Uh yeah, those doctors from Chapter Three are all getting names now

Uh yeah, those doctors from Chapter Three are back, and some are getting names. Sorry for all the confusion back there! D:

And this chapter really doesn't have Godot or Mia in it, character wise, so I guess you could skip it if you're just reading this for Miego purposes.

My Medicine

A fanfiction by: Mr. Trite


The cry of frustration was included with the sudden slam of a door, and with a huff twenty-six year old Kyung Shin walked into the doctor's lounge in the M. Edical hospital, looking like Hell itself. The sudden slam caused the other three in the room to spin around- Two men and a woman-, looking at the Korean like he was a bomb. One of the male doctors was first to make a move in the stunned-into-silence atmosphere, emitting a low wolf-whistle. "Somebody's a little cranky. Does Shinney-Winny need a nap?" Kyung gave the man a look that could kill. "Shut your mouth, Dusty, or I'll make sure to do it myself with a little Benzonatate." The man identified as Dusty burst into laughter, his long, dirty blonde hair swaying in it's ponytail as he did so.

Luke 'Dusty' Oplakia was twenty-nine years old, thirty in about two months. Known for running his mouth, he was Kyung's overseer for his first interning years and because of it, treated the young Korean doctor like a child. Kyung gritted his teeth.

"Whatever." He hissed, walking past Dusty as he plopped down on the worn white couch on the other end of the room, although it looked a lot closer to gray. Resting his feet up on the coffee- Ugh, coffee. The last thing he needed to be reminded of. - table, the man draped his arms over the back of the couch and gave a long, airy sigh, shutting his eyes. "I hate my life." He complained dully. Dusty crossed his arms over his chest and smirked.

"Sounds like you had a bad day of babysitting today, Shin-Shin. Tell me, did the baby spit up all over the shirt you planned to wear to the prom?" Kyung opened one eye and looked Dusty over.

"At least I got asked to the prom. And if you looked like you do now, I doubt your grandmother would ever take you." Dusty planted himself on the edge of the coffee table and shook his head.

"Hey Dr. King, can I take Ky-Ky outside and show him a lesson?" The oldest doctor in the lounge- Nearing fifty- sighed.

"Can't you two ever get along? What am I going to do with the both of you…?" The elder man just shook his head and went back to his conversation with a mousy, brown-haired girl, long and complicated medical terms flying from each other's mouths like arrows. The two young men both scowled something incomprehensible and looked away from each other.

After a while, Kyung piped up, stretching his arms and yawning. "Hey, Dr. King?" he asked, once again catching the older man's attention. Doctor Leo King, an incredibly intelligent and dedicated doctor coming very close to his retiring years, had never liked to pick favorites, but he knew a bright one when he saw one.

"What's the matter, Kyung?" he asked, his crystal blue eyes, which had captured the hearts of many young women back in his younger years, sparked with interest. Kyung looked up towards the ceiling, its paint beginning to peel around the corners.

"What's that Godot's guy's problem? You know, that druggie you assigned me to?" At this, the elder doctor's facial features went completely still, alarming Kyung. Oh crap, what did he say? "D…Dr. King?" he squeaked. Dusty concealed a snickered behind his hand.

"I think, Dr. Shin," started Dr. King slowly, rubbing his chin, complete with a beard well past that of 'slightly graying', "You of all people would know better than to say something like that." Kyung's eyes went wide, and he looked around him. Did anybody else think any different of that…? Nervous beads of sweat graced the young man's hairline. "After all, you are one of the hospital's brightest young doctors. It's a bad idea to call the patient of the brightest doctor by such a cruel insult, wouldn't you agree?" Kyung nearly broke into choruses of 'Hallelujah'- Dr. King knew psychology like the back of his hand. Those torturous moments had been punishment enough.

"Anyway, Mr. Godot has had what you'd call a…difficult life. We know the health risks of his current stunts, but according to psyche upstairs, it's not hard to believe he'd resort to heroin as a way out. But, then again, you wouldn't need a psychiatrist to see that." Just then, the elderly doctor starting heading for the door out. Kyung frowned. And here he had been, hoping for a little more information than that. He leaned his head back against the sofa, but not before he met the murky brown eyes of Dusty Oplakia, which seemed to be leering over him with a look of victory. Sucks to be you.

"Dr. Shin?" Lifting his head, the young Korean man saw the veteran doctor from behind his bleached orange bangs, his hand on the door knob. "Coming along?" he asked. Kyung just about nearly leapt to his feet. "Coming, sir." Sticking his hands in the pockets of the home-made gray slacks he wore, Kyung followed after the older doctor, but not before making a cold, steely moment of eye contact with his blonde rival. Have fun at clinic duty.


