authors note: I do not own any of the characters except Natalia Bay and her mother June Bay. Enjoy the story and tell me if you have any special wishes.

The new girl

Chapter 1

It was dark and cold, I ran as fast as my legs could carry me. I did not't even look around to see where I was, my gaze was fixed on the path on front of me. I ran around a corner and came to a dead end. Panicking I looked for a way through but without success, I was trapped. I leaned my back against the wall and finally took in my surroundings, it seemed quite impossible to see where I was because of the darkness. There was only an Eery green light which aloud me to recognize, that I was in a Hospital. A very old hospital too. There were loads of doors on each of my sides running all the way back from where I came from. Why did not't I notice them before??? Suddenly I heard an earsplitting sort of howl and I remembered just what I had been running from. Shaking violently I closed my eyes praying that it would go away. I heard heavy footsteps coming closer and closer. Soon it would rip me apart...

I opened my eyes and sat bolt upright in my bed. I was covered with sweat and was shaking unable to control myself. "Nat are you alright?" my mother asked. I looked at her with pure fear in my eyes and saw her worried expression. Thank god it was only a dream but why was it so real? My mother began to worry more as I did not't answer and tried again:" Nat? Are you feeling OK?" Once she was sure she would not't receive an answer she got up and ran to the door and yelled:" Ardeth, somethings wrong with Natalia start the car we have to take her to hospital!" She was on the brim of crying.

Otto was at the security reading his naughty magazine upside down but looked up as he saw a man and a woman guiding a young girl through the doors of kingdom hospital and lead her to the registration desk. He looked down at Blondie who was apparently looking back. As he looked up he saw Chris lead the girl into a room. "Looks like we got another patient, right Blondie?" Otto said and returned to reading his magazine.

Dr. Draper shone a torch in my eyes as they normally do to patients. She kept on asking questions which started to annoy me but I decided to just ignore her. Finally she put the torch down and turned to my mother and started to babble something which I did not't quite get for I fell into a nightmare filled dream...