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"So why exactly did you get so freaked when I said her dad was Memphis?" Sam asked as he and Ben enjoyed their breakfast of cereal.

"Mephistopheles," Ben corrected, "he was the demon originally responsible for the Faustian decision. You know, sell your soul for your greatest desire?" Sam was about to let this bit of information sink in but before he had the chance there was a scream from upstairs that sounded as if someone was getting a vital organ removed in a very violent fashion without anesthesia.

"Sock!" Ben and Sam cried together as they sprang from their seats and dashed into Sock's room. The twenty one year old was sitting straight up in his bed, white as his sheets. His eyes were wide and terrified as he stared straight ahead.

"Sock what's wrong what happened!?" Sam cried as he checked the room for the soul sucking entity hiding in wait. It took a moment for Sock to respond. He gazed around him both stunned and confused by what he saw.

"How did I get back here!? What happened to the crazy demon chick!?" Sock demanded almost angrily as he looked frantically around him.

"What demon? Sock, Lisa brought you home last night after you passed out in her bedroom. You must have just hallucinated." Ben replied no longer on edge about the possibility of their apartment being overrun with evil vengeful souls.

"No! Last night I went to her house and she chained me to the bed!" Sam and Ben exchanged glances at this little revelation. Sock glared at them knowing exactly what his two best friends were thinking. "That's what I thought at first but then she wiped her face off and told me she was summoned to take revenge on me! Then she started doing these crazy things and I thought there was some kind of crazy demon inside of me and-" Sock looked up to see how his tale was fairing against his friends'. The skeptical looks he received in return told him more than enough.

"Sock, you came back perfectly fine. If Lisa was a demon summoned to wreak vengeance upon you she kind of sucks at it." Sam pointed out, skeptical, but not in complete disbelief. Though he had never heard of a vengeance demon before, the idea of someone wanting revenge on Sock was not incredibly unlikely. Sock glowered.

"I don't know what she did but it apparently didn't leave any marks. But if I have some sort of demon spawn rip out of my gut like in Alien I will return from the grave to haunt both of you." Sock grumbled as he started to get out of bed. Lifting his shirt up to check for some sort of weird mark or bruise to prove his story is true. Finding nothing he gave up on convincing the others, formulating a new plan in his head as Ben and Sam returned to their breakfast.

The ride to the Work Bench was slightly uneasy; Sock was unusually quiet as they made their way to their minimum wage jobs. Sam was getting the sneaking suspicion that his best friend was up to something that he was either going to regret, or was going to cost him in the long run. (Judging by how things had been going in the depths of Hell it could quite easily be both regrettable and costly, Sam thought to himself as he drove.) They arrived and Sock headed inside a little too eagerly. He burst through the doors colliding with David who was sweeping the front. David was a skinny, lanky teen and was thus no match for Sock's larger build. The collision knocked the black haired boy to the floor with a loud thud. Sam and Ben rushed in hearing the clatter of the broom on the linoleum tile and the thud of David falling backward managing to just avoid cracking his head.

"Sorry about the rush David my man," Sock announced loudly as David pulled himself back into a sitting position. "Just in a rush to start my glorious day working at the Bench." David glared darkly up at Sock, his sharp eyes staring daggers in the older boy's direction through David's low hanging black bangs. Sam kneeled down offering his hand to help the youngest worker back to his feet. David shook his head and clambered back up himself; he dusted himself off rather indignantly as Sock walked off into the inner part of the store.

"Sorry about that," Sam apologized as David picked the broom off the ground. David faced him, a completely different expression consuming his features. He looked relaxed, calm, almost smug he shrugged nonchalantly; he was almost an entirely different person.

"It's quite all right Sam." David replied shaking his head. Suddenly Sock returned to the front of the store looking somewhat puzzled by his own actions.

"I'm sorry, let me finish up." Sock offered extending his hand for the broom. Both Sam and David looked surprised by this. (Well Sam and Ben looked absolutely stunned; David just seemed mildly surprised.) David handed the broom over to Sock.

"As you wish; I knew you could not be completely devoid of all human courtesy." The black haired teen replied as he began to walk off deeper into the store. Sam and Ben stared after him for a moment but were distracted by the fact that Sock was actually working to clean the front of the store. Sam blinked at the scene expecting it to change; when it did not he finally spoke.

"Maybe something did happen to you last night… you aren't acting like yourself at all…" Sam deduced after a short but stunned pause between the three friends. Sock perked up at the thought of Sam believing his crazy story.

"You think she cast some kind of demonic spell over me?" Sock asked as he finished up the sweeping, seemingly unable to stop until it was complete. Once finished he put the broom down and backed far away from it like it was a cursed object.

