By: Karasu Kyra

Izumo Kamizuki looked over to his new friend who had a bubble blower in his hand. "What'cha doin'?"

Kotetsu Hagane grinned and blew bubbles at Izumo, making the latter scrunch up his face as the bubbles popped when it hit him. "Blowin' bubbles, duh!"

They were sitting in the grass at a local park under the watchful eye of Izumo's mother. The night before the boys' had a sleepover and today they were going to the park before Izumo had to go home. Tomorrow was the first day at Ninja Academy.

"So, are you going to be a famous ninja?" Kotetsu asked excitedly.

"I sure am! Are you?" Izumo boasted proudly, sticking his chest out to seem tougher, making Izumo's mother's gaze turn sad, but she chuckled at her child's antics anyway.

"Yeah, me too!" Kotetsu said.


Kotetsu looked at the slumbering body beside his, at his fiancee. Izumo slept soundly, curled up next to the chuunin. That was when Izumo woke as both felt a chakra presence heading towards them. A messenger bird perched calmly outside the window in the bedroom of thier apartment.

The spiky-haired chuunin slipped out of bed to open the window and grab the message tied to one of the birds legs. He opened it and read it quickly. "Izumo, you have a mission. You're to be at the gates in ten minutes."

Izumo nodded and crawled out of bed, dressing and grabbing weaponry hastily. Just as he was about to leave, Kotetsu stopped him.

"Don't come back a hero, 'kay?" Kotetsu asked, both having previously agreed that the only hero's that the village had known now had a name carved into the Memorial Stone.

Izumo kissed him lightly. "I promise. I'll never be a hero as long as you won't be."

"I promise, too." Kotetsu kissed Izumo once more before the chuunin lept away, out the window to his mission.