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Broken Memory:

Chapter III

May 14—Dear Journal,

Finally, it's the weekend! Yay! Right now I'm sitting in my room to write this, considering I haven't written for the past few days…

Something interesting worth mentioning happened today.

Earlier this morning Selphie went to the other island with Tidus and Wakka to referee for their ballgame. They asked me to go with them, but I said no. I've found that I don't want to go there until I remember more about my lost friends…it just wouldn't be right.

But anyway, so she went to the island with them and only about thirty minutes after they had left I heard a knock at my door. Going downstairs I went and opened the door, and Selphie was standing there, holding something in her hands. She was wearing a yellow bikini with a pair white shorts and green flip flops on her feet—her usual outfit when we ever went swimming together.

"You're back already?" I asked, raising my eyebrows.

"Kairi!" She said eagerly, "I found something cool down at the island! I thought that you might like it."

My eyes flickered to whatever she was holding in her hands and then back to her face, thinking that she had probably found an interesting shell or something.

"What is it?" I asked, tucking some of my red hair back behind my ear.

She held out her hand and I saw that it wasn't a shell that she had been holding. It was an old dusty bottle. "Look!"

When I didn't say or do anything and she shook the bottle a little, so I took it from her, turning the object over my hands and examining it without much interest. "Okay…I don't get it," I said finally, looking at her strangely.

She rolled her eyes, sighing a little, as if she just couldn't understand why I didn't see how cool the bottle was. "This was inside of it," she said, pulling an old battered piece of yellowed paper out of her shorts pocket. After unfolding it and smoothing it out, she handed it to me.

"'Meet me outside of her house tonight. She can see her first sunset.'" I read from the scrap, before raising my eyes to look at her again. I suddenly had some kind of flashback, and gripped the doorframe to steady myself.

A younger version of me was sitting in my room, which was completely unrecognizable because it had been redecorated since then. I was staring off into space, and suddenly heard the front door opening downstairs. I heard someone ask something, which was followed by the Mayor's answer.

"Can we see Kairi?" The voice I didn't recognize asked. It sounded like a kid, and I sat up a little straighter, straining my ears to listen. I crept to my door, and pulled it open slightly, sticking my head out into the hall.

"Oh, of course!" Laughed the Mayor, his voice much clearer now that I was out of my room. "You boys just wait here a moment."


There was the sound of footsteps climbing the stairs and I hurriedly retreated back into my room, softly shutting the door as I crept back to my bed to take my original position there.

The Mayor knocked and then opened my door, smiling at me. In this memory he looked much younger, much more alive. "Kairi, there's two boys downstairs at the door for you."

I nodded shyly and hopped off of the bed again, walking past him and back into the hall, taking the steps by two in a hurry to get downstairs. Reaching the landing I skidded on the wood floor in my socks as I ran to the front hall—


And I was pulled back into reality by Selphie, who was looking at me in concern. Shaking my head and clearing the memory from my mind, I gave her a weak smile. "Sorry, I just thought of something."

She opened her mouth to ask what, but I cut across her. "Can I borrow these?" I asked, indicating the bottle and paper scrap in my hands.


"Thanks! I'll see you later," I said, smiling at her. "I'm sure that Tidus and Wakka are wondering where you ran off to."


And I shut the door in her face, her alarmed expression imprinted upon my mind as I madly rushed up the same stairs of my memory and into my room on the landing above

So you may not understand what's so important about what I just told you. I'm hardly even sure myself, but my heart is racing as I write this, the dusty old bottle lying beside me.

'Meet me outside of her house tonight. She can see her first sunset.'

It was written a long time ago to Riku by the boy I can't remember.

I just know it.

My first sunset six years ago—when I first came here—I spent it with him.