Cloud relaxed bonelessly in the steaming water, utterly content to just lean against his lover while Zack stroked a soothing hand over his back. Reno lounged against Zack's other side, tendrils of red hair floating on the bubbling water. He had a smug look of satisfaction on his face and aimed a splash at Cloud.

"Told you this would be a great idea!"

Cloud only smiled softly and curled closer to Zack. Part of his relaxed state was probably due to the shots of liquor they had used to toast Zack's return several times already. If it was potent enough to put such an endearing, goofy grin on a SOLDIER's face it was likely not obtained by legal means, and Cloud had no intention of asking Reno where he got it.

Zack hummed quietly in agreement with Reno and drew the redhead in for a kiss. It was possessive and passionate and made Cloud avert his eyes so as not to intrude on their private moment. This whole idea of also being Zack's lover was still new and sometimes confusing to Cloud. He knew Zack was perfectly capable and had a large enough heart to love and share himself with more than one person. But still, sometimes he wondered if Reno was jealous or resentful of the time Zack spent with him.

Lately Reno had been pushing more and more for the three of them to spend their time all together, and Zack had been unreservedly enthusiastic about the idea. Even tonight had been Reno's plan. Zack had been gone for nearly a month, and the Turk had used his connections to get them this swank, very upper Plate hotel room for the night. Cloud had blushed at the hugeness of the single bed and toed the plush carpet nervously until Zack had suggested they check out the jacuzzi on the large, private balcony. Several drinks later they were all slightly tipsy and happily soaking in a tub that could have easily fit a few more people.

As the kisses grew more heated and hands wandered to touch and stroke, Cloud tried to discreetly move away and leave them alone. Zack tightened his hold and broke off the kiss to look at him.

"Where are you going?" Zack asked.

"I just...thought that you two would like some time together...alone," Cloud stammered.

Zack moved his hand up to cup the nape of Cloud's neck. "Didn't you miss me, too?"

"Of course I did! But..." Cloud trailed off, unwilling to air his fear that he was intruding and maybe have it confirmed.

Reno must have understood what he didn't say, because it was the redhead who took Cloud's hand to pull him forward into Zack's lap. He took over the lightly stroking of Cloud's back to calm his skittishness and nodded significantly towards Zack.

"Show him, Cloud," encouraged Reno while Zack let a slow smile curve his lips.

Feeling a bit more confident since Reno had just about ordered him, Cloud leaned into Zack to press their lips together. Oh, it was just as warm and wonderful as he dreamed about for weeks. Gods, he'd missed Zack! His hands twined of their own accord behind his lover's neck and Cloud parted his lips with a small moan. Zack's tongue teased his own to make him tremble and shake with desire. When they parted Cloud noticed that Reno was watching them with barely suppressed hunger on his face and his breathing had quickened. What surprised Cloud was that Reno seemed to be directing that look not just at Zack but at him as well. Does he...?

"Let's take this to the bed," Zack's husky voice interrupted Cloud's thoughts. "I spent too many nights wishing I was back home with both of you."

Reno, never shy in any situation, hurried to dry off and raced to the bed. Zack followed more sedately, the warm hand he kept on Cloud's back silently telling his younger lover that this was okay, this was real and very much desired. Cloud crawled slowly onto the bed, and Reno immediately moved to his knees, catching Cloud by the chin and grinning impishly at Zack.

"I was busy, too, while you were gone. So I never got a chance to do this." Reno smiled into Cloud's stunned gaze. "But I've wanted to."

The redhead covered Cloud's mouth, tongue teasing at the seam of his lips until they opened to allow him entrance. The kiss was less gentle than Zack's, more demanding but no less pleasurable. A small nip to his tongue had Cloud's eyes fluttering shut with a groan, and his hands came up to grasp Reno's shoulders.

"Gorgeous," Zack murmured and lay back against the pillows. With a SOLDIER's carefully leashed strength he maneuvered both his lovers without interrupting the kissing until they were both straddling his body while facing each other. "You're beautiful together, all red and gold, all mine."

Zack smoothed his hands over Cloud's back and Reno's thighs, enjoying their new pleasure in each other and delighting in the fact that the lightest touches from him made them shiver and strain harder into the kiss. He caught Reno's gaze over Cloud's shoulder and gave a conspiratorial wink. Reno returned the wink and threaded his hands through soft blond spikes. He intensified his attentions to keep Cloud thoroughly occupied.

When he heard Cloud voice another soft moan, Zack slipped his hands under Cloud's spread thighs and tugged his hips backwards. He massaged the firm cheeks of his lover's ass before opening them and running his tongue up the cleft. Cloud's whole body seized up, and he broke away from Reno with a breathless cry.


The hot, wet tongue circled his opening and had him arching his back and clutching at Reno. The redhead grinned wickedly and framed his face.

"Stay with us, Cloud. There's so much more to enjoy. We've only started," Reno said and recaptured his lips.

Oh Gods! Cloud whimpered into Reno's mouth. Zack had speared him and was delving deep with his tongue, thrusting and licking and, oh fuck, it was so good. Cloud's thighs trembled and his hips rocked. He could feel Zack grin against his flesh. His mind reeled. Of course Zack was enjoying this, but Reno...was enjoying this as well? It was true. Cloud could feel the increasing urgency in Reno's touch, the way he explored the blond's mouth as if savoring the taste. Cloud managed to open his eyes enough to see the redhead's face and saw something... warm and happy and pleased in his expression.

Reno's hand closed around Cloud's erection and stroked him slowly from base to tip, thumb pressing into the slit. Cloud gasped and rocked into the touch of both men. Oh, he was going to lose it. Tearing his mouth from Reno's, he panted against the man's lips.

"I'm...I'm going to...I can't!"

"Yes," Reno purred. "Come for us."

The soft demand was all Cloud needed. Reno's hot, callused hand on his cock, Zack's invading tongue, the sheer need and desire for both men, the amazing idea that they both wanted him; Cloud came with a hoarse shout while Reno held him upright in his arms. It was powerful and electric and stole all his strength, drowning him in waves of unbelievable pleasure.

Cloud finally surfaced to find himself lying against Zack's chest, his lover's arms cradling him close and Reno kneeling before them, smoothing sweaty spikes of hair from Cloud's face. It felt so good but humbling and almost undeserving that he had the undivided attention of these two beautiful men. A rush of love filled his chest, the steady love he had always had for Zack and the newer, more tentative love for the Turk. Perhaps that love had been growing all this time and had been just disguised by his fear of jealousy. Cloud clasped one of Zack's hands tightly and lifted a hand to hesitantly brush his fingertips over Reno's tattooed cheek. He was quietly pleased when Reno leaned into the touch with half-lidded eyes.

"Now do you understand?" Zack's question tickled his ear. "We love you."

Cloud swallowed and closed his eyes against the sting of tears. "Th-that was..."

"Just the beginning," Reno answered and kissed him. Then he molded himself against Cloud's body to kiss Zack over the blond's shoulder.

Cloud could feel that both his lovers were still hard and ready for more. Both his lovers. It sounded right.