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Dormin's Speech

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Chapter 1

The Shrine of Worship

The pitterpatter of raindrops hit Wander's head methodically as he moved across the rocky path, looking down into a gorge. "Soon, Mono, we'll be reunited." he said, more to himself than anything else. Agro whinnied and shook his soaked mane as they moved under the shelter of a forest. Up ahead was the mysterious rock wall that was so forbidden, with the pass in-between.

Although the light coming from within was too bright for him to see into it, he felt some sort of evil spiritual power echoing from the very stones of this place. It was almost as if the unseen force was calling him forward. It seems like whatever is in there, won't let me out once I've entered. Wander contemplated. but kept moving.

As soon as he entered, he felt a powerful wind blowing him away from the entrance. That wasn't all. He was in some sort of gargantuan valley, with a bridge that stretched for several miles in front of him. Agro paced nervously as Wander looked over the edge of the bridge. A fall from this height would kill them. He fixed his gaze forward and saw a temple seemingly situated in the very center of the with the way things were turning out, he kicked Agro's sides and made his way across the bridge.


Emon shouted orders to the five men with him, and he mounted his white horse. It would take a day to get ready, and another day to find where the fool had gone, not to mention how long it would take to arrive there. Yes, Wander had a suitable lead, but he was an expert tracker. It would be oh-so-satisfying to punish this disobeying brat.


Wander set Mono's body on the alter at the end of the hall and brushed some hair from her eyes before looking around at the sixteen statues along the walls. They seemed to be idols of something, and they seemed very familiar, but...

Suddenly four shadowy shades of man-shaped energy rose from the floor, and he whirled to see them advancing on him. Shock gripped him for a moment, then he relaxed and unsheathed the Ancient's Sword, shining its light all over the temple. The shades recoiled as if struck, then melted back as a powerful wind raged through the temple.

He had to fight to remain standing as the gale whistled through the shrine, then stopped as suddenly as it had begun. A faint rumbling sound came from the ceiling, and he looked up to see the skylight in the shape of a hole fill with impossibly bright rays of light. All of a sudden a booming voice entered the shrine, seeming to come from everywhere and nowhere at once and, Wander thought, sounded both male and female.

What is this? Thou possesses the Ancient Sword! At last, a suitable being for Us instead of the lizards and birds that roam this accursed land. Come hither, mortal, and stand in the light.

Wander hesitantly stepped forward and the brilliance seemed to be absorbed into the sword. He tried to speak, but instead found he was only able to look back at Mono. Somehow, seeing her gave him strength, and he confidently raised his head to the light. "I have heard, ever since I was small, the tale of Dormin, the forbidden god who could bring back the souls of the dead." he declared. "Is it possible that you are Dormin?"

The rumble filled his ears again, and he began to wonder if this always happened when Dormin spoke. But instead of words, an amused chuckle flitted through his mind.

Aye, brave adventurer, We art Dormin. But it is unlikely that thee wouldst come all this way merely to see if the rumors about Us were true. Doth thou not have a reason?

Wander nodded, but when he began to wonder if Dormin could see him nod he said, "Yes. My wish is for Mono's soul," he stopped momentarily to glance at her, "to be brought back." Again the rumbling came, and once more Dormin chuckled. Wander was beginning to get angry at the disembodied god.

It is always the same with thy mortals. Thou come to ressurect a long-lost love or beloved pet, but then thou cannot complete Our task and perish.

Wander was liking Dormin less and less. But if he was going to ressurect Mono, he needed the god's help. "I need only an answer, Dormin. Is it possible to ressurect Mono? Can you bring her back?" he waited, eager for the answer. He suddenly felt his spirits fall. Of course Dormin would say no. 'Go back', They would say. They might even be amused enough to laugh.

But when the rumbling came, Wander heard no laughter. Only a serious, and thoughtful tone of voice in Their words.

Aye, thou heard correctly. We are capeable of bringing back this maiden.

Wander felt like crying, and if Dormin had been visable he probably would have even hugged Them. However, the rumbling came again.

However, while at the peak of Our power such a task would take no time at all, severed as We are it requires much from thee.

"I will do anything for her, Lord Dormin!" Wander called proudly. It was only fitting, he thought, to call Dormin 'lord' after what he had just said. A booming laugh filled the entire room, and Wander suddenly felt very small compared to this entity.

Is that so, brave one? Very well. Look well upon the statues up and down this hall.

Wander cast an impatient glance at the statues and looked back up. "Is this my task, lord?" he asked the light filtering through. He heard Dormin once more, but this time the god sounded angry.

Doth thou know NOTHING of patience? If the task were so simple, would We not do it Ourselves?

Wander felt like taking Mono and leaving this land now, but then he remembered the fierce wind blocking the exit. He had no choice but to follow Dormin's commands. "I am sorry, Lord Dormin." he said through gritted teeth. "Forgive me, but if the statues are not important why must I look at them?" he winced at what he'd just said and waited for Dormin's sign that he would not revive Mono. Perhaps the god would even use Their remaining power to hurl him from the temple.

But instead, when Dormin next spoke Their voice was full of understanding.

We must keep in mind that thine mind is not all-powerful like Ours. Thou art only mortal, after all. These statues, sixteen in all, represent immortal giants who roam this land. Thou must shatter each and every idol.

Wander took these commands into his head and worked his mind around them, then unsheathed the Ancient's Sword and leaped at the nearest one, slashing at it. The statue, however, seemed to be made of diamond, and the recoil effect was so strong Wander was thrown onto his back. Again Dormin chuckled at Their pawn's stupidity.

Thou cannot destroy these statues with any mere MORTAL's weapon. Thine task is to seek out the Colossi and kill them. When a Colossus is vanquished, its statue shall fall.

Wander nodded. This sort of made sense, in a whole cosmic sort of way. "Where do I look, my lord?" he asked, rising to his feet. The traditional rumble that signalled Dormin's response came to him.

We cannot tell thee directly, for that wouldst be thought of as interferance by the divine ones. We may only tell thee in riddles, for if We did not, thy wish would mean nothing.

Wander sighed and sheathed the Ancient's Sword. "Very well, Lord Dormin. Please tell me where I might find the first Colossus." he said.

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