Chapter4:Mortal Eyes.

The vampire flick was hardly a distraction. If anything I felt more agitated,alone,and afraid because during the movie my thoughts wandered so many times and I could do nothing but think of Mother's terrible rage. Drake being the human he was attributed all of this to be stemming from the 'horror' flick.

"Did the movie really scare you that much?" He laughed a little but put his arm around my shoulder.

"Yes, it was quite scary actually." I lied. Of course the movie wasn't the least bit scary. If anything it was hilarious. Dumb actors playing something on film that they have never witnessed.

Drake took it upon himself to drive me home in his rusted out piece of crap car. Although I strongly advised him not to-the guy was stubborn.

To my horror, when we arrived at my apartment I saw her. Mother-Victoria, whatever she was, sitting on my front lawn! She had changed her look a bit since the last time I saw her in Egypt. She had on a white t-shirt and jeans. She wore no shoes, she had no need it's not like any human infection or aliment could actually harm her or kill her. I got out of the car slowly and racked my brain for anything coming from her but she said nothing. She was merely there, still as a statue.

"Mother! Fancy seeing you here!" I exclaimed. She smiled and rose to her feet like a human. She walked toward me and embraced me.

"Well my daughter it is not everyday that you go out with Drake Parker." She turned her attention to Drake. He held out his hand to give her a handshake, but all she did was pull him into a hug. His naked neck she saw, and sunk her teeth into him. He let out a small cry of pain and then froze.

"Mother, no! You cannot kill him!" I watched in horror as she drank his blood. Then she suddenly stopped and turned to me.

"Of course not. He will become immortal. It is the only way to ensure his safety, my child. Don't be afraid-he will love you for it. Now quick we must do this in private- your apartment." We materialized in my apartment and then she was back to work again. She drank from him a little bit more and then gashed her wrist and let some of her blood flow into his mouth. As he swallowed, he began to regain consciousness. Soon he was drinking too much from her.

"Stop, my son." Victoria gently pulled his mouth away from her wrist. Drake was flabbergasted at how quickly she healed.

I was very upset at this. How could she do that? Change him like that! She told me that she would never change anyone else after me! Victoria knew all that was perplexing me.

"My sweet daughter! You know that if it was not this way they would have destroyed him to get even with you." She purred in my mind.

"You told me that you would create no more vampires after me! You lied to me! Why couldn't you just have kept him a human? He's famous, you know! People are going to realize he is gone! His family! He had a mother, a father!" I watched Drake grasp what he was becoming. At about that time, his vision was being perfected, he was growing millions more muscles, and through Victoria's blood her knowledge and some of her supernatural powers.

"I am his mother now. As I am mother to all my vampire children. He will need his natural family no more! I am his supernatural family!"

"I cannot believe you, Victoria!" Drake looked at his reflection in the mirror. His already beautiful face was becoming even more gorgeous with the change from mortal to immortal.

"Come, my child. You must not look at your changing reflection in the mirror. It will hurt your receptors. You are still seeing everything through your mortal eyes. But soon, after the first kill you will be strong enough to finish the change. Come now, your wife is very angry with me." Drake left with her and I was left alone in my apartment.

So that was the plan, she made him for me since she knew I would never create someone for myself. How pathetic the whole situation was… How pathetic it was that she still hadn't said anything to me about the war I started.

I decided to use my anger for something useful and materialized in the wilderness in Alaska to hunt. I watched a man and woman converse briefly, the thought they were alone. I decided to take them both so as to not leave any witnesses. When I was done I saw the man lying on the ground, staring up at me with his mortal eyes. This bothered me to no end, so I quickly left to go home. It seemed like no matter what I did or where I went, Victoria's influence was always constant.

Not surprising to me, Victoria and Drake were already in my apartment when I got home. They were talking in their minds- Victoria probably explaining all of his new sensations. I went to the bathroom and looked in the mirror. My hair was exactly the way it had been before I had cut it. I looked the same as I had when I died, pretty much. My eyes were a shade darker than they had been, my skin paler but other than that everything was the same. Every scar, every imperfection perfected.

As I looked in the mirror I fell into a dream-like state and remembered my humanity. In my human life I had been born Morgan Anna Jamison in what was then a small village outside of Paris, France. I was the youngest of four children, my siblings were all males. My mother Angeline had died giving birth to me by means of loss of blood.

