The Black Thorn part 2

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Just then, they heard sirens coming from outside. They rushed out the door and looked outside.

Two police cars drove by and a man in an apron stood on the sidewalk yelling: "Help! Thief!"

Raven turned to them and smiled.

"You guys up for a fight?"

They all smiled and flew or ran out the door.

Raven flew above the Doom Patrol with Beast Boy beside her in Hawk formation. She spotted the thief and stopped him by putting up a wall of black energy.

He stopped and looked back and sweat dropped. A gang of 'Super Heros' he presumed were gaining on him.

Beast Boy turned into a tiger and fell to the street quickly. Rita grew in size as Negative Man flew out of his body. Robot Man charged the man with a fist ready to punch as Mento was ready for any attack thrown at him.

The thief brought out a gun and started to shoot RM in the chest. They all fell to the floor useless as to his desires. "Huh, takes a lot more than that to beat me punk!" He said as he gave a good hard punch to the jaw.

The man went up for at least 10 – 15 ft. high and fell quickly back to earth. Mento stopped him from hitting the street. First of all, he didn't want the man to be killed, secondly if he were to hit the street then he would have to pay for repairs. Again.

The police came and took the man from the heros. They handed the unconscious man to the police and started walking back to the church.

"Well that was easy." RM said. "Well duh! You knocked the guy out with a single punch!" BB exclaimed. Shows you just how strong I am green bean!" Robot Man said while putting one of his arms up and flexing it.

Everyone laughed. Beast Boy rolled his eyes sarcastically. Once they were half way toward the church Raven spoke up. "Hey, that was probably the last villan for this week, do you guys want to go site seeing?"

"Sure!" Said BB, "Sorry, I want to see what the items on the list were about." Mento said, "I'm with Mento." Negative Man said, "I've got to fix some of my parts." RM said while patting his chest.

"I have to make sure the boys don't eat everything in the Hotel room." Rita proclaimed. "Well o.k., what time would be good for you?" Raven asked. "No times good for Mento! He's always cranky!!!" Beast Boy joked while putting his soon to be damaged arm around his leader.

Mento gave a horrific death glare and Beast Boy stepped back into place giving a goofy smile, rubbing the back of his neck, and sweat dropping. Everyone laughed at this.

"Man Mento!!! The kid just explained you in one whole word! Cranky!!!!" RM said. Mento scolded and muttered something about extra house chores.

Once they all reached the church it was getting dark, so they said good night to Raven and headed back to the Hotel.

The next day the DP came by to Ravens room after Father Tom was done preaching.

Raven was on her bed holding a leather book, she was holding a pencil in her right hand and concentrating furiously.

A knock came to her door. Then another, and another, and another. Beast Boy poked his head into her room. He watched her there on the bed for a second then spoke.

"Hey Rae?" She looked up abruptly gasping. She quickly used her powers to move the 'journal' Beast Boy presumed, and pencil under her bed.

Her expression turned from surprised to anger. She narrowed her eyes, "What are you doing here?" She said in a harsh tone. BB's ears drooped, "Well, um, Me and the rest of us want to know what you think the items on the list are about." He said in a slightly depressed tone.

She closed her eyes and sighed in annoyance. " Fine, come on in." Beast Boy gladly trotted in with the rest of his teammates behind him. "So, what do you have in mind?" Raven asked while resting her head on her hand.

"Well, we were thinking that maybe they are trying to reincarnate your father, maybe talk to him spiritually." Rita said while sitting down on one of the chairs.

Mento sat in the other chair next to her while Robot man and Negative man sat in the floor infront of them and Beast Boy sitting on the bed with Raven.

Raven shook her head. "That's impossible to reincarnate my father. Besides, you would have to go to Azerath to get the equipment and such for that kind of thing. And Beast Boy should already know fairly well that Azerath and everything on it was destroyed."

"Except you." BB said putting his hand on her shoulder. "And speaking to a demon spiritually would take years of items and supplies of other dimensions to posses. And I don't think they could do that."Raven explained.

The Doom Patrol looked down cast for a moment but then looked up at Raven. "What do you think he might be doing?"

"Well I think he's not trying to marry me, Thank Azar, but trying to get me to perform a ritual or something. It's something he can't do and he needs me to do it."

"What? Teaching him on how to be a normal person? I mean seriously, the dude dresses like his dad!!!" BB joked.

Mento looked sternly at him. "Now's not the time Beast Boy. Be quite." BB glared annoyingly at him but brushed him off. "So, any idea on what he wants you to perform?" He asked.

"Well, based on the items he's collected, I think it has to do with something spiritually." "And how many spiritually carnations and such are there?" Mento asked. "A lot." Raven answered.

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