Chapter 11

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Nightwing took the journal from the center of the table and flipped through the three pictures.

"What started first was Star and I patrolling the city, a daily routine for us. Sad thing is, We were attacked and didn't even know it."

"Yes, we were taken by surprise in an old factory, they were in a rush to leave once we had arrived, so we chose to split up and follow them."

Everyone waited patiently to listen to the story. Waiting for details.

" I was taken by a robot that had the same technology by Cyborg, it was frightening how advanced it was, he broke my arm and laid me at Sebastian's feet. He told me he needed something, something important. Something Nightwing and I had. He came close and cut two slashes onto my head, muttered a spell and I was unconscious."

"While that was going on, I was trying to get to her. Several men cut my arm and the next thing I know Sebastian's muttered the same spell. He didn't cut me though. I horrible being beaten so easily."

He slammed his fist into the table and everyone flinched. Nightwing's heavy breathing was calmed by Starfire laying a hand on his arm. He nodded.

"We came back to the tower, but decided to tell Cyborg tomorrow since we were dripping in blood. Through the night I was ruptured in pain."

"As was I. I finally had to go to the bathroom to,..throw up." She scrunched her face.

"When I looked up, I noticed the cuts on my head had turned to horns from a Gasdonklorf. Very much like a earth ram."

"My teeth had grown long and I had claws, they were easily identified as a wolf's. My brething became ragged and I passed out. The next morning, I was normal."

Raven took up the conversation. "I had passed all that when I was unconscious, My wings were obviously that of a raven's, but the jewels that were there were from my demon blood."

"So, Sebastian has attacked you guys, but not us. At least not yet." Changeling put in.

"Correct, and what he took from us we do not know. Do we have leads?" Starfire questioned.

""I think I have a pretty good idea, blood."

"The guy? But he died a long time ago." Cyborg interjected.

"No, blood as in DNA. We were covered in it weren't we? He needs samples, but for what?"

"Well let's say he is trying to get our blood. What good would it do him?" Nightwing crossed his arms.

"I have a feeling he needs it for a big force, something strong that could wipe out anything in his way. An army of some sort that even we couldn't defeat." Raven tugged at her now long hair, she didn't bother to cut it.

"But didn't Trigon try to do that before? He created clones of ourselves to defeat. But he failed in the end. He was the supreme darkness so why even try again?"

"I don't think they're clones, I think it's a monster."

"Like Dracula or Zombies?"

"Yes Beast Boy, like Dracula or a Zombie."

"Well, whatever it is, we'll stop it." Nightwing slammed his fist down on the table.

"Don't be so sure, we still don't know what's going on. But at least it's a lead."

"Which means Cyborg and Beast Boy are under constant surveillance."


"What!?" Beast Boy and Cyborg screamed.

"Sorry guys, It's necessary. "

"Well so is the doctors, but I still don't like it!"

"That remind s me, we have to update the medical records."

"You're kidding me!?"

"It's just one shot Beast Boy, no harm done."

"I bet you wouldn't like it if you needed a shot."

"You're going."


At he Hospital


"It was one shot Beast Boy."

"Then why don't you get a shot Raven?"

"I already have yearly check ups, but you haven't gone since how long?"



"Well I'm sorry the Doom Patrol didn't cover medical insurance!"

"Well he test should come back soon. We'll give you a call then. Have a nice day."

"Thank you doctor, come on Beast Boy."

"Ow! Ow! You don't need to pull!"

Later that Night at the Hospital

The doctor was in the medical lab, testing the patients blood.

"Well, looks like Susan Rogers is in good shape." He mumbled.

He put the tube of blood down back into it's set.

"Dr. Houser, how are the blood samples coming along?"

"Ah! Jonathon! They are in perfect condition! People are starting to take care of themselves."

Jonathon eyed the vials of blood and gave a nervous cough.

"Um, how's that Titan's blood coming along?"

"Oh, the Beast Boy kid? I haven't gotten to him yet. Why?"

"That's all I need to know."


Jonathon pulled out a gun from within his coat and cocked it.

"Hand me the blood sample, and yours won't be on the floor."

"I can't do that. What are you doing? You've worked here since the opening of this hospital, why?"

"I'm being paid."

"How could you be so easily bought? You were a man of your word."

"You don't know how much I'm getting."


The doctor laid dead on the floor. Jonathon picked up the blood sample and smiled.

"Yes, Sebastian will be happy with this."