a/n: helllooo! here is my first attempt on a paul/imprintee story. the first chapter is mainly an introduction on how Paul feels about love and imprinting. it'll be a love/hate kind of story with lots of paul bickering. :) hope you all enjoy, and of course, i don't own anything related to the twilight series (sadly..) enjoy!

Just The Girl


The sun was sizzling, water was cool and beautiful, half naked girls were waiting to be acknowledged. I loved summer.

"Alright, boys! Fine ladies in bikinis are calling our names—let's not keep them waiting!" My high-five was left hanging in the air as Jacob, Quil, and Jared shifted their feet uncomfortably. "What? Am I missing something?" I gave myself a once over. Nope, I hadn't forgot to wear pants today. What gives?

Jacob was the first to answer, the beta dog. "Can't, man…I gotta…go catch up on some stuff."

I knew better. 'Catching up on stuff' was code for moping around the house, pining over Bella Swan. Sam told us to just leave him be so that he could heal on his own. There was no use arguing there. I glanced hopefully at Jared and Quil. They quickly avoided my gaze.

"Kim and I actually have a study date tonight…"

"Yeah, and I'm going over to Emily's to pick up Claire later."

My pride began to dampen. "Ok, fine…I'll just go see if Sam or Embry wants to hang out."

They all looked at me regretfully.

"It's Sam and Emily's three year anniversary today…and Embry has a date with that girl in our Physics class, remember? " Jared hesitantly reminded me.

I hated girls. No, let me rephrase that. I hated girlfriends and imprintees! They ruin everything, especially when the boyfriend acts like such a whipped puppy! I knew what they all thought when we phased; they didn't have to say any of it.

"I can't wait for the day Paul imprints…"

"I feel bad for Paul, he's the only one of us without a girl…"

Well, I'm sick and tired of being at the end of all those looks of pity. I didn't need a girl to be happy and I sure as hell didn't need their pity.

"That's fine…that's fantastic!" I said with maybe too much emotion. "I have a lot of other stuff to catch up on, so when you guys are done getting whipped by your little girly-friends, don't bother calling me—I'll probably be busy."

Ok, so I knew I have a temper problem. I'll work on that later.

"Paul, you have been locked up in your room for 3 hours straight! Get up and do something productive!"

My lazy fingers continued to press the red button on the remote. My eyes drooped with boredom as I prepared myself for another hour of cops chasing robbers.

My mom huffed. "Paul! I am serious! If you don't get off your lazy butt, I will turn to drastic measures!"

I acknowledged her with a callous wave of my hand and mechanically turned my attention back to the T.V. This did not impress her.

"Mom…Mom! What are you doing?!" I panicked as she dug up the T.V cord from underneath the pile of my dirty laundry. I finally sat up still, rigid with anticipation as to what her next move was to be. I watched her like an animal watching its pray. What was she looking for?


"Mother…" I soothed. "Don't do anything—NO!" My heart cut in half when she swiftly ran those scissors through the cord. She smiled in triumph as I stared in horror at the dead screen in front of me. "What do you expect me to do now?!"

She thought for a moment. A smile that scared me crept onto her deceiving face. "Mrs. Lombardi has been looking for a new pool boy—I'll tell her you'll start right away."

"Big Red's pool?" I asked surprised. "No thanks, I'm fine."

"Andy," My mother corrected me. "Is a total sweetheart. He's the captain of the football team."

I groaned into my pillow. "Yeah, and the biggest player in the whole reservation."

"Oh, you're just being silly," She commented. I opened my mouth to argue some more but she held up that one, powerfully threatening finger of hers that was able to silence even the loudest person.

She smiled that annoyingly satisfied smile of hers. "She'll be delighted to have you," She said sweetly before shutting the door behind her.

I arrived sullenly at the gigantic white mansion in front of me. Mrs. Lombardi opened the door before I could even knock.

"Hello, Paul! I've been expecting you," She said properly. She led me to the backyard where a large, glistening pool was stationed in the middle of a wide, flowery backyard.

I wasn't wearing a shirt, but I was still incredibly hot…in more than one way, if I do say so myself. I then saw Andy sprint across the field, half naked with a giddy brunette tailing him close by.

"Oh! Paul! Sup?!" He asked, but I could tell he wasn't really interested in my answer.

The brunette giggled uncontrollably behind him. "C'mon, Andy! Let's go before we get caught!"

Andy laughed right along with her at the joke I didn't want to get. He gave me a quick wave before slipping through the fence, into his shiny, red corvette and speeding off. Don't get me wrong, I like Andy and all, but he can just be a real prick sometimes.

I might have been working on the pool for 5 minutes when I heard a girl's voice in the background, coming closer.


I looked up.

It then hit me. Hit me so hard and with so much force that I knew my worst nightmare had come true.

I had imprinted.