All my life, my existence was hushed, quiet and fearful. My father had instilled the fear of God in my brothers and I, from a very young age. Not knowing what to do with a daughter, my father hired a 'nanny' if you will-when I turned eleven. Her name was Victoria. At even that young age I knew there was something different about Victoria. Not only was she drop dead gorgeous, but she also seemed to know things that other people didn't about the world. She became my mother, my best friend, my mentor, my teacher. Even as a human I started to emulate her so much it was like she had been my mother at birth.

The year was 1619 and I was 19 years old when my father proposed that we move to the 'new world'. We were living in a small home in Paris at the time and the influence of my father's co-workers was very powerful. I remember not wanting to go, I was afraid of the change. My rock, Vikki encouraged this change. She said that we should move to this new world.

I was only a girl of nineteen then and with my father having not setting up a marriage for me I had no husband that could decide for me. So, I prepared for the grueling travel on the ocean that lay ahead. Victoria traveled with us, of course- she was my keeper.

When we finally landed on the promised land everything fell into place and I was glad my father had dragged me there. The water seemed clearer, the air cleaner and pure. In Paris the overall smell was death- here it was life. Up until that great move, my life had generally revolved around death. I blamed myself for my mother's death and took each death in my family personally-like I caused them.

But here, in this new land I was allowed to really live. I wasn't afraid at all- I felt like I could do anything I wanted. The new freedom mad me believe I was a human that it was okay to make mistakes. I learned that life was beautiful and happy- not death in disguise and despair.

My attitude changed and I no longer was a slave to my father and prisoner to his house. Victoria and I often would sneak off in the middle of the night and not come back until early morning. She taught me everything she knew including how to read and write, which was something my father had neglected to teach me.

I learned languages including Spanish, Gaelic, Latin, and German. This new found knowledge of culture and discovery helped quench my thirst for intelligence. But what really made me think was the concept of God. It seemed like the more intelligence I gained the less I believed in God. Many times Victoria would catch me sitting alone pondering the chance of God alone.

It was during one of our long, philosophical discussions that she revealed to me what she truly was. We were taking a walk in the middle of the night through the woods a ways from the house when she stopped dead in her tracks. She took my hand and looked me right in the eyes.

"Morgan- I am not what I appear. I am what you would call a blood leech, a vampire. I have been around since the beginning of time.." I stared at her, surely she was jesting. It was not possible that she could be so old and looks so young. Surely she wasn't a leech or a 'vampire'.

"Victoria, why do you wish to jest with me and yet remain so serious? Why, you couldn't possibly be what you just said, I've seen you eat before." Without taking her eyes off of me the entire time, she replied honestly and in a way that only extended my curiosity.

"Your thoughts, I can hear them. Right now you are in a quiet panic- like you should be. But to no avail for I will never hurt you. You are my chosen one. I have protected you even before you were aware of my presence. The first time I saw you- you were two years old and you were the most beautiful creature I had ever seen. You were aware of me being there, but were not afraid. I fell in love with you there and decided that I would raise you- you would be my last daughter." My mouth was open in shock. How could she speak like this? I could NOT believe her. She had lost her mind.

"If your words you speak are truth, then how old are you?" She smiled a bit unnaturally and I saw her long fangs.

"I was born in the year 754 B.C. in Egypt. My mother died too, like yours after giving birth. My father raised us all, my sisters Eunice, and Hannah, and my brother Antony. We knew that we were very different from everyone else. My Aunt Florine was a gypsy of sort and cursed my family for my mother's death. But most of all- she cursed me. For I am the one my mother died to give birth. My twentieth year she put a curse on me for eternal life, eternal beauty, eternal darkness, but also the eternal thirst for blood. She made me hungry for the blood that I had taken from my mother. At first I was as unbelieving as you. I could not believe what was happening and the terrible truth is that I was the first to go through it. There was no one to help me through it- no one to explain. I told my sisters what had happened and they could barely believe it. When my brother Antony found out he was sure something sinister had happened. He set out to kill me. I heard his thoughts, but I didn't realize that it was what he was ACTUALLY thinking. I believed everything to be only an illusion and made up. But he did attack- and I nearly killed him. He should have died but for some reason unknown to me at the time, he lived. After-my mother's sister made a visit. She told me what she had made him to be. He was as immortal as me but perhaps stronger because he did not need blood the way I do. She always favored him- so why would she do me any favors? She told me his influence would be greater than mine. He was immortalized just by being him. As evil as he is- he is your Satan, your Hades. My brother, the one many people fear most."

I couldn't believe that any of this was the truth. I mean really, did she think I was that dumb? I decided that if I wanted to know for sure, I needed proof.

