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"Whatcha thinkin' about?" Danny's voice penetrated Sam's thoughts, snapping her attention back to the present. She was snuggled against Danny's chest under the tree at what was quickly becoming her new favorite spot in town, the place where Danny gave her the "Wes" ring and declared that he wanted her beside him through whatever challenges they faced.

Well boy did she have a challenge to offer him tonight. Which was why she had felt the need to call him up at midnight, complaining of trouble sleeping. It was not the first time she had done this since they started dating, but still she felt bad every time no matter how much Danny insisted that she wasn't depriving him of much-needed sleep. Being the good boyfriend he is, Danny had flown right over and snuck her out of the house, something not at all difficult for him of course. It felt good to escape her house and get alone time, specifically Tucker-free time, with Danny.

Sam sighed. "Danny, I have a confession," she began, sitting up so she could look him in his china blue eyes which at the moment were somehow showing curiosity at what she had to say and, at the same time, complete trust. "I called you because I was supposed to ask you about something tonight when we were at the movie, but I chickened out and then felt stupid and so I decided I had to talk to you tonight-"

"Whoa, slow down," Danny said gently, straightening up and placing his hands on her shoulders. Sam realized she had started babbling and gave him a look that said "I feel really really stupid now and don't know what to say."

"If you have something to ask me, Sam, then just do it. You know you can tell me anything," Danny soothed with a slight chuckle.

Sam took a deep breath and closed her eyes. "My parents want to have you and your parents over for dinner." She opened her eyes to see an amused smile play across his face.

"That's it?" he said, repressing laughter. "Yes," Sam replied sternly, daring him to laugh at her.

"Okay, cool, we'll be there," he said, swallowing the laughter, but still smiling.

"No, you don't get it! Argh!" Sam stood up now and Danny followed her lead.

"This is bad, Danny, you know how much our parents hate eachother!"

"They don't hate eachother, Sam."

"Ohhh, yes they do, remember the whole Freakshow thing and-"

Danny cut her off, "That was a long time ago and-"

"And nothing! My parents think yours are unrefined freaks and your parents think mine are stuck up, which, yah, they sorta are," her voice trailed off for a second, "I mean, can you even imagine having to sit at the dinner table with all of them for like several hours with nothing to do but talk? Oh and let's not forget it's not just any dinner table, but a super special fancy one in my freakin' ballroom of a dining room!"

Sam finally stopped and just stared at Danny who was giving her his you're-so-cute-when-you-get-upset-like-that look. She liked that look and couldn't help but smile, so she added, "Do you get it now?" to remind him she's serious.

"Yes," he said composing himself and sounding serious as well, "I understand that you find dinner parties painful, especially if they involve your parents. But they're making an effort and that's what counts. Now I just have to convince my parents to do the same."

It wouldn't be hard, he thought to himself. Ever since they had found out his secret Danny had had to start telling them the truth all the time and it wasn't actually that bad. Their relationship was better because of it. They would understand if he asked them to tough it out one night in nice clothes for a swanky dinner. Plus they like Sam.

Sam had turned to stare down at the town from their hill. Danny came up behind her and put his arms around her.

"Alright," she finally said, "but our parents' behavior wasn't the only thing I was worried about."

"What else?" Danny said, without much attention as he had started kissing her neck.

"Ghosts," she simply stated. He stopped and sighed.

"Yah, there's always that."

But then he laughed, "It's one night though, I mean, there are nights when no one bothers us. You have to admit, there's been a lot less since the disasteroid," he stopped to turn her around to face him, "besides, it'll give us something to do instead of talk!"

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