Title: A Saiyan Way of Life

Author: 2dragonkat

Summary: Life for the Saiyan family after Buu. Goku/Vegeta, Piccolo/Gohan, future Trunks/Goten.

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Rating: Mature for future chapters.

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Chapter One – Coming Home

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It was over…finally over. Buu was dead, the universe was saved…and Kakarot was alive. Vegeta sighed and left the supporting shoulder of The Champ as he walked towards his lover, who was slowly sinking from the sky. Vegeta growled as he stumbled, not wanting to lose his footing. Nothing, absolutely nothing was going to stop him from being with the man he loved right now.

Goku looked up as he landed, watching Vegeta slowly come towards him. He stumbled forward as well and they sluggishly embraced; bodies bloody, sore and exhausted. They tried to meet for a kiss but Goku lost his footing and the two of them went tumbling down. Goku landed hard on his ass, falling backwards until his back landed on the side of a rock, and he relaxed slightly at the support. Vegeta landed on top of him with a grunt, chest to chest, head buried in Goku's neck. Their legs were hopelessly tangled but they didn't care. They could relax…because it was over.

Vegeta lifted his head and looked at Goku, raising a tired hand to stroke his beautiful face. He realized it was finally sinking in that they were both alive, they had their chance now. Their chance to be together and have a family. Vegeta felt a tear fall unwanted down his bloody cheek as this wonderful thought sank into his tired mind.

Goku's expression suddenly became worried and he gently wiped the teardrop away. "What's wrong Vegeta," he asked quietly.

"We're alive," Vegeta whispers back, voice sounding slightly awed.

"I know. But it's not something to be sad about."

Vegeta shook his head and rolled his eyes. "I'm not sad Kakarot. I'm happy. You do realize that because we're both alive we can finally become mates," he sighed, smiling as the words sunk into Goku's thick skull.

"Vegeta," Goku said breathlessly, images flashing through his mind of what their future could be like. "I love you," he cried happily, hugging Vegeta tightly.

"Ka-Ka…gentle," Vegeta gasped out as broken bones shifted painfully.

Goku quickly calmed at his lover's pained gasp and loosened his hold, though not letting go. "Sorry," he said sheepishly, still smiling.

Vegeta just rolled his eyes, returning the embrace, shifting to get comfortable. They nuzzled their faces into each other's shoulder, purring with contentment. Their lips finally met in a sweet, chaste kiss, but because they both couldn't stop smiling the kiss became rather awkward. Vegeta gave up with a chuckle. He rested his head on Goku's chest and relaxed, smelling his scent and letting his mind wander, straying towards dreams that he thought would never come true but were now within his grasp.

He came out of his thoughts when he felt someone beside him and Goku. He looked up tiredly as Dende smiled down at them. The young Guardian of Earth lifted his hands and the two Saiyans were enveloped in a golden glow and Vegeta breathed easier as his body healed. Once Dende was done Vegeta and Goku stood up and embraced strongly and kissing with a passion they had lacked before. Vegeta moaned happily, hands curling into Goku's hair and tail wrapping around Goku's forearm, the soft tip stroking the sensitive inside of his elbow. Goku growled in response and bent Vegeta backwards, devouring his lips, holding him close, shaking as his relief that this man was still alive washed over him. He pulled back though when someone coughed uncomfortably behind them at the display.

Goku smirked, eyes darkening as Vegeta quietly whimpered in protest when their kiss was broken, cheeks blushed from passion. Goku turned away before he lost himself to those eyes and smiled at Kibito Kai and Old Kai. A small part of Goku still didn't believe that they had won; it had seemed so hopeless there at the end.

Their attention though, turned to where Hercule cried, "It's Buu." Goku rushed over to the spot with everyone else, but he wasn't worried. He had seen that this Buu wasn't evil like what had come out of him, not to mention Hercule seemed to really care for him, he was even standing up to Vegeta, which was something even Goku had trouble with sometimes. Vegeta was shouting something about not taking any chances and Goku smiled softly. His lover was just being defensive because of how much trouble his friends and family had been in, not to mention how helpless both of them were at one point.