"Victoria- I need proof. You cannot honestly expect me to believe this." Even though I didn't truly believe her, I was shaking in my nervousness. I had a cold sweat going on and I know now that must've thrilled Victoria all the more, my being nervous.

Victoria moved closer to me, a humanly smile on her face. I backed away in fear.

"I thought you needed proof? But if you truly do not believe me, why do you cower away in fear? Could it be that you've known it all along, you wonder? Well yes, to a certain extent you have always known that I was different. Now I wonder, Morgan- what type of proof do you desire?" She moved closer to me and I froze in fear. I believe my heart may heave stopped beating.

"I will not harm you- really. Just remember to keep breathing,alright? That is the only way you will die. Relax."

"Ohh!" I screamed as her fangs punctured my neck. I fell into a state of euphoria. I was so calm, and everything seemed alright in the world. Nothing at all could be wrong. But then everything started to go dark and I lost control. I blanked out for about a second and when I awoke there she was- right in my face. She punctured her wrist and held it up to my mouth.

"Drink,my child. Drink and you shall never die, never leave me my darling daughter." I hesitated, too confused. "You will die if you do not drink soon! Drink!" She forced her wrist into my mouth and blood dropped into my moth. I didn't want to die, so I drank. The more I drank the better everything got. I could see things totally different. Colors were more vibrant, details I hadn't seen before were there. I was re-born, but way better than before. She gently pulled her wrist away and that was when I knew I was changed. There was no other explanation for my being able to hear her thoughts. As a matter of fact, I could hear and see new things that my old, mortal eyes and ears never picked up on. A squirrel ran up a tree and I zeroed in on it. I heard its little heartbeat, sensed its fear of me.

"Now you have a taste. We must get you your first meal. You're not completely dead yet and if you don't feed soon you will become too weak for the change and die. I'm not about to have you perish."

At first I couldn't comprehend that I was dying. Death sounded like something that weakens everything,not strengthens it. No, I could not be dying- I was stronger than I had ever been. But nevertheless I followed Victoria- she was the expert of everything.

Victoria led me to a small village outside the woods. She stopped at a very tiny, modest home near the center of the village. Without warning, Victoria opened the door and found a man sitting at a dining table eating breakfast. Before he even knew we were there, she bit his neck. Draining him of blood, I watched as death became him. I knew then that I was alive because she wanted me to be. I could just as easily have been dead. I sensed two more humans in the house. In a bedroom I found a grown woman in a deep sleep. I took her in her slumber, she never knew her husband was dead. A child,their daughter walked into the room just as I was leaving. She saw the puncture wounds on her mother's neck and screamed. The girl ran to her mother and clung to the dead body, crying her eyes out.

I panicked and collapsed to the floor, crying myself. I took that innocent girl's mother from her. As I cried, my tears were blood. I wiped my eyes with my hands and saw my pale hands get stained red. I must really have looked like a gruesome monster- blood red tears streaming down my face and blood on my hands.

Victoria appeared sometime after that and told me telepathically that I was killing myself-crying like that. She told me the only way to replace the blood I lost was to take the child. I resisted but she insisted that the girl would only be put into some kind of mad house for believing 'vampires' killed her parents. So I killed the young girl and she died clinging to her dead mother for dear life.

We arrived home shortly after the incident at the village home. I was very tired and felt violently ill. Victoria insured me that I was just dying and after sleep I would never be in such terrible pain again. Victoria also told me to enjoy my sleep for it was the last time I would ever sleep again.

That night, I slept more than usual. I woke up just as the sun was going down. The last night I dreamt, I dreamt only of my mother. The one that died giving birth to me, of course. I hadn't seen for myself what she looked like, but by painted portrait I was able to see. Besides, the paintings did not do her beauty justice. I knew she was my mother because of the close-ness I felt toward her. All my life I had felt like I lost her, but I realized with the dream that she'd always been a part of me. I just hadn't realized it was her.

So beautiful and angelic she came to me as I sat in the woods where I was 'changed' on a tree stump.

"Morgan, my love you are so beautiful." She purred like a kitten as she strolled toward me. I was surprisingly calm about the fact that an otherwise perfect stranger 1- knew my name and 2- called me beautiful. But inside I knew this was my mother and not a mad stranger.

"Mother?" I looked up at her with tears in my eyes. She put her arms around me and held me tight.

"Yes it is I, the one who brought you to life. My daughter, my beautiful daughter." She rubbed my back maternally, something I never really had gotten. I looked up into her eyes. They were as blue as everyone claimed. Looking at her was like looking at a slightly older version of me-something I would NEVER become.

