Death to Sasuke

Orochimaru's fast food restaurant

Ok! So, first I'm going to talk about what I'm doing here… If you haven't realised yet I'm going to make a fan fiction with as many as I think fit of death's to Sasuke! Oh, SO much fun!

First I'm going to achieve enjoyment out of you all… Do you know why I'm going to have you all having fun, because:

If you like Naruto and you also hate Sasuke then you're going to love reading about him dying.

If you haven't got a clue what Naruto is, but you enjoy torture and you're a bit of a sadist, you're going to love this as well.

If you like Naruto and you are a fan girl of Sasuke or you like Sasuke then you'll have fun flaming me.

If you think I'm being immature then you'll fun flaming me.

If you are someone I haven't mentioned then you'll fun flaming me or you'll have fun reading. Either way you'll enjoy it one way or another.

Oh, by the way I don't care if you flame me, I'm all over flamers and I'm happy I get to kill Sasuke even if you're not.


It was once again night time. Sasuke sank into the shadows once again, avoiding the watchful eyes of Orochimaru's men.

If Orochimaru found out that Sasuke had gone out on his own again without informing anyone, he would be in trouble.

He got back to his room. It was a grand room and it looked as though it had been undisturbed that evening, so he entered the room.

Suddenly the door had been shut. The widow covered. Blocking out all light. It was now pitch black.

Sasuke's breathing was sharp. His heartbeat increased more and more and more. Then from somewhere unknown to Sasuke came footsteps.

The footsteps echoed in Sasuke's skull. It blinded him from all other thoughts. He had his guard down like some annoying school kid.

"You know Sasuke," came the ever so familiar voice of Orochimaru. "I thought that great talent would be easy to blossom, but you know… I guess I was wrong and for once Jiraiya was right."

"Was right about what?" Sasuke stuttered, turning in his distress.

"Was right about Naruto being better than you of course," Orochimaru stated bluntly.

The next thing Sasuke knew was that he felt teeth sink into his neck before Orochimaru heard a ripping noise followed by the sound of someone hitting the ground and the ever so pleasing sound of dripping…

Tip, tap, tip, tap… Could be heard through out the whole building, which brought relief to everyone who lived within the household. A great burden had been lifted.