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Amy ran forward, breath hitching as another plant moved; scraped her face. She flinched away, and threw another kunai. Yet again another grass-nin collapsed to the floor, blood coating the bright green red.

Amy continued running through the high sticks of bamboo, trying to avoid all the branches; sticks that moved through their master's jutsus. Roots erupted from the ground in front of her halting her movements forward. She turned around, roots moving the ground away and blocking all exits.

She looked to the only area where the roots weren't blocking her escape. There stood ten grass-nin. Their pale skin standing out with the black lines that surrounded their skin.

"Why don't you bother someone else I was doing you a favour killing them off!" She spat.

"What if we were using him? What if we wanted him there?" Their leader questioned. Walking forward, he moved his hands causing some plants to wrap around her, waist, arm, legs and neck. Her eyes widened and she gasped for breath. This couldn't be happening!

"Well… My… Missions… Complete…" She stuttered, remembering all the Sasuke's she had killed at the plant festival. All the blood flying everywhere.

"That's what you think," the guy's smiled, moving move hands while he continued moving forward.

The roots tightened their grip. Amy moved her hand slowly to her side, cutting her wrist slightly from the intense pressure pressed against her flesh. Reaching for her pocket. Her breath hitched again as more pressure was applied.

The grass-nin walked up closer. A sadistic smile plaguing his lips. He moved his face toward her ear, as he whispered the words: "This is where we bid farewell; remember this one thing in hell. Sasuke will kill your little friends…"

She managed to grab one of the injections from her pocket, but hand fell limply to her side as the rest of the air was forced out of her lungs; the plants covering her completely almost as a coffin; slowly began to pull her underground.

If she was awake she would have heard the soft beeping of a message on her phone; two missed calls…

I made it a cliff hanger again! And you won't find out what happens to Amy, until after the big cliff-hanger! DAMN! Anyway, see ya in about four days time… Or tomorrow, cause I actually may be on tomorrow… If I'm not extremely busy. Ok, that it for me. I'm going now to put Christmas decorations up around the house! Bye!