"Know that it was never your fault. My death was only coincidal with your birth. You've blamed yourself too many times, lost too much sleep, cried too many tears over it all. My only regret is not holding onto life to see you mature. I never blamed you, nor can anyone else for my death. I love you, darling. I need you to stop blaming yourself." She looked sincere and motherly as she looked me in the eyes. I felt warm tears stream down my face. I wiped them and saw that they were red as they smeared my hand.

As if she were reading my thoughts, my mother took the bloody hand and examined it. A wide smile appeared across her face, making her all the more beautiful.

"You desire to live forever? Your life will be lonely, I foresee. Many will love you, you will love many. No one will be your soul's companion…" She looked urgently into my eyes instantaneously after saying that.

"One. One time. One person, will change you forever and all eternity. The weight of the world on your shoulders that you carry along with the massive guilt will be gone when you two meet. You'll love him. But the war, the destruction….Be careful, my love." My mother kissed me on the forehead, and I woke up in bed with Victoria right beside the bed.

"Sleep well, my child?" She cracked a smile as I sat up.

"My mother-the real one- came to me. She told me to embrace this life. That you'd be my mother now." I let my mind wander and heard Victoria. She told me telepathically that the change was done- I would remain intact in this body for always and eternity as long as I followed the rules, that is. She explained that there was few rules in her universe.

1.Maintain peace with all ranks and walks of life (human,animal,vampire,witch,zombie,demon,devil,etc.)

2.Respect your creator Victoria and treat all living and dead creatures with respect.

And finally:

3. Do not draw attention to yourself so that humans would know that the supernatural exist. If you do so, you will be destroyed before you can wreak more havoc.

The rules she mentioned were of course subject to change if a new situation were to develop, but they were all based on common sense. About a hundred years or so after I was turned, Victoria explained to me that while the rules do need to be followed, she would have a very hard time destroying me as I was an always would be her favorite and last child of the darkness.

So as I looked into the mirror I wondered if even though Victoria went back on half of the above mentioned, she would still call me her favorite and spare me.

I turned to leave the bathroom and felt Victoria's essence gone. She had left. Fantastic. Leave the child with the newborn- brilliant.

I stood before Drake and he lunged at me- put his hands around my throat as if it would kill me. I burst out laughing at the thought of Drake killing ME. Not only did I have more fight experience and intelligence, I was way stronger. He hadn't even completed the change process yet!

I ripped Drake off my throat with a quick shove, as you would push a kitten playfully. That's how much stronger than him I was. Discouraged at this, he lunged at my neck again. This time I flipped him over on his back. Before he could get off the floor, I got on top of him almost as if I was going to have sex with him. Only it wasn't passion in my eyes, but anger. How dare he?!

"Listen, mortal boy. You are not ever going to be able to kill me. I've proved to you that I'm a million times stronger so its time for you to let go of your male ego. The reality is, that in this life strength isn't based on hormones, rather age and experience. I have both on you and always will. My mother made you as a sort of male for me. Now she's gone, most likely to attend to the war. You must go to sleep at once. Without your final sleep, you will not turn all the way, and you will always have a curse far worse than the one intended. Go to sleep, and when you wake you will never be the same. You will be much greater than you ever imagined in your wildest fantasies. Think of it this way, Mr. Parker, I could be your mentor and your friend. Or your enemy. I would chose wisely if I were you. You could easily be destroyed by someone such as I. Now sleep, Drake. Enjoy it, for it will be your last sleep EVER." I got off Drake and he did as I told him to, even climbed into the Queen -sized bed I bought for show. It didn't take long for him to fall asleep. I can remember how tired I was and only imagine how exhausted he must've been.

As I do so often, as I always have and most likely always will- I found myself staring out the window at the sunrise over the horizon. I had so many questions running through my head, and no answers. For the answers I needed my mother-either one.

Was Drake the man my mother had told me about hundreds of years earlier? I mean, she had spoken of a war intertwined with the love.. Was I to love him? Was he my soul mate? What about the war? Would I survive? If I didn't I shuttered to think of how Drake would fair.

I sat there looking out my window for a long time and finally it dawned on me I had just told Drake his life would never be the same. But what about mine? How different would my life be now that a war had started and Drake was now a vampire?

As any vampire will tell you, all we have is time. So I pondered my thoughts for a long while and looked at the approaching day as a chance to get my much needed answers.

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