Why do you do this?
Your actions make me sick.
Why don't you understand?
I tell you everything you want to hear.
You've programmed me to do so.
I hate loving you.
Yet I love hating you.
Your tear me apart and watch me bleed.
Your pour your sadness and hatred into me.
What am I to you?
Am I just a cloth you use to clean yourself?
Am I just an object?
To you I'll never be a person.
Am I not good enough to make you truly love me?
Am I disposable?
You threaten to leave me.
But then you turn around and force your unrequited love on me.
I hate your problems.
Yet I will always help you fix them.
Please leave don't me.
I need you.
But you hurt me..
One day I will destroy you.
Your emotions and negativity affect me more than you think.
One day I will leave you.
And probably never come back.


This is a more or less what if fanfic only its ItaNaru. The poem at the beginning will not be the beginning of ever chapter but I thought it was appropriate for this theme. You can flame my poem...I need criticism for it. This takes place at the Valley of the End. Naruto's PV.

" Why?" I muttered.

I can't believe Sasuke would do such a thing. He left me here. Dying and bloody. Why can't you understand that I love you? I feel my body shift, it isn't me moving it. I hear two familiar voices and one that's not so familiar. Kakashi is yelling but I can't make out the words. I feel my body being put down gently. I can feel Pakkun's body next to me. He isn't protecting me, just watching me to make sure I'm ok.

I hear a hard thud and Pakkun running away. Foot steps coming closer yet I can't move...

" Looks like the Copy Ninja and his mutt weren't so hard to defeat." He said picking me up. " We think Leader-sama will be very happy with our contribution at the meeting."

I had no idea how long we had traveled before the man stopped. Something about where we had stopped bugged me. I had no idea why but it did.

" Leader-sama, we've captured and secured the Nine Tail Jinchuriki." The man said.

" Hmmm...Zetsu-san we weren't going to capture for another three years." Leader-sama said.

" We know Leader-sama but why not use the Fox Jinchuriki? We can keep him at the lair with us so we'll know where he is at all times and we can use him to capture and seal other demon easier."

" So you were thinking ahead huh...I like your plan." Leader-sama said. " Bring him to us as soon as possible Zetsu-san."

" Yes Leader-sama." Zetsu said.

" Now onto other business," He said, " Orochimaru has gained the Sharingan. Itachi your little brother."

" Don't worry Sasuke isn't the type that would be used." Itachi said.

" Good, meeting adjourned." Leader-sama said disappearing.


I woke up on a hard flat surface. I had NO idea where I was or what was going on. The only thing I knew was that this situation was making me feel uncomfortable.

" So your finally awake huh Jinchuriki?" Leader-sama asked.

I tilted my head in the direction of the voice and opened my eyes. He was heavily pierced and had orange hair, the smirk on his face grew wider as I discovered my surroundings. I was in the Akatsuki's clutches.

" No worries Fox Jinchuriki, we won't harm you. Unless you disobey us." Leader-sama said.

I turned my head away from him and looked at all the eyes that were staring at me. I felt like I was a caged animal on display. My first thought was to try to escape, it was easily forgotten. There were to many Akatsuki members to chase after me and I had no idea how bad my body was injured. I lie there awhile thinking. There was absolutely no doubt that they were going to kill me and take the Kyuubi.

" Why wait for me to wake up to take the Kyuubi?" I asked. " You could have taken it by now."

" Because," Leader-sama explained, " We're saving you. The Akatsuki doesn't have anyone who is currently hosting a demon. We want you to join us. Then after you've helped us seal the other six demons we'll seal you."

" What makes you think I'll join you?" I asked.

" You'll join because you don't want to sit in a cold dark cell until we seal you." he said.

He was right. I sighed.

" I'm assuming that means I have no other choice and I'll join you?" He asked, stroking my face.

I nodded.

" But there is something else you have to do first." He said.

" What?" I asked.

He smirked. I go that, this-is-going-to-end-badly, feeling in the pit of my stomach. He pulled out a giant metal circle.

" This Jinchuriki is an obedience collar." He said, " If your bad, it will shock you. All the Akatsuki members can control this feature of the collar."

Leader-sama pulled me into his lap and slid the collar around my throat. When it clamped shut I gasped in pain. Blood trickled down my neck.