"A spell that made you act nicer to people? That's highly unlikely… maybe she was some kind of angel. Maybe we're just looking at it wrong." Ben suggested. Sock glared at him; apparently Ben had not been paying close attention to his story.

"She told me she was a demon! And what kind of sick twisted angel would chain me to the bed to experiment on me out of pure vengeance!?" Sock demanded angrily. Ben shrugged not knowing what to make of the situation. Sam decided to intervene before Sock decided to shout any more of the grotesque details from last night out in the middle of the Work Bench.

"Okay, so let's say Lisa is a demon." Sam begins as she steps between Sock and Ben, facing Sock. "How are you going to prove it? And how are you going to get rid of her?" Sock grinned at him in a way that made Sam dread what was about to happen next.

"I have a plan for that." Sock announced as he pulled an ancient looking piece of paper out of his back pocket, unfolding it. He handed it to Sam who read over it realizing very quickly that his original feeling of dread was quite well founded.

"Sock this looks like an incantation! Where did you get something like this!?" Sam asked not angry so much as scared of what creature Sock was planning on summoning from out of the depths of Hell. For all he knew Kyrii could appear.

"It fell out of one of Tony's old books. It summons the only person in all of Hell to like me." Sock announced rather proudly. "She'll defeat the evil demon while simultaneously proving that I'm not, in fact, crazy!" Sam blinked in disbelief.

"Just because Kyrii said she wasn't going to kill you immediately, doesn't mean that she'll help you defeat one of her own demons." Sam snapped irritably. He didn't like the idea of summoning any sort of being that might decide to kill them on sight rather than help Sock out of his (still theoretical) pressing predicament. Sock rolled his eyes.

"It is not Kyrii, though that may not be a bad back up plan. I'm going to summon Gluttony. Kyrii said that Gluttony liked me and she'd be sure to help." he explained as-a-matter-of-factly to the other two who simply stared at him in disbelief.

"Okay, for one thing, Kyrii said Gluttony wanted to keep you as a pet. Also, how would summoning sin incarnate help the situation?" Sam asked crossing his arms over his chest in disapproval of the outrageous plan.

"You don't have to help!" Sock snapped, snatching the paper back from Sam. "I can summon her on my own. Just because you're the devil's son doesn't mean you're the only one with the ability to summon demons."

"She's not a demon, she's sin incarnate!" Ben called as Sock stormed off into the back room. He turned back to Sam. "Do you think he can summon her?"

"Probably not... But we'll check on him just to be sure… just give him some time to calm down first." Sam instructed. Ben nodded and they went about their day as usual for a while, until Sock had been to scarce for too long and they decided to check on him. They entered the back room to find it lined with food from vending machines, and candles and a few bottles of wine. The vending machine food was being spewed out of the mouth of a cornucopia and Sock stood in the middle of a pentagram mutilating the Latin pronunciation of an incantation. He stopped turning around to face Sam and Ben with a triumphant expression.

"You're too late! I've all ready completed it!" Sock announced with a smirk, folding his arms with cocky confidence.

"Well it doesn't look like it did anything. Sam observed surveying the room with a skeptic eye. Suddenly there was an excited shout from behind him.

"L'chai-im!" giggled a feminine voice as all three men whipped around. A woman stood behind the array of vending machine food, dressed in a short brown skirt with a white top and an apron. She had Gluttony's styled hair, but it was shorter, framing a more adult and slender face. Her lipstick was black on the top lip and a soft brown on the bottom lip. She had the same half gold, half brown eyes sandwiching the midnight black pupil but she looked older and instead of clunky black boots she was in black high heels. She popped the top off the bottle of champagne she was holding and began to chug it.

"Gluttony…?" Sam asked hesitantly. She held up a finger, silencing him. Her nails were painted gold, brown, and black alternating like the streaks in her now short curly hair. She finished off the champagne slamming the bottle back on the table.

"Hey! So, what's up with the Star of David on the floor?" Gluttony asked pointing to Sock's make shift pentagram. "We doing Fiddler on the Roof?" The three boys stared at the older far more attractive version of the once adorable sin in complete disbelief. (Sam was also wondering why it was that not one of his friends could draw a pentagram.) "Oh! I'm so sorry! I should change into the form I was in before! How rude of me-"

"No… no this one is just fine." Sock replied observing how much more developed the once seventeen year old, now twenty one year old Sin had become. "I summoned you here today because I need your help. Have you ever heard of a demon called Lisa?"

"Lisa? Tall red head liked to work as a nurse? Vengeance demon that lacks facial features? You mean that Lisa?" The boys nodded eagerly. "Nope never heard of her!" Gluttony attempted to leave but Sock grabbed her arm. "Fine… I'll talk… but you won't like what you hear."