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The school of the story takes place between 8:00 am and 3:00pm

Monday, 7:50 am, School bus

Rain battered against the windows as Neji sat on the bus next to his…exuberant friend lee. Lee was bouncing up and down, waving his arms in the air and re-telling a tale of some great sporting achievement and how it was all down to the splendour of the power and light of youth.

After a good few minutes of Lee's zealous ranting about youth Neji stood up and excused himself from Lee and sought out a seat next to someone more… quiet.

Don't get him wrong, he didn't dislike Lee and his speeches but this morning he felt the need for some quiet and intelligent conversation about anything other than the springtime of youth.

Scanning the bus Neji could see only a few empty seats, none of their occupants sticking out apart from the pink hair of a lonely Sakura Haruno.

He had never spent much time with Sakura but the time had had spent with her he found her to be quite enjoyable to talk to. She was sitting with her pink parka on and reading a textbook from school. Wondering why she was alone Neji sat down next to her

"Alone Haruno?"

She raised her eyebrows slightly and nodded before returning to her book

"Reading on transport can cause motion sickness, you know" he added, trying (for some reason) to drag some conversation out of her

She made eye contact with him and smiled "I don't get motion sickness." Again she returned to her book. Just as Neji began to wonder why she was being so difficult to talk to she looked back up "Still, it's sweet that you care."

Neji felt the faintest of blushes begin to make its way up his neck, and on his pale complexion even a faint blush was noticeable. So he changed the subject.

"So uhm, what's got you so interested in your textbook?"

She looked back up at him and shrugged "I have a history test first thing and if I fail then professor Kakuzu is going to go ballistic at me, it's making me really nervous"

She looked slightly worried and Neji had a strange feeling; he wanted to make her feel better no matter what the cost. The feeling was gone faster than it came and Neji was left wondering what the heck it was.

He regained his cool and smirked slightly "You'll do fine Sakura, It's not like someone of your academic ability to mess up on a simple class test." Neji inwardly scolded himself; he always used such pompous language when he was nervous; he hoped Sakura had never managed to pick up on this.

"Thanks Neji" She smiled "that makes me feel better"

The blush Neji had fought off had come back with a vengeance so he decided he best excuse himself completely.

"Well Haruno, looks like we've arrived at school, I better find Lee before he gets off the bus and rushes off without me… and good luck… I guess" He mumbled

"Bye Neji, I'll make sure and tell you how my test was, you really did make me feel better."

Face flushing red, Neji began to walk back over to Lee.

'Pull yourself together Neji… she's just a girl, she's a year younger than you, there's no way you could be attracted to her…you have a girlfriend for Goodness sake...'

Just as the bus screeched to a halt, and Neji fell on top of some kids from the year below, it suddenly dawned on him.

He was attracted to Sakura Haruno…