You Know You're A Marching Band Geek When...

1. You walk in step with whoever is walking next to you.
2. You could play your cadence twice as well as your drumline.
3. You laugh at the concert choir for their awful flute posture.
4. Nothing is more fun than discovering your band and the opposing team's band know the same cheer--then competing to see who can play it faster.
5. You named your instrument.
6. You would seriously consider your options if it came down to destroying your instrument and losing your right pinky toe.
7. Your marching band is like your family: You feud all the time but you love most of them to death.
8. All or most of your friends are in your marching band.
9. You love banging people's drums.
10. You can play most of your cheers on more than one instrument.
11. When you hear a whistle, your first instinct is to shut up and get to attention.
12. However, when your drum major blows the whistle, you tend to ignore it.
13. You rarely date outside of band.
14. You've NEVER dated outside of band.
15. You were at least somewhat normal before you joined the band.
16. It is definitely not weird hearing someone yell, "WHERE THE FUCK ARE MY PANTS?!" in the band room.
17. You have three or more moms and/or dads.
18. The bus rides to away games are nearly as much fun as the games themselves.
19. There are few things more amusing than pissing off your director or drum major.
20. You hate missing football games.
21. You always wonder why your drumline seems utterly incapable of staying in step.
22. You're pretty damn sure you have more spirit for your football team in the tips of your fingernails than your whole cheerleading squad.
23. You would make a better drum major, you just know you would.
24. You aspire to be section leader or drum major one day.
25. You are anally raped by a drum stick at least once a week.
26. You know your band is the best one out there, even if you suck.
27. You could sing your cadence.
28. You tap out the beat to your cadence with your pencils while your teacher lectures.
29. You're wondering if the person who wrote this can read your mind.
30. "This one time, at band camp..." is a commonly used phrase, even if you've never seen American Pie.
31. The girls always seem to be wearing white T-shirts when it's really hot outside, which is convenient for wet T-shirt-contests between sets.
32. You roll-step through the cafeteria when you have a tray loaded with food.
33. When taking a walk and listening to music, you can't help but walk in step to the music.
35. You're pretty sure you'll be hard of hearing by the time you graduate, because of all the times you've had a trumpet blasting in your ears--or worse, a piccolo!
36. You didn't go 'wtf' at that last one, because you know you can't fully understand the torture of being blasted in the ear with a piccolo unless you've experienced it.

Any other band geeks out there who can think of more of these, PM them to me and I'll post them up here and give you credit:D