Chapter 1 : The Way I Am

"Vivian Clark?" Mrs. Hafer asked. Everyone in the classroom turned to look at a pale, beautiful creature sitting in the back of the classroom. That creature is me, Vivian for now. I change my name often so as not to get bored.

"Present." My voice came out sounding rich and feminine, faintly a French accent attracting more attention.

"Vivian, would you mind very much coming up here and telling the class a bit about yourself?" Ugh, how un-original it was only the millionth time I've ever done this. I have to do this everywhere I go. Oh-well I could be truly like my kind and live alone. But, I would rather not.

I slithered up to the front of the classroom almost too fast and composed myself as the seventeen year old I was supposed to be.

" I am from Rochester, New York originally. I just moved here from Seattle, however. Any questions?" The girl in the front row, Hannah Anderson felt threatened like she should. Before me every male thought her to be the picture of teenage perfection in beauty. That was before me, and I AM the picture of teenage perfection- if you use the word teenager loosely. A second before she raised her hand, Hannah's question materialized in my head. Such a daring girl, to challenge my patience. Hundreds of years of practice and yet little, know-it-all human teenagers with their inferiority complexes still piss me off.

"Yes?" I ask Hannah already knowing her question.

"How do you get your hair so straight and smooth?" She asks snottily, acting superior. Dream on, human girl.

"It's naturally like this. Basically all I use is shampoo and conditioner." Poor Hannah doesn't believe me. She should see through my lie, but she will never know my secret.

A stranger's voice fills my head and temporarily I am distracted. My head violently snaps in his direction with such force that would kill a human. His name is Drake Parker and he is quite handsome. Drake Parker is a famous musician with a number one hit, and I wonder why he like I, is in this classroom. He plans to ask me out soon. Damn it. That could present a problem as I haven't really dated since the 1600's in colonial Massachusetts. I take my seat before Mrs. Hafer can even get the words out.

For teenagers 40 minutes for each class is torture, but they don't know what true torture is. Torture is surviving the deaths of everyone you love. Watching them die in awe as you cease to age. Torture is living alone for all of eternity yearning to belong, to be someone new- something impossible.

The bell rings and I dash out of the classroom in a blur to my 'peers'. I must work on retaining average human speed if I will ever fool them. Someone nearby is singing " I've found the cure to growing older…"

So ironic, that my first day living amongst the mortals and I should hear such a song. Yes, you silly humans so have I !

Everyone is buzzing about the "hot new girl". Oh dear God , that is one thing I have forgotten about the mortals. They chase stupid carnal fantasies over anything else. I bend over to pick up the pencil I dropped at a human pace and Joe Franklin standing behind me thinks such disgusting thoughts I nearly tear his head off, literally. I restrain myself and take an unnecessary breath. I do not need oxygen or carbon dioxide to live, its just one other human instinct I still have and one necessity I need to live incognito.

The auburn haired boy from first period is back. I turn around and look at him. Such a handsome fellow, but he doesn't have the best taste in ladies. Since he is pursuing me, that is correct. He should have human instincts that tell him to back away, but I see in his mind that he doesn't. Drake Parker feels a strong connection to me, chemistry I could call it. I won't allow myself to feel the chemistry, I don't want any part in his life. Yet, I must because I felt so compelled and drawn here, like my 'future' was here.

"No." I say to myself in an almost inaudible voice, the frequency not able to reach mortal ears the change of expression unnoticeable to anyone else but me or my own kind.

"Hi, my name is Drake Parker. You're Vivian, right?" Wow, he's as original as a box of crayons.

"Yes, Vivian is my name."

" I was wondering if you would like to got to the movies with me. There's a new vampire movie down at The Premiere, I hear its really good." Vampire. I almost laugh at the use of the word, the accurate word for me. Yes, I would love to see how Hollywood or anyone else portrays the kind of monster that can kill the innocent in selfish acts of survival. Sympathy for the devil, that's what it is.

I know what I am and am thoroughly disgusted by it. I leech (no pun intended) off of others to survive. But for what? Centuries of loneliness and depression?

Yes, I will go to the movies with Drake Parker. But no, I will not take his life to keep mine.

"Fine. What time would you like to meet me there?" I ask in an attempt to sound normal. I already know everything he is going to say, but have to play the part so to speak.

Drake smiles a wonderfully brilliant smile and I am tempted to snatch him up in embrace.

"How 'bout seven-thirty?" He could've said fifty years from now and I would still be available. Ahh, how I love my little inside jokes. The only problem with my inside jokes is that I am the only one in on them. For the past 100 years or so I have been alone, with no mortal or immortal contact and that really takes its toll. That is why I am reaching out- daring to walk the mortal walk as an immortal.

"That would be fine. I'll see you then." I smile carefully not showing my teeth and walk away. No need to scare the poor boy with the only sign of immortality I have other than my inability to age. My fangs are not that big, but they are big enough to notice, which is very hard blending in with people.

My next class is study hall, how enticing- but at least its social interaction, right?

I hand my class schedule to the teacher and inform her that I am in her class.

Mrs. Lewis is about as old as me and keeps babbling on and on like an idiot about what it was like for her to move around with her father whom was in the Navy in the 40's. Big deal, lady. Try moving by ship in the early 1600's across the ocean to a brand-new country with your family.

Normally I'm not so impatient- I mean who needs to rush when you have forever. But for some reason I felt like I should take a seat or hide.

"Ouch!" A girl near the front of the classroom yelled. My head whipped in her direction and the smell of her blood oozing out of the paper cut on her finger consumed me. I knew that if I wanted to I could just kill everyone and vanish from society.

But a stronger force carried me out of the class and into the hallway. I balled into the fetal position and held my legs tightly so as not to kill anyone.

That's how they found me. They of course being Su and Summer. Su and Summer were known as the meanest bullies at Belleview. They didn't care who you were- if they didn't like you they made it apparent by hassling you every chance they got.

"Oh Su, look! The new hot girl is a wittle baby! Too bad Drake Parker couldn't see that his new girlfriend is a wimp! Su, didn't you date Drake?" Summer took a four inch heel and kicked me in the stomach. Too bad my body is more or less stone or that actually would have hurt. Ignoring the scent of blood I stood up too fast for Su and Summer to realize. All of a sudden I was pissed off and in their face.

"WIMP?! I've seen tougher twigs in the forest than the two of you. Mess with me again and you will regret it, I promise you that much. Consider yourself warned." The bell rang and I started to walk away. Su clumsily ran in front of me.

"Stay away from Drake, you bitch!!!" Su threw a punch that would've broken my nose. My face didn't move an inch, nor did I bleed. She was the one that started crying. I looked at her hand and saw that it was broken. How hilarious it is when some teenage girl is trying to act tough and actually breaks her hand on your face while you walk away unscathed. Ah well, she shouldn't have bothered me.

"Su, what happened? Did that freak break your hand?" Summer almost spat at me as she talked. Su cried and held her hand like a dog holding its paw. I walked away bored already, seeking adventure. I pass by Drake in the hallway and knowing that Su is watching me, kiss him. Not just any kiss though, I pretty much eat his face. I don't hear any complaints running through his head though, in fact he's rather impressed. I pull away, remembering his need of oxygen.

" I can't wait for our date tonight." I walk away leaving him dumbfounded. With Su and Summer ready to kill me, I see my work is done for the time being.

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