" Don't worry Jinchuriki this will only happen if the collar is put on. The needles go inside your body to deliver a better shock." Leader-sama explained.

I felt everything go cold and black. Leader-sama held me firmly in his lap.

" What should we do with him now, un?" Deidara asked.

" Wait till he wakes up again, I'll assign him a team and we'll go from there." He said.


TWO AND A HALF YEARS LATER...(after the time skip)

I woke up. I heard soft snoring, Itachi was still asleep. I guess I could make it to the shower without him noticing or waking up. I moved stealthily to the bathroom. I turned on the water and stepped inside the shower. The water fell at a steady temperature on my body, but then it turned hotter. I looked over at the temperature settings and saw the shower curtain sway. I back up slightly and bumped into Itachi. His erection poked me.

" Uhhh...Gomenasai about waking you." I muttered.

" Its ok." He whispered wrapping his arms around my neck. " You'll make it up to me."

I blushed. He pulled me closer to him so his erection would rub against my butt.

" Do you mean repay you with my body?" I asked, trying not to make my voice crack.

I could feel his smirk.

" Yes." he said.

I blushed even more. His hands made their way down to my length. I wasn't hard so he ran his hands up and down my length. I began to pant as he began to squeeze and rub harder. I moaned loudly. Itachi got on his knees and flipped me around. He kissed the tip of my erection. The blush on my face was turning scarlet red. He licked from my tip to the base, kissing my balls. I was in pure bliss. Itachi grabbed my erection and fully engulfed it. His head bobbed up and down. I grabbed his long black hair and moaned. I came hard when he began to grate his teeth against me. Itachi removed me from his mouth.

" I believe its my turn." He said with a smirk.

He thrusted three fingers into my mouth. I began to suck on them, getting them nice and wet. I licked them provocatively, teasing the Uchiha. He pulled them out of my mouth roughly. I looked at him, his eyes were completely hazed over with lust. While I was distracted by his eyes Itachi moved his hand to my entrance and slid the first finger in. I thrust myself back onto the invading finger, and Itachi slid the second one inside. He began to scissor my tight heat. I whimpered and the sensation. Then the final finger was added. Itachi thrusted his fingers in and out of me, looking for my prostate. When he found it, I almost screamed.

" OH YES THERE!" I moaned.

Itachi didn't need to be told twice to hit the same spot. He hit it for a few minutes and then he pulled his finger all the way out. I was about to protest but Itachi pulled me down to the bottom of the shower and laid me down. He looked at me. His lips fell on top of mine and I moaned. He slipped his erection inside of me. I winced and Itachi kissed the tears out of my eyes. He sucked the crook of my neck. He began to thrust his erection in and out. He was looking for my prostate again. He always found it fast.

" Uhhh..." I moaned as he hit my prostate.

Itachi rammed my prostate again and again.



Deidara grimaced.

" Looks like Naruto and Itachi are awake." Sasori said.

" I couldn't tell." Deidara said sarcastically. " There lucky Leader-sama isn't here. He would ring Itachi's neck if he knew what Naruto was doing behind his back."

Sasori nodded.

" If Leader-sama didn't keep Naruto on such a short leash we wouldn't have this problem." Sasori muttered.


My prostate was being slammed so hard I was crying in sheer pleasure. Itachi moaned hard as I squeezed his erection with my inner walls.

" Itachi please! Make me cum!" I yelled.

His thrusts were much faster and harder. I let out a hard moan and came. Itachi followed close after, thrusting into me to ride out the orgasm. He held me tight in his arms.

" I love you Naru."

" I loves you too ITA!" I yelled as the shower water turned ice cold.

Itachi pulled us out of the shower.

" COLD!!" I yelled.

Itachi shivered.

" That's why I say no shower sex."


HAHAHA SHOWER SEX. Hmmm maybe mentions of other pairing in later chaps...maybe the onesided kind o-0

Naruto: What's with the poem at the beginning?
Me: It'll make more sense in late chapters.
Naruto: Those are like my true feelings for Sasuke when I was at the valley huh?
Me: Yes and no.
Me: Actually I was going to that poem to get into honors English next year and it also fit the mood. THIS WAS HITOKO-SAMA