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Pein jolted up from Madara's bed and looked around. The lights had been shut off and the pillow his head had been laying was covered in blood. He touched his face and noticed that he had a fat lip as well as a cut on his forehead. He stumbled to his feet and caught the wall for support. His felt extremely light headed. He was about to open the door when a hand slammed down onto it, preventing it from opening it. He looked back to see Madara. He hadn't sensed the Uchiha's chakra when he had woken up, which could prove to be a vital mistake.

Madara threw him down onto his bed. Pein tried to fight him off but his limps felt like jelly. Almost like it wasn't the blood loss at all, like he had been drugged. He gripped the heavily-pierced man's hands and pinned them behind his head before he bound him with chakra.

" What is the meaning of this?" Pein screamed as he thrashed. Madara got off his subordinate and smirked.

" Well I know how much you love Naruto and that you would try to talk him out of being sealed, so I devised a plan. If I managed to isolate you from him you wouldn't be able to talk him out of anything. And then my final plan will be realized! The world, she will be mine!"

" You're crazy! There's no way you can take over the world! Even with all the chakra of the tailed demons you'd fail. Your body won't be able to take the strain of the power. No man is allowed to be that powerful! Not even the gods are that powerful and you think they wouldn't smite you because of it? Perhaps you're more senile that I originally suspected."

Madara punched Pein in the face. It was hard enough to reopen the wound on his lip but not hard enough to make him pass out. The Uchiha let out a sinister laugh before he got off the heavily-pierced man. He kissed him harshly on the lips before walking to the door. He waved before he slammed it shut. Pein thrashed against his bonds. Madara's chakra was so foul that it was starting to burn his skin.

' There's got to be a way out of this…' Pein thought looking at his hands.

Then an idea popped into his head. He took a deep breath lifting his legs up into the air. His legs were above his hands. He kicked his left hand as hard as he could. He could hear the sick crack of his wrist as he broke against the chakra bond. Nausea rushed through his veins. But he managed to slip it through without a single problem. His entire left arm throbbed but he ignored it as he let his legs fall. Pein got onto his knees and stared at the other bond.

He looked at his broken wrist and shivered. He decided against breaking his right wrist. So instead he tried to slip it out. He spit onto his hand and let the blood from his wrist drip onto it. He pulled harshly and all that happened the was the tearing of the skin from his wrist. He almost screamed. Almost. He took a few deep breaths and licked his lips. There was a way to get his wrist free but he had to figure out how.

Pein inhaled. And on the exhale he pulled his right hand through the bond. Blood spurted from the ripped skin and Pein tried to cradle his hand but remember that his other hand was injured as well. He got off Madara's bed once again and weakly walked to the door. The blood from his injuries smeared onto the doorknob as he turned it. He looked back at the bed and saw the skin hanging from the bonds. He shivered and walked out. He needed medical attention and fast.

Pein had ceased to walk. He was now staggering down the hall to the medical room. But luckily for him, Kisame was walking down the opposite way at the same time. The heavily-pierced man almost wept with joy.

" Kisame, you need to help me." Pein said as he held up his injured hands to his subordinate. The blue man was stunned to say the least. He escorted his leader to the medical room where the hired doctors took one look at both his hands and left to get another doctor.

As they were waiting the blood rushed away from his brain and to his injuries. It was rushing fast. Kisame almost preformed a little bit of medical nin jutsu but the doctors came in right on time.

The first step was to stop the bleeding. Which was easier said than done. The broken hand was very sensitive to touch and made Pein bite his lip in agony every time they touched it. But to the heavily-pierced man the pain was a good sign. He could still feel it, not all the blood had rushed out of his head anyway. The doctors grew a bit of spine as they gripped Pein's hands, without a sign of mercy. A healing green light covered their ruddy hands.

Pein cringed the entire time but felt much better as he watched the skin grow again on his hand. But he looked anxiously at his left wrist. He'd broken it much worse than he ever thought possible. Even the doctor attending to it looked nervous.

" I don't know if we can heal this. It's a very bad break, but for you we will try." One of the doctor's said as he forced more chakra out of his palm. Pein screamed as the bone refitted itself. Madara walked in right before the heavily-pierced man passed out from the pain.

" You all are dismissed." Madara said as he shooed all of them out of the room. One of the doctors stayed and looked at the Uchiha briefly.

" Sir, the extent of his injury was great…It might be days before he wakes up." He explained. Madara smirked at that.

" Perfect." The Uchiha said pulling Pein onto his lap. " Just perfect."


Pein lifted his hand to his head and opened his eyes. The room was spinning. He recognized that he was in an unfamiliar room and the all too familiar chakra. Madara was running his fingers through Pein's red hair. His pulse quickened when he heard a slight tune being muttered under the Uchiha's breath.

