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Once there was this girl named Marina Phoenix. She is an out of the ordinary girl, because instead of human ears, she has dog-ears. As well as being an InuHanyou, she is a priestess. She goes to school at Rutherford High in modern-day Japan. Because demons aren't really well known, she conceals her Inu-ears with a concealment charm that she creates with her priestess powers that is in a necklace she wears around her neck.

She has some friends, Alexis being her best friend that she has known forever…. None of her friends know her secret about her being an InuHanyou. Not even Alexis. Until one day….

Chapter One: Meeting


The fog is thick as she is trying to navigate through the fog. 'Where am I? Is anyone here? HELLO!' As she keeps moving forward pushing the fog aside, she falls down, down, down. Not knowing what to do, she screams. A bright blue light envelops her and her dog-ears twitch on top of her head, as her nails grow longer on her hands.

When she notices her nails have gotten longer, she quits screaming. 'Damn, the concealment charm came off.' Suddenly multiple visions start flashing in front of her. 'White hair and dog-ears like mine? But what does this all mean?'

As more visions continue to flash in front of her involving her friends, she notices a white light she is falling towards. 'What is that white light about?' The white light grows brighter around her as she continues to fall. Not knowing what else to do, she screams…

(End Dream)

(Marina's Bedroom)

'…Rrriiinng!' the alarm clock goes off to wake the one who set it the night before. 'SLAM!' the alarm clock is suddenly silenced for the day. The only occupant in the room shifted under the covers so that her face is in full view.

Her blue/green eyes blink twice before staying open. 'Man, one day I am going to break that alarm if I am not more careful in the mornings.' Marina pushes aside the covers but continues to lie on her bed. Just then a '…scritch, scritch' can be heard coming from the other side of her door. Marina's left dog-ear twitches and suddenly her door opens revealing her two-tailed neko cat demon Kali enters the room and bounds onto her bed.

"Good morning Kali, are you telling me it's time to get up now?" Marina asks as she pets Kali who snuggles in beside her. "Mew" was the only response Marina got from her cat, as Kali was busy enjoying the attention Marina was giving her. Marina continues to pet Kali for a few more minutes before getting out of bed and heading to her closet.

(A/N: Marina's room is fairly big as she has a queen sized bed, her desk, bookshelf, and a walk in closet that holds all of her school clothes on one side as well as her regular none school clothes on the other side. Her closet even has her dressers in it. Off the side of her room she has her own private bathroom with a shower, tub and everything. She's a pretty lucky half-demon huh? Just thought I would describe her room so you could get a visual.)

Marina grabs her school uniform off one of the racks in her closet and begins getting ready for the day. "Man… I wonder when the school board is going to change our school uniforms to something more conventional. Or better yet, just get rid of the uniforms all together" she says to no one in particular (since she's the only one in her room) as she struggles to get her school shirt over her head and starts walking to her private bathroom.

As Marina finally gets her shirt over her head, Kali brushes against her leg making her trip and she lands in a heap on her covers that she brushed onto the floor when she first got up. "…Uuhhh, Kali, why?" Marina asks her cat who just rubs against her leg happily.

Marina scrambles up off the ground, pushing Kali towards the door as she does so and goes into her washroom to brush her teeth and her hair. 'I can't believe I tripped over Kali, and what was that dream that I had about? So weird.' Marina walks over to her desk and grabs her bag off her desk chair and heads for the door.

As she reaches her bedroom door, she spies a glance at her clock. "If I'm not careful, I'm going to be late" Marina tries to stay calm as she starts to run out of her room. She isn't paying much attention to her footing though and trips on the carpet outside of her wall, sliding into the wall with a scream.

(Meanwhile in the kitchen)

A woman is humming to herself while washing dishes. Bacon and eggs are cooking on the stove and toast is cooking in the toaster for Marina's breakfast. A bird chirps from the tree outside the window and the woman looks up and sees the moving trucks from next-door drive away. 'Hmm… looks like the neighbors are finally finished moving in, for the most part.'

"…Aahh!" Marina can be heard screaming from upstairs followed by a nice 'Smack.'The woman closes her eyes and just shakes her head with a sigh. When she opens her eyes again to look out the window, she sees a boy about Marina's age with long white hair and what looks to her like two dog-ears on top of his head that he was trying to hide within his hair as he grabbed the last box.

The only reason she really noticed his dog-ears was because when Marina screamed, one of the boy's ears twitched. 'Hmm… I wonder –' "Mew" Kali cuts off the woman's train of thought. Just then Marina enters the room rubbing her nose as the toast pops up.

"Huh… Marina you have to not run down the stairs or you are going to seriously injure yourself one day, even though you are a hanyou" the woman explains as she takes the toast out of the toaster and puts the eggs and bacon on top of it, passing it to Marina.

Marina takes the plate, and bends down to pet Kali. "I know to be careful mom, I always am." She makes her breakfast into a sandwich and begins to eat it while Kali is sitting on her lap getting petted.

"Honestly mom, what kind of trouble could I get into?" Marina asks with a mouth full of food. "I'm not the type of person to get into trouble, you know that."

"It's rude to talk with your mouth full honey, you know that," her mom tells her. "And yes I do know that you are careful, but one of these days you may forget about the concealment charm that is placed on the necklace you wear to school."

Marina gulps down her milk to wash down breakfast and wipes her mouth. "Sorry for being rude mom, I didn't mean to be rude." Her hands subconsciously go to wear her necklace should be around her neck.

"Oops, seems like I was in such a rush I forgot about my necklace" she says sheepishly while casually slinking towards the stairs. "I'll get it right now before I forget."

She takes off running for the stairs. More crashing can be heard from upstairs and Marina's mother winces. A few minutes later, Marina re-enters the kitchen with her necklace on and her Inu ears have disappeared and human ears are now on the side of her head.

"One more thing before you go" Marina's mom asks her as she grabs her bag. Marina looks over at her mom as she swings her backpack over her shoulder. "Sure mom, what is it?"

"Could you…" her mom digs around in the pantry. "Could you take this welcome basket to the new neighbors for me and say hello from us?" she asks while emerging from the pantry and handing her daughter the basket.

"…Yeah, sure mom I can do it" Marina nods to her mother. "I just don't wanna be late for school, yea knows." She takes the basket from her mom and walks over to the door.

"I know you won't be late for school honey. Besides you can make it in time if you run" her mother explains as Marina heads out the door carrying the basket in one hand. "The concealment charm doesn't affect your demon abilities like your speed for running for example!"

(Neighbors yard)

"Okay, so I can give this to the new neighbors, introduce myself and get going to school to make it with time to spare… I hope" Marina says while looking at her watch with her free hand.

Since Marina is walking kinda quickly as she wants to hurry off to school to meet up with Alexis, she isn't paying attention to her walking while she looks at her watch, and trips, falling onto the ground. The welcome basket she was holding flies upwards in the air as she let go of it when she fell and it fell on top of her back, next to her backpack that is on her shoulder.

"…Uuhhh…" Marina groaned from the ground. "Not again."

While Marina was getting up, she didn't notice that the concealment charm placed on her necklace became faulty for a minute and right when the door opened her dog-ears showed for a minute before disappearing again, which the occupant who opened the door saw and smirked.

"Not again what?" the person at the door asked her, knowing she didn't know they were there.

Marina just realizing that someone else was there and probably saw her pick herself up off the ground, looked up wide eyed in shock.

"Hi" the person at the door said to her smirking.

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