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Chapter 1: Prologue

1208 AD

Soul Society was a blaze of activity, captains and vice captains of every Division ran in a mad rush to catch the fugitive.

"Is it true?" a man with long white hair asked another in concern and confusion.

The other man also wearing a white haori but with brown curly hair looked at him still holding onto a sake bottle "yeah its true old man Yama announced it apparently if we even see a sign of captain Pikatto we're to capture or kill him".

The man with long white hair stared at his friend bewielded by his relaxed demeanour "Shunsui but surely you are worried the victim count so far is 50 officers and two vice captains one of which was your own!"

The man known as Shunsui looked at his friend seriously "I know Jushiro you don't have to rub salt on the wound ah poor Oku san he was a good vice Captain and he died wrongfully by Pikatto's hand but right now I reckon if we all attack Pikatto at once we'd have a better chance at defeating him".

Jushiro nodded "yes I agree but Yama Jii's got his own idea of how to deal with him, but I can't help wondering whats going on in Pikatto's taichos head to murder all those Shinigami officers".

Shunsui looked at him "who knows the other taichos are all out there fighting him as we speak 10 captains should be good enough to defeat one captain don't ya think?"

Jushiro sighed "I hope so" his friend smiled reassuringly "everything will sort itself out you just recovered from your last attack you should rest" his friend replied guiding him into his quarters at 13th Division.


A man with fiery red hair and a normal Shinigami uniform with a ripped haori with the kanji of sixth Division on it stood his ground literally snarling at the 10 captains slowly surrounding him.

"Pikatto taicho you are hereby stripped of captain status and sentenced to face centre 46's judgement for the murders of 52 officers including two vice captains of the Gotei 13 put down your Zanpakutou and surrender or…"the old mans speech was stopped as the red haired man interrupted him "or what you stupid old man…like I'm going to listen to your crap your all tools you know that!" the man yelled gripping his Zanpakutou.

The old man who wore the haori of 1st division frowned then spoke "we will take you down by force then and then you shall repent for your sins".

The red headed man grinned sadistically "you wish old man" Yamamoto frowned then ordered everyone to attack , Pikatto dodged all the blades aimed at him then countered them with his own yelling out his zanpaktous name "flash fire reaper!"

The area suddenly became full with flashes of bright fire knocking several of the captains out with burns, at last one person managed to cut him , the red headed ex soul reaper then fled before anyone could stand up again and opened up the gate to the living world and with this vanished from the earth.

800 years later

26th January 2008

"Hey guy's I think we have a little problem." Detective Donald Flack said walking into the break room where the New York CSI day shift was.

"What kind of problem?" asked the team's supervisor Mac Taylor.

"Don't tell me you can't get a girl to go out with you." Said Danny Messer lying on the couch and grinning cheekily at his best friend.

"Cute Messer real cute, but no I was referring to the fact that we have a serial killer on our hands and the captain wants him caught or else."

"Well you can go and tell the captain that I have all my men working on this and we want this son of a bitch caught just as much as he does." Mac said slightly annoyed as this was the tenth time he had to explain this to the captain and quite frankly he was getting a little pissed off at him.

"Hey um boss… we um have a problem." Said Adam Ross the labs trace expert walking in up to Mac.

"Don't tell me you broke GCMS thingy." Danny said.

"Alright Danny is it your time of month or did you just wake up on the wrong side of the bed?" Flack asked.

"What makes you say theres anything wrong with me?" Danny shot back.

"Um let me think… oh man this is so hard what makes me think that there is something wrong with Danny Messer, well it can't possible be the fact that he's acting like a total jerk could it?"

"Oh Fuck up Flack you retard."

"Gentlemen enough" Mac said with out raising his voice but the sharpness in his voice cut through the two men's argument like a sword. Turning back to Adam who had looked uncomfortable during the whole exchange he asked" What problem have we got?"

"Well another body as turned up and it has the same MO as the other victims."

"Great Thanks Adam, Stella, Lindsay get your kits you two can handle this one."

Meanwhile in Soul society

5am 1st Division Meeting hall

"Why were we called to this fucking meeting" Kenpachi Zaraki complained.

"Because idiot we were now shut up so this meeting can end faster" Hitsugaya Toshiro captain of 10th division snapped back.

"Gee whatever shorty" Kenpachi retorted making the already warm temperature in the large 1st Division meeting room heat up more.

"Would you two shut up I know it sucks to be here in a captains meeting at 5am on an equally freezing morning but do you have to make it worse by yelling!"

Kenpachi scoffed "whatever Tadashi".

"All of you enough!"

Everyone looked to see the Soutaicho and shut up almost immediately "I've called you all here for a reason I realise many of you aren't happy about this meeting being so early but this is important".


The Soutaicho frowned at the outspoken captain "I was getting to that …now it seems that several large bursts of reistu have been detected in America"

"Wait ain't there some Shinigami in America I thought we only deal with accidents like those in Japan and Asia" Tadashi asked.

The Soutaicho nodded "yes but from the report I received from the Shinigami we have located there they found the reistu to be very powerful and requested we get to bottom of it"

Hitsugaya sighed, while someone else muttered "geez what a pain".

Ayume couldn't agree more "so what exactly are we gonna do about it then?"

The Soutaicho soon answered her question "I was getting to that Tadashi taicho"

"A group of Shinigami lead by one of you will be sent to investigate the situation of these reistu bursts in New York".

Several of the captains looked at the Soutaicho stunned "America one of us will go to New York"

"Huh…uh whats Yama Jii saying" blurted out Kyoraku Shunsui lifting his straw hat up to look up.

Everyone's attention was momentarily taken by a drunk Shunsui "what whys everyone staring at me did I miss something" he asked oblivious to why everyone was staring.

Yamamoto Soutaicho lifted an eyebrow "Kyoraku taicho try not be drunk next time we have a captains meeting".

Shunsui looked rather embarrassed "uh sorry Yamamoto Soutaicho" Yamamoto sighed then dismissed the captains.

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Soutaicho: Head Captain

Taicho: Captain

Shinigami: Death god

Zanpaktou: soul slayer (the weapon they use)

Reistu: spirit pressure (how much power they have)