Hunching his shoulders up, Hayate feels the amused gaze digging into his back and he counts down mentally until the time his senpai opens his mouth to bug him. "So Hayate." 'And there it is.'

"Yes, Genma-senpai?"

A glass of water thunks onto the table next to him before a hand comes to rest on his shoulder as the older jounin steps up behind his chair and tries to peer over his shoulder. "I told you to drop the suffix, Hayate."

He stays silent and tries to hide the piece of paper from the other man's all seeing gaze.

Genma stays silent for a moment than before his friend can react, snatches the paper out from under his arm, hopping backwards, grinning broadly as his eyes scan the sheet. He lowers it until his eyes are visible over the top. "Aww Hayate, I didn't know you felt that way." The grin heard in his voice.

Glaring at him, he stays in his seat. "Genma-senpai, you are married and unavailable. It is not for you. Please give it back."

Studying the tense youngster in front of him, he chews on the senbon than hands the paper back. Silence reigns between them, Genma trying to decide who it might be for. "Yuugao, huh?" Watching his face, he knows that he hits the jackpot. Stepping away from him, he rounds the table to drop down in a chair on the other side and braces his elbows on the scarred top, gazing at him. "A little flirting never hurt anyone, Hayate." His senbon dips and bops with each movement of his mouth. "If you want my opinion..."

"No thank you."

Ignoring his denial, Genma plows forward. "If Yuugao was a civilian, that poem would work. At best, she'd laugh at you and worse, be offended that you tried such a civilian approach to winning her over."

Suspicious of his friend's sudden change of attitude, Hayate stares at him intently. His eyes dart down to the word covered paper and he sighs. "You're right."

"Damn right I am. I have more experience in dating than you do." Smugly informs the younger man. "You need to go up and ask her to go out with you. She's ANBU, she won't appreciate you trying to woo her with flowers, poems and chocolates. Now if she was Iruka, that would work."

"'ve only dated two people."

Scowling at him, he looks ready to stick the needle in him. "Shut up."

"You married the second person you dated. On your third date. After the two of you got drunk and woke the Hokage up in the middle of the night, demanding to be married." Unphased by the glare and tone aimed at him, Hayate presses on, never missing a chance to get his friend back for all the times he teased him.


"You seem to becoming forgetful in your old age, Genma." A grin, as small as it is, spreads across Hayate's face as he repays his friend for all the times he teased him.

"I hate you."

Nodding, he coughs but never stops grinning and picks up his glass, swallowing some water before putting the glass back down. "Of course, Genma." Rising to his feet, he folds the paper up and stuffs it into a pocket. "Don't forget that we're suppose to meet at the dango shop tomorrow at three."

"Right." Watches the young jounin leave, he pauses then lets out a long string of curses. "Hayate!"

Laughter his only response as the other takes off before he can give chase. Dropping back down in his chair, he glares at the door of his apartment hatefully.

"What's wrong with you?" Large, rough hands come to rest on his shoulders and he tilts his head back to stare up at his spouse.

"Hayate's turning into a mini me."

Raidou blinks, caught off-guard by the statement. "What?"

"Hayate is..."

"I heard you the first time. I'm just trying to wrap my mind around the thought of another you running around Konoha."


Grinning, the scarred man turns and heads for the kitchen leaving Genma to sputter indignantly in the living room.