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Broken Memories:

Chapter I

"I'll come back to you, I promise!"

As I gazed into his deep blue eyes, though only for a few seconds, there was a silent understanding between us.

We wouldn't be seeing each other again.

Or…at least, not for a while.

My hand was slipping from his, the only thing keeping us together…just for this moment. I desperately gripped the edges of his fingers, at last crying, "I know you will!"

We finally broke apart, the piece of land that I stood trembling upon slowly drifting away from him. Further and further…

And I couldn't help but feel that this was our last goodbye.

I awoke with a start, and almost immediately tried to cling to the contents of my dream, my mind working furiously to not let the pieces slip away. I had become desperate now. Every night I had these dreams. Dreams about him…

But who was he? I kept asking myself this, but still no answer would come. Every time that I would wake up from these dreams I couldn't remember his face, his voice…

And it hurt.

Sighing, I suddenly realized that my eyes were wet with tears. Brushing them away in frustration, I fell back upon my pillows, dragging the covers up over me again. I turned over and closed my eyes, though I knew that a calm sleep would be hopeless now…

And so for most of the night I lay awake, making out patterns and pictures in the texture of my ceiling, at last drifting off into an uneasy rest, my dreams haunted once again by the same boy.


"Kairi? Kairi! Are you even listening to me!?"

Selphie's voice pulled me back to reality; startled, I turned to look at her, an apologetic smile spreading across my lips. "Oh…sorry, Selphie. What were you saying?" I said and she gave an exasperated sigh.

We were walking home from school just as we did everyday together. It was almost summer break, and the day was hot and humid. We made our way down the sandy path, which was lined with lush greenery and palm trees. This area where we lived was slightly hilly, and over one end of the path you could see houses and the rest of the town below—our destination.

But this afternoon I found my mind wandering much more than usual. Even in my classes during the morning I had trouble paying attention, and therefore landed myself in two days worth of detention—though that's beside the point.

But I just couldn't help it.

I had been thinking about him all day—whoever 'him' was.

"I was saying that we should do something tonight!" Selphie said in annoyance, and it was obvious that she must've said this more than just once, but I hadn't heard.

"Oh…" I said, distracted.

I could feel her piercing gaze, expecting an answer from me.


"Oh, I don't know…" I sighed, glancing sideways at her. She looked hurt and disappointed, so I quickly said, "Well, what kind of thing did you mean?"

"We could go to the mall!" Selphie said, her usual peppiness returning again. "Or, we could go to the movies…I heard there was a new one out, it looked really good…"

But the rest was lost, for I had soon drifted away from the conversation and back into my thoughts again. Selphie chattered away beside me about this and that, hardly even noticing that I was—once again—not paying the slightest attention.

If I somehow escaped these plans of hers tonight, I knew what I was going to do instead. I suddenly realized that this boy in my dreams…he used to be my friend. I just knew it. I had spent time with him along with…


A memory in the back of my mind suddenly broke free, and an image of the silver-haired boy swam through across my vision.

The three of us had played together on the other island… The others! Selphie, Tidus, Wakka…they must remember them, too! Oh, it was a glorious realization!


And for the second time I was startled back into the present by Selphie's voice, and turned to look at her. She was glaring at me, and made a noise of impatience. "What is your deal today?"

I fixed my schoolbag over my shoulder, and made as though to speak, but she was turning away from me.

"Whatever. I'll see you tomorrow," she said coldly, the hurt expression lighting her face again.

I looked around in surprise, having hardly realized that we had reached the branch off of the main path that led to Selphie's house.

The brown-haired girl had begun walking down the road away from me, but I stood where I was.

"Wait…" I said quietly, and was surprised to see her step falter before she turned around to me again.

"What?" She asked impatiently, an edge to her voice.

"Do…do you remember—?" I began, but was cut off as there was the sound of footsteps behind us, along with a pair of loud voices.

"Oi, Kairi! Selphie!" One of them called—which I recognized as Wakka—before Selphie and I turned.

"Oh, hi guys!" Selphie said, raising her hand into the air and waving.

Tidus and Wakka approached us, both wearing bright grins, each with Blitzball gear in hand.

"You two ladies up for a game, ya?" Wakka asked, throwing the ball into the air before catching it again.

Selphie and I exchanged glances.

I smiled politely, but shook my head. "No, sorry, guys. But I have a lot of homework to get done."

Selphie led off from my thread and nodded vigorously. "Yeah, same here."

The two boys looked disappointed, and Tidus just shrugged. "Well, we'll be down at the other island if you change your minds."

They headed off down the road, passing me and disappearing up over the hill.

"…see you, Kairi."

I looked over at Selphie to see her retreating form, hurrying off towards her house.

Feeling discouraged, I sighed and started off on my own way for home. I hung my head, kicking up dirt and sand as I went. I would have the chance to ask them again, though, I was sure of it.


May 10—Dear Journal,

I made some kind of break-through with the boy in my dreams today. Or…well, it kind of has to do with him. I decided to ask my parents—or well, the mayor and his wife. Dad and mom. But anyway I went into the kitchen and my mom was preparing dinner, and so I sat down, and said, "Mom, do you remember my friend Riku?"

She turned and smiled at me, "Oh, yes! I remember him. He was such a charming boy."

I looked at her in surprise, feeling a kind of relief that I wasn't just making up Riku's existence, and he was some figment of my imagination or something. "You do? Do you…remember what happened to him?"

"No, I don't…" She said slowly, looking troubled before pausing again. She thought for a moment, and I waited, my breath held. She wore a strange expression, and I frowned.

"What's wrong?" I asked, and she just shook her head.

"Strange…for some reason I remember another boy, too, though I can't picture him at all."

My mouth fell open in amazement, and I just stared at her.

So he really was real, after all.