Goku walked over and wrapped his arms around Vegeta, stroking calming hands down his sides. "Go ahead and heal him Dende," he said calmly, a small smile on his face.

"Are you insane," Vegeta said, deadly quiet. "Explain. Right now."

"I'm just returning the favor Vegeta," Goku said, nuzzling his hotheaded lover. "Without these two the universe would be doomed.

"Buu had you pinned and there was no way I could launch the Spirit Bomb with you there. I love you too much to do that, not to mention you had just come back to life. But big Buu here got the other Buu off of you and Hercule carried you to safety."

Vegeta relaxed and looked up at Goku. "Fine, have it your way," he grumbled, kissing the bottom of Goku's chin in thanks. "But what about the humans? The second they see Buu they'll go crazy and then what?"

"I see your point," Goku said scratching his head. "Well I guess we can keep Buu indoors for the first six months and then we can just the Dragonballs to wish everyone's memories of Buu away."

Vegeta scoffed. "Is that your answer for everything? Just use the Dragonballs," he said exasperated.

"Well…yeah," Goku said chuckling. Vegeta rolled his eyes but nodded at Dende, giving to young Namek the go ahead to heal Majin Buu.

"I don't know about you guys but I'm starved," Goku said. "Let's head back and get some food."

"How about I make something for you Kakarot," Vegeta purred, smiling up at the taller man.

"You can cook," Goku asked, tilting his head to the side.

"Yes I can. And damn well if I do say so myself," Vegeta said smugly.

Goku had his tongue down Vegeta's throat before the prince could blink, forcing an un-manly squeak out of the prince as he was devoured. Goku broke the fierce kiss after a few heated moments to pepper Vegeta's face with kisses. "I love you," Goku whispered, smiling brightly, imagining the delicious meals Vegeta could cook up for him. "Let's get going."

The heroes gathered into a group and Kibito Kai transported them back to the Lookout on Earth. Goku was about to wrap an arm around Vegeta's waist but the Prince had already walked quickly ahead of them, glancing anxiously around the corner.

Vegeta looked around, searching for his boys, needing to know they were safe and sound. The small group standing in the middle of the Lookout turned as he walked towards them, followed closely by the others. His shoulders sagged in relief as both Trunks and Goten cried happily as he appeared, both running towards him. He opened his arms wide, smiling and laughing as they tackled him. He stumbled back a few steps but stayed standing as he wrapped strong arms around them, desperately holding them as close as possible.

Vegeta stumbled back a couple more steps as Gohan decided to join the group hug. He curled around his brothers, nuzzling his face into Vegeta's hair, wrapping his arms around all of them. Vegeta chuckled; wrapping his tail around Gohan's back, sighing in the warm embrace of his sons, feeling the horrors of the last couple of days chased away by their unconditional love.

He looked up to see Goku smiling, but standing awkwardly to the side. Vegeta smirked at him and pulled away from his sons. "I think there's someone else who deserves a hug from you three now," he said, jerking his head in Goku's direction.

The boys looked over and seemed to finally notice their dad was standing there. Smiles broke out on each of their faces and they raced over to Goku. Goku in turn brightened and laughed as Trunks and Goten latched onto his arms and Gohan curled onto his chest. He pulled them all closer, a part of him still not believing he was getting this opportunity. He looked up at his lover who had his arms crossed and was smirking proudly. Goku smiled and realized he didn't care why he had this opportunity, he wasn't going to waste a second of it.

Everyone happily greeted one another as the heroes were welcomed home. Goku watched with amazement as he witnessed the friendships Vegeta had formed with Goku's closest friends, and he realized how lucky he was that Vegeta had a very loving heart, underneath that tough exterior. Of course if he wasn't, Goku probably wouldn't love him as much as he did.

The happy reunion was interrupted when Goku's stomach decided to remind him he was hungry. Every-one stared wide eyed at him as the ground nearly shook with the force of the grumbles and rumbles coming from a part of his body he had ignored for far too long. He laughed though, when the boys' stomachs echoed his own in matching growls. Vegeta shook his head and turned towards their friends. "I believe that's the signal for all of us to head home," he said. "Kakarot, how about you quiet your stomach down and transport everyone home."