" 'Seein' ain't believin, looks are so deceivin.'" Madara paused and looked down at the man in his lap. " 'Don't be taken for a ride.'"

" You must be the master of deception." Pein said propping himself up.

" Glad to see you can use your hands. One of the doctors informed me that they almost had to amputate the left one. Can't give a good hand job with only one hand though." The Uchiha said standing up. He knocked Pein onto the ground, which caused him to glare. He got to his feet.

" You know, you were sleeping for a very long time. Two whole days. You were in the best coma I've ever seen." Madara said in a casual tone.

" Two days?!"

" That's right, you've failed. Naruto's waiting in the ceremony room, best not keep him waiting. Don't you agree?"

Madara grabbed Pein by the hair and dragged him down the hallway. He kicked and punched everything he could but nothing helped him. The Uchiha kicked in the doors to the ceremony room and threw Pein inside. Naruto rushed to his side but was knocked out the way by Madara.

" Get up Pein. If we want to finish this sealing in a timely manor we must start now. I'm going to use a good amount of my chakra to make the sealing happen in a day instead of three." He said as the heavily-pierced man got to his feet. He looked over at Naruto but then back at Madara.

" No."

" You dare to defy me so openly?"

" I do."

Madara smacked Pein across the face. It knocked him off his feet and made him land on the cold dirt floor. Naruto ran to his side and helped him off the floor. The Uchiha had his arms folded across his chest.

" Just do as he says." the blonde muttered. Pein shook his head and looked Naruto dead in the eye.

" There's something I have to tell you."

" Why bother telling him when I'm right here?" Itachi asked stepping into the room. Naruto's eyes widened. He ran to the Uchiha, who's arms were open wide.

" You're alive?!" He asked burying his face into Itachi's chest. He petted the soft blonde spikes, shushing him.

" It'll be ok now. I'm sorry that I left you alone." The younger Uchiha muttered as he held Naruto closer. A chinking sound ricocheted through the air but before either Naruto or Itachi could react, there was a blade piercing through both of them. The Chidori pulsed through it, a telling detail.

Sasuke walked up to his brother. His eyes widened when he saw that he'd also pierced through Naruto. Both of them fell to the ground, still holding onto each other. The youngest Uchiha pulled the blonde out of Itachi's arms.

" Naruto…I didn't mean for that to happen, but like I've said before, if I can't have you no one will. So I guess this is for the best." Sasuke said running a finger down the blonde's cheek. Naruto welled up some of the blood that was in his mouth and spit it onto Sasuke's face.

" I hate you Sasuke. You're nothing more than a pompous jackass who hides behind a cool exterior. And one day when everyone has abandoned you because they're tired of the ice, you'll think back to this day. The day you killed me, and you'll think to yourself…'Naruto was right. All his words about me were true. I wish he was here to comfort me.' Then you'll take you own life." Naruto muttered. There was a thick poison lacing his tone. Sasuke dropped him then and left him there on the floor.

He crawled over to Itachi, who was now bleeding even more. They interlaced their fingers and looked at each other.

" I'm sorry it had to end like this." the blonde said as blood began to dribbled down his chin.

" I'm not. I would have given anything for this moment. We're dying together and our souls will stay interlaced, just as are fingers. You are mine to have and to hold until the world and the afterlife cease to exist." Itachi said, his voice growing quieter and quieter…until there was no life left in his eyes.

Naruto also felt the life being drained from his very body. He wondered why the Kyuubi was doing nothing for his injuries but decided that he cared not. A white world awaited him and Itachi so why bother himself with query of the human realms? His vision flashed black before his pupils dilated, letting in the light. The warm, white light.

Pein saw then that his love had slipped into the brink. He was gone. Sasuke looked down at the two corpses. He looked longingly at the blonde's corpse and even shed a tear for him. Such a kind gesture.

" You fool!" Madara was shaking with fury as he approached the youngest Uchiha. He gripped Sasuke's throat and squeezed. He didn't put up much of a fight before he snapped Sasuke's neck like a twig. Bone jutted from the pale neck and blood ran down the vast white space. It was like painting that you see in art exhibit that makes you think the artist is a master genius, until you realize he just got lucky with a color scheme.

" What of your plan now Madara? You can't take over the world when you're missing the final piece." The Uchiha turned to stare at his cocky companion. He still shook with absolute fury but instead of saying anything he disappeared in a cloud of smoke.

Pein walked over to Naruto's body and turned it so he could look into his cold blue eyes. The heavily-pierced man thought about his ability to control humans after they died. He could easily apply it now. He let the Rinnegan do its magic. The blonde's body began to twitch and Pein smiled knowing he had full control of this Naruto.

" They might not be the same but at least I won't be so lonely." He said getting to his feet. Pein held out his hand and the corpse took it, no questions asked.


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