AN: Well… here I am. An angst fic about Wilson, what'd I say in my last fic, told you it was only a matter of time before I came out with one. This is one of two fics I'm really interested in writing. I'm starting this one first because the other requires knowledge of diseases that I still have to finish reading up on since I am no doctor (but I play one on TV, hehe).

For those of you who have read my other works you'll know I like angst. In fact I have an angst C2. This will be DARK if you can't handle it then please don't read it, if you want warm fuzzy puppies and pink posies go find another fic.

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Doctor James Wilson sat in his office fairly late one Tuesday night doing paperwork, he was behind on it and it just kept piling up more and more. He sighed and rested his head down on the table for a moment to close his eyes.

"Sleeping on the job?"

James's eyes shot open and he stared down at the desk for a moment before lifting his head, he hadn't even had his eyes closed for a minute before he was interrupted. Moaning slightly he lifted his head to find House sitting down across from his desk tapping his cane on the floor with a steady and yet annoying rhythm.

"I wasn't sleeping." He said as he reorganized the papers on his desk. "I was resting my eyes."

"Yeah, and I go in the back storage room and make out with Cameron and Cuddy in my spare time."

James raised his eyebrows and looked up at him from his desk. "I knew it." He said simply before picking up the pen and writing a few things down on a file. "Are you just here to annoy me or is there some deeper purpose for your presence?" He asked with only half his attention on House.

House looked up to the ceiling and thought for a moment before looking back down and responding. "Nah… I'm just gonna annoy you."


"You seem oddly dull tonight, I mean more the usual."

"I'm working."

"You're always working. We never spend any time together anymore I feel like I hardly know you!" House whined sarcastically.

He dropped the pen and placed both his arms on his desk, he chose to ignore the end half of the comment made by House. "Well, I am at work… working seems to be the right angle to aim from."

House gave a mock laugh and threw his head back.

"Yes, House, its funny some people actually work while they're at work not just sit in their office and play with a yo-yo all day."

"That's cruel." The older man smirked. "I think I'm rubbing off on you."

"I'm sorry," Wilson apologized lifting his head back up to look at his friend. He knew he was being a bit snappy and it wasn't fair... even if it was House he was directing his frustration to. "I'm just real swamped right now."

House grunted and stood up waking his cane on the desk to gather James's attention, he looked up expectantly at him. "If you're gonna be this responsible tonight I'm going home."

"Night, House." He said looked back down at his work.

"Night, Wilson." He said as he limped out of the office and into the hall.

A few hours later James left the hospital, it was late, most of the graveyard shift was there now. Cuddy had tried to get him to go home earlier, but he refused and locked himself in his office, he had to get the paperwork done. But finally he finished every page of it and now tomorrow he won't have any worries about it.

He walked out into the parking lot, fishing for his keys in his pants pocket. When he reached his car he had to take a few extra moments to find the right key that would unlock his car, but when he did get it open and get inside he buckled his seat belt, rested his hands on the wheel and closed his eyes. He had stayed too late, he was tired but he forced his eyes open, fearing that if he kept them closed too long he'd fall asleep. Reaching down he started up his car and made his way out of the hospital parking lot.

He was about halfway to his hotel when he stopped at a red light and closed his eyes for a moment. If he were any more alert he would have noticed the black car with tinted windows pull up next to him, but he wasn't alert at the moment. There was quick beep and James shot his eyes open, startled. He looked ahead and saw a now green light, looking in his rear view mirror for a second as he began to drive once more he saw a red car behind him, the only car, they must have beeped.

He let out a long breath and blink hard a few times the sleep was getting overpowering. He leaned over and reached for the stereo, hoping that there was some obnoxious song that was playing could keep him awake. He wasn't in the mood for a car accident at the moment, he should never of stayed so late, he did the same thing the day before and was running on just a few hours of sleep. Lucky for him tonight if he got home in the next five or ten minutes he could get a good six hours of sleep in, and maybe later take a nap on that nice couch he had in his office… maybe without House bugging him.

He turned the last corner and saw the light of his hotel about 100 yards down the road. He sighed and pulled into the dark parking lot. This place wasn't a Motel 6 by far, but then again it was no Holiday Inn either, it was comfortably in the middle. He pulled into the back, where his room happen to be, and grabbed his briefcase before walking out of the car, locking it behind him he walked down the parking lot to reach his room. Along side him a black car pulled up with tinted windows, the same one from the light if he had been paying attention.

He noticed the car and became suspicious immediately, all fatigue he had been feeling gone. It stopped next to him and the passenger door opened, a man walked out, but in the poor lighting of the parking lot James wasn't able to see his face.

"Excuse me, Sir?" The man asked.

James stopped and looked over to him, holding his briefcase tightly in his hand. "Yes?" He responded, trying to sound friendly.

"I'm sorry to bother you, but me and my friend, well, we seem to be lost, could you help us out?"

The oncologist let out a low sigh of relief. This guy just wanted directions, but why not wait here in the hotel for the night and figure it out in the morning? "Oh," he said and nodded. "Where you headed?"

"My sister's house, she just moved here and I can't seem to find it, been driving around forever."

No wonder they wouldn't stay in a hotel, they already had a place to stay. "Where's she live?" James asked letting his guard down more and more.

"Well, she gave me route to follow on a map, better show you that, I'm God awful with road names." The man moved back to his car, James watched and got a quick glimpse of the man in the drivers seat. He pulled out an unfolded map from the seat of the car and opened it up for James.

He took the map and studied it for a moment before nodding. "Oh I know where this is. Maybe fifteen minutes from here."

"Ya know, Dr. Wilson, that's just great news."

James frowned and looked up sharply just in time to see a bat come flying down at his head. The last thing he remembered was the man saying, "He's out, open the trunk and give me the duct tape."