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Humanity on Trial

Last year, Hans Rotwood has finally proven that Jake Long is a dragon. From that point, he lead the humanity into capturing all magical creatures and turning them into slaves. One year later the magical creatures rebelled for their freedom and won. Now the humanity is waiting until the magical community decides their fates.

The first human to be brought into trial is Hans Rotwood.

"Hans Rotwood, you were charged with leading the humanity into holding the magical creatures as slaves." Councillor Andam says. "How do you plead?"

Rotwood puts himself on his knees and starts walking on them. "This way, You Honor."

Upon seeing that, Brad Morton, who was at the courtroom watching this, points at Brocamas. "You owe me a gold coin."

Brocamas hands him the coin. "I expected a more dignified reaction from someone who dared to hold us as slaves."

"Foolish mortal." Councillor Kulde says. "After all you did that's all you have to say?"

"I was so obsessed by the fame and so fearful of what you would do to the humanity I thought it was the best way to keep the other way from happening." Rotwood explains.

"And what about Sun Park?" Councillor Omina asks. "You found out the woman you love is a dragon. How come it didn't make you regret your plans for the magical creatures?"

"One good dragon is not an exception." Rotwood says. "How could someone actually change ways because of that?"

"The Huntsgirl did so you can't use this as an excuse." Councillor Kulkulkan replies.

"WHAT?" The Huntsman, who was waiting with other humans for their trial, asks upset. "The Huntsgirl dared to betray me? She's gonna pay for that."

"Be quiet, slayer." Councillor Kulde orders. "Your time to be tried is coming soon. And about the Huntsgirl, when she found out the dragon she was about to slay is her beloved Jake Long, she was confused but eventually decided to help us. Her decision became even stronger when one of her trips to the dream realm revealed that you kidnapped her from her twin sister and her parents."

"Wait a minute." Rotwood says. "If the Huntsgirl is someone she loves she must be my student Rose. In that case she's also responsible for crimes against the magical creatures."

"True." Councillor Andam says. "But, as a reward for her help in other occasions and in our fight for freedom we, the World Dragon Council, decided to grant her total pardon for her crimes."

"And you didn't believe me when I said the Roselicious you love so much was a member of the Huntsclan and loves the American Dragon." Brocamas says with a malicious grin as Brad gives his gold coin back..

"Silence." Councillor Andam says, hearing Brad and Brocamas. "You're only here to observe. If you don't respect it you'll be forced to wait outside until the trial ends." Both Brad and Brocamas nod.

The Dragon Council goes ahead with the trial. "Hans Rotwood, do you have anything else to say about your actions against magical creatures?" Councillor Kulde asks.

"I did what I thought to be the best for the humanity." Rotwood puts himself on his knees again. "Please spare my life."

"Don't worry." Councillor Omina says. "You never attempted to kill any of us and even kept the Huntsclan from doing so. Because of that we won't sentence you to death."

"I'm very grateful, masters." Rotwood says.

"Don't call them masters, you coward." The Huntsman says.

"We've already told you to be quiet, slayer." Councillor Kulkulkan tells him.

"Do, you have anything else to say, Mr. Rotwood?" Councillor Andam asks.

"It's Professor Rot-." He was saying until being interrupted. "Don't you dare to correct us on that matter, you fool." Coucillor Kulde says. "Do you have anything to say about your actions?"

"No." Rotwood answers.

"Take him to a cell where he'll wait for his doom." Councillor Andam says. "Now bring the next defendant. The Huntsman."

The Huntsman is brought in front of the Dragon Council. "Huntsman, you are the leader of the Huntsclan and responsible for slaying at least a dragon along with several other charges against the magical community." Councillor Kulkulkan says. "How do you plead?"

"You, magical creatures, have polluted this world for too long." The Huntsman replies. "It's my destiny to destroy you all. My only regret is that this stupid Rotwood has interfered before I managed to collect all 13 aztec skulls."

"With an attitude like that you'll probably receive the worst punishment possible." Councillor Andam replies.

Meanwhile, Trixie, Spud and Jake got an special permit to visit a prisioner.

"Dad, are you allright?" Trixie asks.

"Trixie, did these dragons harm you?" LT. Carter asks, worried.

"I've told you, Dad, most dragons are the good guys." Trixie says, thinking about all the times she tried to convince him to help the magical creatures. "You wouldn't listen."

"Trixie, I know you must have quite a schock when Professor Rotwood had proven one of your friends is a dragon." He says and then realizes Jake is with him. "But look at what these monsters are doing to me."

