They are sitting in his car in an opening under the stars somewhere. He doesn't know where, he doesn't really care where, but they are sitting in silence and when he turns to her, there is moonlight shining on her face. She's smiling.

She's beautiful.

He can't help it when he reaches forward and tucks a stray piece of hair behind her hair. She closes her eyes at his touch and leans into his hand.

His lips meet hers slowly and he tangles his fingers in her hair, twisting her blonde locks in his hands. She moans slightly into his mouth as his tongue runs along her bottom lip and he takes advantage of the moment to explore her mouth with his tongue. She tastes like ice cream.

Suddenly she climbs over the console that is separating them and straddles his lap, her knees on either side of his hips. She shifts slightly and he lets out a groan deep in his throat because she just hit THAT spot and she has no idea and he isn't really focused on it because her hands have found the bottom of his sweater and her nails are raking against his stomach and he really, really thinks he may just die right now.

His hands slide up her jeans as he moves to the spot behind her ear and gently bites her earlobe. She lets out a pant and a sigh that sounds something like his name and clutches to his biceps, her nails leaving little half moon marks beneath his sweater. His thumbs run gentle circles onto the skin above her jeans as he kisses her neck and she shifts her hips again, and then again. He growls into her shoulder and pushes her shirt up and over her head. His hands follow a path up her bare skin.

"Johnny." She breathes it out as his mouth finds her neck and begins a slow descent down ward. She twists her hands into his hair and pulls.

He wakes up panting, his sheets twisted around his body like a straightjacket. He realizes where he is and closes his eyes, letting his head fall back against the pillows.

"Oh, this isn't good."