cum.

When he opened the bathroom door, she saw Mikan masturbating on the bathroom floor. His face contorted with rage as he slammed the door really hard and shouted,


Mikan, alarmed at Natsume's sudden presence, suddenly sat up straight and backed off until she reached the wall.

"Na-na-Natsumeā€¦" she stuttered with a flushed face, embarrassed.

Without a warning, Natsume attacked Mikan with fierce kisses and penetrated his large erection into her cunt which was moist and hot which made the cock easy to slide. FINALLY, he was able to penetrate her! Mikan is filled with ecstasy when Natsume entered her and Natsume sending butterfly kisses on her mouth, to her neck, and he hastily removed Mikan's blouse buttons and bra and sent her to heaven by sucking on her nipples.

Mikan's harsh breathing aroused him more as he fastened his pace and knot on his stomach is beginning to tighten. They both can't believe that their first time would be on a bathroom floor! But for them, the place where they did it was not important, but rather, it is to whom they did it that matters.

When Natsume is about to cum, Mikan is about to cum by that time too, however, Natsume is about to cum earlier than Mikan, and he especially doesn't want to pee on Mikan. So when Natsume could feel the eruption of the volcano, he immediately withdrew his monster from Mikan's and ran to the toilet bowl where he had his explosion and pee.

"Eeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhh!" Mikan shrieked while holding her stomach, "My stomach hurts! You are nuts, Natsume! I haven't cummed yet, damn it!"

Without warning, Mikan grabbed Natsume when he emptied his bladder and forced him to lie on the bathtub, his penis still erect. Mikan followed suit and removed all her remaining clothes, as well as Natsume's, which he has no objection and resistance at all and carefully sat on Natsume's cock. Natsume groaned in satisfaction at Mikan's tight hole.

"I've always wanted to try this," Mikan said with seductive eyes and drove herself up and down while turning the shower of the bathtub on.

They heard a scream from the other side of the room, probably Hotaru, having another orgasm. Natsume and Mikan's eyes locked for a moment and had an unvocal conversation. As if Mikan was trying to say, "We can't lose to them," Natsume's reply was of course a malevolent glint in his eyes as if saying, "Just what I wanted".

And they had the most marvelous day with 9 rounds in 9 different positions.

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