"Well, Dad, I can't blame them after you've done with them." Trixie replies.

"Trixie, I was following orders." He explains. "The President ordered me, among other soldiers, to capture the magical creatures. I didn't feel like having a choice. Do you understand?"

"I do, Dad." Trixie answers. "Let's hope the Dragon Council also understands."

"Your dragon friend could speak for me." Trixie's Dad says.

"You're overestimating my prestige with them." Jake says. "They still blame me for Rotwood being able to expose the magical community."

"Okay." Trixie's Dad says. "But what's with 'most dragons'? do you know some who are really evil?"

"Well, there's the Dark Dragon, who wanted the magical creatures to rule over the humanity and Chang, who used to be a Councillor before being exposed as the Dark Dragon's accomplice." Spud answers.

"American Dragon." A guard says. "Your Father wants to talk to you."

"Dad?" Jake asks. "Where's my Dad?"

"He's at the waiting room." The guard answers. "He's been waiting for you ever since your family has been captured."

Jake rushes to finally meet Jonathan Long after a whole year of agony. "Dad, what happened to you?"

"Jakers, after we were all taken away I've forced through a lie detector." Jonathan explains. "After it confirmed my status as a normal human and the fact I had no idea about your Mother being from a magical family I was offered to nullify my marriage on the grounds of entrapment. Because I've refused to do so, I couldn't go to either the school or the children's hospital to see you and your sister and the only occasions I could see your Grandpa were when he was gurading the bank I have an account. And yet I wasn't allowed to talk to him. And how were you treated, Jake?"

"It was horrible." Jake says. "After being captured I was sent to a training facility where other dragons and I became slaves. I was sold to Rotwood to serve as a guard for the school. The kindergarteners petted me like a dog and it annoyed me not to be considered human. I was fed on something worse than the food from the school's cafeteria."

"Oh, Jake." Jonathan exclaims. "I wish I could have done something to help you."

"Knowing you refused to nullify your marriage already makes me feel better." Jake says. "Have you already seen Mom and Haley?"

"Yes, Jake." Jonathan answers. "Haley told me the children were initially scared of her dragon form but eventually got used to it. Some kids even said she was cute. Too bad the doctors didn't allow them to befriend her."

"Yeah, that sounds like her." Jake replies. "But what about Mom?"

"Since she wasn't useful as a slave she was instead kept locked away to keep her from somehow helping the magical community to revolt against this oppression." Jonathan explains. "But now I'm worried, Jake. What's gonna happen to the humanity? I've heard about this ex-Councillor Chang who was arrested for helping the Dark Dragon and that the Dragon Council released her in exchange for help." Now Jake was worried. "What if they decide to payback on the same way holding the humanity as slaves?"

"Don't worry, Dad." Jake says. "The Dragon Council's main goal is the balance between humans and magical creatures. Except for Rotwood and the Huntsclan I don't expect anyone to receive a serious punishment."

"But what about that Rose girl you love?" Jonathan asks. "Isn't she a high member of the Huntsclan?"

"She joined our side after discovering I am a dragon." Jake answers. "And hated the Huntsman even more when she found out he kidnapped her when she was a baby."

"What?" Jonathan asks, shocked. "How can someone do such thing? Or should it be expected from someone like him?"

"Well, the Huntsclan believes their dragon-shaped birthmarks to be a sign it's their fate to slay dragons." Jake answers.

"What a bunch of fools." Jonathan says. "You have a birthmark shaped like Idaho and you won't move there because of that."

"That's what I told Rose when she told me the meaning of her birthmark." Jake replies.

"And is the magical side of the family okay with the relationship between you and her?" Jonathan asks.

"I have yet to learn what Mom and Haley think about it but Gramps seems to be okay with that." Jake answers.

"Well, Jake." Jonathan says. "Let's see what the Dragon Council has decided."

The Dragon Council ruled that the Huntsman and all others who had slain magical creatures should get capital punishment. The Huntsclan students, since none of them has ever gone into action, won't be punished but were required to leave the Huntsclan and the Dragon Council will keep tabs on them. Rose and the other Huntskids who, like her, were taken away from their families by the Huntsclan were sent to their real families. Huntskids whose families are facing punishment from the Dragon Council were sent to adoption. All other humans were allowed to live their lives the same way they lived before the whole mess except they now know about magical creatures and school course was changed to adapt that.

At first I would make it a very long oneshot but I've decided to end this chapter here and make another one showing more details on the adjustment between humans and the magical community. Please Review. I hope Dpbuckeye forgives me for making this sequel without asking first.