"Okie Dokie Vegeta," Goku said brightly and everyone gathered around, holding on to one another. They waved goodbye to Dende and Mr. Popo and they disappeared from sight.

First stop was Capsule Corps where Goku dropped off Yamcha, Bulma, Puar and Oolong. Next was dropping of Videl, Hercule and Majin Buu. Goku decided to transport to the announcer from the tournament, knowing he would understand the situation and help Hercule hide Buu. Lastly Goku landed on Kami Island, saying goodbye to Krillin, 18, Marron, and master Roshi.

Instead of translocating home, the boys said they wanted to fly since they weren't far from home, not to mention Goku had no idea where their home was. "Let's race Goten," Trunks shouted, crouching down low to the ground.

"Yeah," Goten agreed, mirroring his best friend's position.

"Hey, can I join too," Goku asked eagerly, wanting to spend as much time with these two wonderful boys as possible.

"Sure," they said together.

"But I gotta warn you Dad, me and Goten are really fast," Trunks boasted.

"Yeah. We're really fast," Goten piped up.

"Well then I can't wait," Goku said happily, crouching down and then blasting off after them with a laugh.

Vegeta, Piccolo and Gohan followed more slowly, but stayed within sight of the others. "Will you two be staying the night, or do you plan to go off and have some alone time," he asked as they flew. It felt nice that right now it seemed like any other day, and that they all hadn't just come back to life or had been fighting for the safety of the universe.

Gohan blushed at his Papa's implication and looked over at Piccolo, and the two lovers exchanged glances. They had both had some really big scares the last few days and all they wanted to do was curl up together away from the world. "I think we'll head off for a while. But we'll see you tomorrow, okay Pops," Gohan said, reaching out to grab Piccolo's hand. "Give my brothers a hug for me and…tell Dad I love him."

"Of course," Vegeta said, watching as the two of them broke off in a different direction, understanding their need to reinstate their bond after everything that's happened, he planned to do the same thing tonight himself.

He landed just seconds behind the racing trio, Trunks and Goten dancing around saying they won. Vegeta smiled at them, thankful their most recent experience hasn't changed them or taken all their innocence away. He looked at Goku but his expression fell a bit at his lover's face, it had an intense look on it, and Vegeta couldn't figure out what it meant. Goku was staring at the house and Vegeta began to worry he didn't like it, but he could be getting ahead of himself.

"Boys," he said, keeping his voice calm. "Why don't you go inside and pick out what you want for dinner okay."

"Okay," both boys said, running inside and arguing about what they wanted.

Vegeta sighed and turned to Goku, clearing his throat to try and encourage him to explain what he was thinking. Goku looked over at him, then looked around the area. "What made you choose this place," he asked quietly.

Vegeta tilted his head, also looking around the wooded area and the clearing they were in. "I'm not really sure, there was just a pull to this place," he replied just as quietly.

"You built this house yourself?"

"Yes…with some generous donations from Dr. Brief."

"There was a house here before you built this one, right?"


"It was the house I lived in when I was a kid…with my Grandpa Gohan."

Vegeta's heart sank. He hadn't realized, he didn't know the place had such sentimental value to Goku. He hoped his lover would forgive him for his blunder of desecrating such a special place. "I'm so sorry Kakarot," Vegeta whispered, looking down at his boots.

"I love it," Goku said, smiling and grabbing Vegeta's gloved hands.

Vegeta looked up sharply, searching his lover's face for the truth. "Really? You're not mad I replaced your house with this one."

"Nope. Now that I'm back my home is wherever you and the boys are. It makes me happy that we're living here, I have so many memories here with my first family and making new ones with this family we have makes me really glad. I've missed being here," Goku said and leaned down to place a chaste kiss on Vegeta's smiling lips.

"I'm glad," Vegeta said, pulling away. "Now I think you said something about being hungry."

