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It has been several hours since Inuyasha went after Marina. When Inuyasha left, Kali and I went inside Marina's house. While I was lounging on her couch with the tv on and Kali on my lap, Inuyasha's mom Izayoi stops in wondering where her son has gone off too and Marina's mom invites her in for tea while they wait.

"Won't you please come in Izayoi and have some tea while we wait for our children to return." Marinas mom gestures into the house.

"Oh alright Jeane, twist my arm."

Izayoi enters and heads to the kitchen, while Jeane closes the door before also heading to the kitchen. Before she follows Izayoi into the kitchen, she pops her head into the family room.

"Alexis, would you like some tea while you wait for Marina to return?"

"Only if you are having some Jeane."

I smile and nod while getting up from the couch. As I am getting up, Kali maneuvers her way to sitting on my shoulder (A/N: like how kilalah sits on Sango's shoulder in her small form). Once Kali is comfortable on my shoulder I look to her as I begin to make my way into the kitchen.

"Shall we visit with Marina and Inuyasha's mothers while we wait for them to return Kali?"

The response I get is her head rubbing affectionately against the side of my face.

"Alright, let's go."

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