The Destiny of Tenacity

Summary-Willis thought he left the darkness behind when he and his best friend transferred to Japan to go to school with the other DigiDestined. But his past followed him into the future in the form of a Digimon corrupted by a virus and the fear in his heart. Will he be able to clean up the mess with his friends? Or is this the end of the DigitalWorld and Earth?

Part 1: When the Past and Present Collide

Chapter 1

Darkness surrounded Willis as he tried to run away from the accusing stares, the cruel laughter, and the cold darkness that tried to fill his heart. He didn't know what would happen if he stopped running, but he knew that he couldn't. His heard pounded against his chest as a terrible, echoing voice called his name.


Willis stopped running when everything around him changed. He was standing in a destroyed neighborhood, smoke billowing out of buildings that were now reduced to piles of rubble. Ambulances were on the scene and sirens pierced the air. Fear gripped his heart as tears fell freely down his face and he stared in shock at the leveled neighborhood that he used to live in.

He finally staggered forward and, before he knew it, he was running again, as fast as he could to see if anyone he knew had survived. The paramedics rushed by him with a bleeding body on a stretcher. Willis glanced at the body and sighed with relief when he didn't recognize the person, and instantly felt guilty about the soul.

"Terriermon! Lopmon!" He called as he cupped his hands around his mouth. He listened, trying to hear a response. His answer was the screams of people on the street along with the scream of the ambulance. "Terriermon! Lopmon!" He called again as he looked around himself.

Once again he got no response. Wiping the tears from his eyes he pulled his D-3 from his waist band and stared at the screen as he moved down the sidewalk, making sure he didn't hit anyone as he tried to find his friends. "Please. Please," he whispered as he stared intently at the screen, waiting to see if any of his friends appeared on it.

He knew that most of them had gathered in the same apartment complex that the Kamiya's lived in, which, coincidentally, was the same complex that Willis lived in. He squeezed his eyes shut before he slowly opened them, dropping his D-3 in shock as he stared at the rubble. Around him smoke billowed up into the sky and some fires were being put out by firemen as paramedics searched through the rubble for survivors of the missile.

"Terriermon! Lopmon!" Willis cried out as he ran to the closest pile of rubble and started to throw different sized chunks of concrete away. He frantically pulled the rubble away, not caring that he was tearing up his hands or that he was inhaling smoke and dust and started choking on it. His fingers brushed something soft as he pulled away another large chunk of rubble and it felt like his heart stopped. "Davis!" He chocked out as he looked down at the brown haired boy. His eyes were lifeless and his mouth was frozen in a scream of horror and pain. In his hand was his blue D-3, the screen was cracked and some of the buttons had popped out.

"Davis! Davis, no!" He gasped as his shoulders shook violently, tears resembling a never ending waterfall. "Davis, please! I can't do this alone!" Willis sobbed as he rubbed his face with the ripped sleeve of his shirt. He looked around him when everything started to get dark. "Davis! I need your help! I can't do this alone! I need everyone's help. Don't leave me! Please, don't leave me alone with my mistake!"

"That's right Willis…this is all your fault…" A cold voice echoed in his head.

"No!" Willis cried as he clasped his shaking hands over his ears. "No! No! No!"

"Yes, Willis…you just admitted it…this is your fault! This is your fault!" Evil laughter echoed in his head as he tried to block the voice out. "Thanks to you…this world is mine…this world and the DigitalWorld! I am free, and it's all thanks to you, Willis."

"No!" Willis screamed. "I didn't do anything! It was a mistake! Just another mistake! I will stop you!"

"Hahahaha…don't interfere…"


So, the timeline for this story is the Greymon/Parrotmon attack was when Kari and Tai were five and seven (1995). Digimon Adventure was four years later (1999), making Kari nine and Tai eleven. Our War Game (the 2nd part of the movie) was a few months after they beat Apocalymon (2000). Adventure 02 was three years later (2003) making Kari and her friends around twelve/thirteen turning thirteen/fourteen and Tai and his friends around sixteen. The Golden Digimentals (3rd part of the movie) was set during that summer and now this story takes place two years later (2005), Davis, TK, Kari, and Willis are all sophomores in high school, Cody is in sixth grade, Yolei and Ken are juniors. Tai, Izzy, Sora, Matt, and Mimi are college freshmen and Joe is a college sophomore. Got it?