Late spring; seven years after Uchiha Sasuke left Konoha to join Orochimaru. Team 7 was getting older, and one of them wasn't satisfied with how things were.

Haruno Sakura; intelligent and strong, beautiful and skilled. 19 years old, already ex ANBU captain as of two weeks past. She thought leading a squad of elite ninja was her kind of deal…but things changed. After all, that was the beauty of being human…things changed.

The pastel-haired medic had nothing left in Konoha. The only people who were like family to her never saw her. Kakashi retired when he aged to 40, and Naruto was the sixth Hokage. There was too much going on for him to have time for Sakura.

Hell, his own wife hardly saw him. Poor Hinata was always at home now-a-days, taking care of their baby. Sakura was actually little Suirkus Godmother.

Naruto had become the sixth Hokage because Tsunade had been killed in a recent battle. Orochimaru, Kabuto, and Sasuke came to the village hidden in the leaves and killed many ninja. Their ruthless army destroyed nearly half the city. It seemed like the Chuunin exams all over again. Orochimaru attacks, the Hokage dies at his mercy. Konoha becomes Hell.

On the contrary, Konoha won the epic battle. The Sound army had been killed, leaving Orochimaru, Sasuke and Kabuto the only ones standing. Tsunade, Naruto and Sakura were on the frontline. Sakura had nearly beaten Kabuto to death, Naruto and Sasuke were both on their knees, and Orochimaru had the upper hand.

Sakura had bravely composed and performed a smart strategy in which she drew Kabuto closer to Orochimaru until eventually she could fight both. If it hadn't been for Sakura risking her life to help Tsunade, there would have been no change to save the fifth Hokage.

After a miraculous blow to the chest by Sakura, Orochimaru ordered his ninja to flee.

Many of Sakura's old friends died. Those that she knew were Aburame Shino, Yamanaka Ino and her father Yamanaka Inoichi, and Akimichi Choji. As well as her own teacher, Tsunade. Nara Shikamaru had married Temari of Sand and moved to Suna with her. When he visited and found that both of his teammates had died, he became ill.

Thankfully Sakura was a head of the medical core by this time; putting Shikamaru under a watchful eye until the color in his face returned. She was nearly the exact replica of Tsunade. Shizune even stepped down to becoming head of the medical core and said she would be honored to serve as Sakura's assistant.

Uzumaki Naruto, Inuzuka Kiba, Hyuga Neji, Rock Lee, Hyuga Hinata, Shiranui Genma, and Mitarashi Anko were all priceless ninja that had been put in critical condition or were seriously wounded.

All recovered well, Naruto recovering the fastest as expected. All thanks to the Kyuubi. When released from the hospital, upon hearing the tragic news, the Elders held a meeting and two days later Naruto was dubbed the sixth.

About Tsunade now; the woman was in critical condition under only Sakura's care. For three sleepless days the cherry blossom stayed by her side and worked relentlessly to patch her up. However, the recovery was unsuccessful, and Tsunade died on the fourth day.

Entirely bewildered and cold after her teachers fall, Sakura began contemplating whether or not she should leave Konoha behind.

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