In response to his inquiry, Goku's stomach growled loudly and the two of them laughed. "I guess I did," Goku said, patting his rumbling tummy.

"Come on then. I'll let the boys give you a tour while I get dinner ready," Vegeta said as he walked into the house, Goku close behind him.

The second Vegeta stepped into the kitchen two different slabs of meat were thrust into his hands. "Boys," he shouted in surprise as he stumbled a bit under the onslaught.

"Trunks and I couldn't agree so we decided we'll have both," Goten said innocently.

Vegeta rolled his eyes but nodded his head in understanding and carried the meat over to the kitchen counter. He pulled off his gloves, put his apron on and washed his hands. "How about you two show your dad around the house, then go play outside. I'll tell you when dinner is ready," he said as he sharpened a knife.

"Okay," Trunks and Goten said, mock-saluting their Papa. They turned and each grabbed one of Goku's hands and dragged him out of the kitchen, chattering excitedly about their home.

Goku's eyes brightened as he was showed around the house, amazed at how easily he just fused into this family's routine, how he was already a part of the family he left behind seven years ago. The living room and library both seemed very cozy to Goku and were filled with trinkets and family photographs. He laughed at some and listened closely as Goten and Trunks told him the stories behind each and everyone. There was a group of photos over the fireplace in the library that Goku lingered over.

One was a picture of Vegeta lying on the grass on his stomach, presumably out in the backyard. He smirked contentedly at the camera that was facing him at the same level. A young Goten and Trunks were seated on either side of him, not looking at the camera, but were busy playing with their Papa's hair.

Another picture showed Piccolo and Gohan together. Piccolo stood with an arm around Gohan's shoulders, looking tenderly down at the young man in his arms. He was without his cape and turban, indicating the picture was taken during a relaxing day recently. Gohan had both arms wrapped tightly around Piccolo's waist and was smiling brightly at the camera with a faint blush on his cheeks.

The last picture Goku looked closely at before he was dragged out of the room by his eager sons was a group picture. It was dinner since the picture was of the group sitting around a table with the sun setting outside one of the dining room windows. Master Roshi was sitting at the head of the table, opposite to where the camera was. He was laughing happily and Krillin on one side was blushing and trying to hit Roshi and on the other side Piccolo wasn't looking amused, but was trying to hide his own blush behind his water glass he had raised to his lips. On the same side as Piccolo, Gohan was trapped between Goten and Trunks who were trying to force feed their brother different foods from the meal. All three were covered in various foods but were still smiling brightly. 18 sat next to her husband and was the only one looking at the camera. She was trying to glare but her eyes sparkled with her mirth and she was at the same time trying to feed a reluctant Marron her vegetables. It was a happy, relaxed and intimate setting, and Goku was proud he was going to be a part of it.

He was lead upstairs and the boys didn't let him get more than a glance into Gohan's and Vegeta's rooms before he was lead proudly into Trunks' and Goten's room. He was forced to sit and he smiled as he was introduced to all their favorite toys and told about their adventures and pranks. Goku laughed as many funny images came to mind at their stories and he felt so content, like he had never left.

After a while Goten and Trunks decided to take him outside to show Goku some of their favorite places to play and spar, and the three played together until a small chi blast shot into the sky herded them back inside.

Goku's first thought when he followed his sons into the dining room was that he had died…again…and had gone to an even sweeter heaven. The table was pilled high with plate after plate meat and noodles, vegetables and fruit, baskets of warm bread gave off delicious smelling steam and bowls of rice and soup gave even more color to the amazing setting Vegeta had done. The prince stood off to the side, admiring his work and didn't look up at them as he said, "You won't get a scrap of this if you don't all wash up."

The boys quickly washed their hands then sat eagerly on opposite sides of the table, bodies humming with hungry excitement. Goku followed their example and washed his hands before sitting down at one head of the table. He sat staring at the food, almost lovingly but looked up when Vegeta sat down across from him. His loving gaze turned to his prince and he smiled, knowing the luckiest man in the world right now was him.

"Dig in," Vegeta said.

Father and sons didn't need to be told twice.

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