The white hallways of the hospital always had seemed endless to young Kyung Shin. Almost like an endless portal, captivated by snowfall. Sometimes he imagined himself as an Arctic explorer, trekking through the Hellish white tundra that most humans- sane humans- would never dare to enter. The same could be said, he guessed, for wandering aimlessly down the hallways of hospitals. After all, you never knew what you'd run into next.

Finally, the duo of doctors stopped in front of an oak door, the glass of the door tinted so you couldn't see inside. Or outside, for that matter. The hand of Dr. Leo King rested on it's sliver handle, pushing the door open. "Step right in." he invited, and Kyung gingerly followed.

He had only been in Dr. King's office alone with him jut once before. It had been his first case as a doctor. He had watched his first patient- A mother of two- die after being struck with a sixteen wheeler. As a young, new doctor in the hospital, it was only expected of Dr. Shin is break into a fit of depression, padding around the hospital, useless and emotional. So, when he had come in the next day asking for his next case and telling Dusty that he could smell him from three miles away, it ha been a tad concerning. And when the doctor called Shin into his office to talk, he had gotten a lot more than he bargained for, thus cementing their relationship.

The thing that always amazed Kyung was the huge bay window on the other side of his superior's office. It looked out onto the entire city- The benefit of having one's office on the top floor of a hospital. Taking a seat in front of Dr. King's desk, Kyung admired the golden name plate on the doctor's desk, his chin resting in his hand. One day, Kyung wanted one of those. It'd make Dusty jealous, that's for sure. The confidence that then flowed through Kyung's veins must have showed on his face, because he soon found himself looking up into the confused eyes of Dr. King, whose eyebrow was raised. "I don't know what the smirk is about, but here, come look at this."

Interested, Kyung stood and took heed to the doctor's beckoning, joining the man behind his desk. Dr. King had logged onto the computer and was scrolling through names of previous and current patients- The names of current patients were in black, however the past patients name's were colored in red. All of that scrolling was giving Dr. Shin a headache. That's when Dr. King stopped. "Ah, here he is…" the older man muttered, clucking on a name. A red name.

"Uhh…Dr. King, what are you doin--" The man found himself stopping short as the profile of the patient popped up. Kyung was sure his jaw was hanging ajar, eve if it was slight. The face that stared back at him was tanned, almost definitely belonging to somebody of Spanish decent. Confident black eyes stared directly into Kyung's, wild brown hair gracing the back of the man's head like wildfire. He had only seen this face once, encased behind a silver photograph. The name in the upper left-hand corner on the screen was one he did not recognize, but the face was definitely familiar. He had seen it in an apartment. His apartment. "Armando, Diego…"

"Yes, that's correct." Dr. King spoke slowly, the blinking of the screen flashing against the doctor's crystalline eyes, "AKA… A certain Mr. Godot." Confused, Kyung shook his head, leaning in slightly as he peered at the screen. "But…Doctor, that's can't be right. Look, the date of death is sometime in 2012…That's six years ago. Mr. Godot just punched in the face today, trust me- He's very much alive." Dr. King looked up at Kyung and shook his head.

"Six years ago…We tried something we shouldn't have." This definitely caught Kyung's interest. Nothing better than a medical mystery. "A patient had been brought into the emergency room that day six years ago, poisoned. He was a seasoned defense attorney who knew his way around the court. As a matter of fact, he had just recently defended a then-intern of mine, so the case was a personal one. And well, obviously there was nothing we could have done…Nothing we should have done. But, I wanted to be fair. This man was in his twenties, I just couldn't have his life end so suddenly- It just wasn't fair."

"Just a year before, an article had been put into the paper about a cure. A cure for the exact same poisons found inside of the victim. It was a risky and new experiment that should have only been used on the most important of people. I…I had ignored this rule, and used it. I knew it was wrong, but I didn't want to see this youth- This child - die in front of me like that."

"He had been in a coma for years, and seemed to come closer and closer to death as the time went by. But, he had finally woken up early one morning, as I was drinking my morning coffee. Selfishly, I claimed it as a great success on my own part. However, that was the day I realized that being alive wasn't always for the best...Not that long before his revival, a woman very dear to him had been brutally murdered, and for that, he had tried to kill himself again and again…I thought we had solved the problem, but apparently not."

Looking up from his story, the two locked eyes. "Do you understand now, Kyung?" Dr. King asked, "Do you understand why I assigned you to this case?" Shaken to the core, Kyung nodded. Had…had that all really happened? The young man couldn't imagine. "Good." Said the older doctor, "Now, I can't say for sure what Godot is up to now, but I'd check up on him as soon as possible- I'd give it a few hours. AKA, tomorrow." Dr. King then pointed on the little clock on the screen, indicating the time as 9:04PM. "Even babysitters need sleep, yes?" Kyung found it in him to chuckle lightly.

"I suppose so. Hey, Dr. King…" The elder doctor looked at the Korean man for an answer.

"Yes?" A smile crossed Kyung's face.

"Thank you."