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Yuki: is it my turn yet

Silvia: when's mine!

Dan: last chapter we finally started making progress but an evil man was seen killing and being a psychopath.

Henry: sounds logical

Pakato: what is this!

Henry: nothing sir...your favourite show is on

Pakato: criminal minds!

Silvia: ...

Dan: onto the chapter kiddies!

Chapter 9: progress?

Dan, Yuki and Kyo are sitting in Dan's office waiting for Kate and Ayume to arrive when Dan gets, what he considers a brilliant idea.

"Hey why don't we have an egg and water bomb throwing contest?"

"Um probably because Kate would kill us," Yuki said looking over the edge of his book. "Yeah but it could be so much fun," Kyo said.

"Come on Yuki you big scaredy puss, you need to lighten up a bit, and have some fun," Dan said, tossing an egg up into the air and catching it. "Hey that is not fair I do have fun and I am not a scaredy puss, I just don't have a death wish."

"Hey Dan do you smell that?" Kyo asked with a smirk.

Dan looked over at Kyo and smiled "Yeah chicken," Dan said tossing the egg over to Kyo.

"Hey I am not a chicken, and I'm reading." Said Yuki trying to defend himself, not that Dan would let it go, he could be a right pain in the ass when he wanted to.

"What some sappy romance novel you borrowed off of Silvia?" Kyo put a hand to his mouth to cover his laugh.

"No it is called 'Honour and Sakura' it is based on nobles and is set in traditional Japan."

Kyo let out a small laugh 'man that sounds like a really sappy book and you wouldn't catch Ayume reading it even though she is a noble.'

"So your either a noble or you like reading girly romance novels," Kyo said passing the egg back to Dan "I am a noble you fool," Yuki said getting very annoyed at where this conversation was heading.

"Correction Yuki you were a noble, if you were still a noble then you wouldn't be here." Dan said hoping that this comment would get Yuki to throw an egg or water bomb at him, and it did, giving a small smile he waited.

"Why you... you pathetic commoner, I'll teach you no one says that about my family and gets away with it."

Yuki grabbed an egg and hurled it at Dan hitting him right in the middle of his head, with egg dripping down his face he hurled an egg right back at Yuki, who ducked, the egg hitting Kyo's leg. With that Kyo grabbed a water bomb and smashed it on Dan's head, Yuki was laughing so hard that he didn't see the egg until it hit him in the chin.

Before you could say Division 14 an all out war had broken out in Dans office, eggs, water bombs and even paper were being thrown around the office.

So engrossed in their battle Kyo, Dan and Yuki didn't hear the door open to reveal two captains who had heard the end of their conversation and gone back to Kate's office. Now standing in the door way Kate was less than impressed, and Ayume was trying her hardest not to crack up laughing.

Kate was less than impressed and entered the office glaring daggers at the 3 Shinigami in their gigais "You...idiots...why are my highest ranking officer complete and utter bakas" Kate said as she entered what was once a white walled office but had bit of egg shell and puddles all over the room.

"But Kate...he started it he insulted my noble honour" Yuki instantly declared trying to pin the blame on Dan.

Ayume smirked and glanced around the room "funny I never knew nobles threw eggs to redeem their honour did you Kate?"

Kate played along "No I'm not a noble I was under the impression nobles were stiff and patient"

"Obviously that isn't true" Ayume remarked despite the fact she was a noble herself.
"Nobles are such strange creatures aren't they" Kate remarked.

"I agree there" Ayume replied enjoying the look on his face.

"But Captain Dan started it he insulted my family" Yuki blurted panicking.

Kate glared "I don't care who started it and why but you all caused trouble"

"Heh Dan was the instigator Captain" Kyo remarked rather relaxed despite the situation

"Yuki...Tadashi Dan Honda consider yourselves on guard at the unseated barracks' for the next two weeks"

"Heh those fools" Yuki muttered.

"Yuki...we talked about this" Kate responded her voice lowering.

"Yeah yeah I know already" Yuki replied shrugging it off.

He looked at Ayume who was in her gigai "by the way captain who's the hot soul society chick she new to the division?"

Kate felt like chuckling at the look of disgust on Ayumes face "Yuki this is Captain Tadashi from 3rd Division you do realise that right?"

"...Yukis in trouble" Dan sang playfully.

"Uh...I didn't mean that I'd uh...heh" Yuki managed to stutter under the death glare Ayume had on him, he was scared now.

"My brother just flirted with me, my own brother...ugh incest...you filthy mouthed pervert" Ayume yelled punching him in the face out of disgust.

"Ayumes angry" Kyo said whistling afterwards.

"Kyo I am beyond angry...I just got flirted with by my own brother..."Ayume spat out venomously.

"Wait your ducky's sister?"Dan asked dumbly finally making the connection.

"My name is Tadashi Ayume captain of 3rd Division and heir to Tadashi clan..."Ayume said re introducing herself.

"By default" Yuki muttered.

"yes I know Yuki it's no wonder with blue hair you're more embarrassing than me and father says I'm too much like a commoner, seriously what were you thinking giving in to peer pressure like that" Ayume scolded.

"I don't care what the old man thinks!" Yuki retorted pushing his hair out of his eyes.

"Yuki respect the captain!" Kate scolded.

"It's ok Kate, I'll deal with my dear brother you can deal with Kyo and Dan" Ayume said her mind coming with ways to punish him already.

"I'm dead..."Yuki muttered terrified now.

Ayume scoffed "you never died...yet..."

Meanwhile elsewhere

The New York CSI team walked into the parking building and under the crime scene tape, Detective Flack who was interviewing witnesses came over just as he heard Danny mutter "Not another dead body," "Yup and this one has blond hair." Flack said giving him a smirk Danny looking appalled turned to Flack and said "What when did men start dyeing their hair I thought that was a chick thing to do."

Lindsay who had been walking just in front of Don and Danny turned and gave Danny a look "Danny do you really want to die a slow and painful death," she asked through clenched teeth.

"Only if you want to be stuck with the paperwork Lind's," Stella said as they reached where Hawkes was bending over the body, Mac who was at the back of the group listening to their exchange came forward and asked Hawkes

"All right, what do we have?"

Hawkes looked up at the team before replying "A dead blonde Asian, looks like he died the same way as our other victims so if that's the case we won't find any prints or DNA." Mac sighed.

This case was starting to get to him and if this morning's incident between Danny, Don, Stella and Lindsay was anything to go by it was starting to effect his whole team, "All right get photos and scrapings we'll let the investigative team from Japan take a look and see I they can't get any ideas," he said making sure to remember to give his team at least a week off once this case was done.

"What do we have to let the Asian invasion team know what we're doing," Danny asked, Mac sighed, 'oh yeah I'm really going to need a vacation after this,' Mac thought before addressing Danny, "Yes we do they are working this case with us so they must be kept in the loop. Do you have a problem with that?"

Mac glared, "Uh no Mac" Danny said getting to work, Mac watched him and sighed sometimes Messer could be a real handful, he then turned to Flack who had been watching the exchange and asked the detective what he had found. Don flipped open his notebook and said "So this is what I've got no one saw or heard anything, just like all the others, talked to the manager who told me that the video cameras are down."

Mac nodded before asking "Who called it in?"

"Man over there said he was coming out of Sears and heading for his car when he literally rammed our victim with the trolley." Flack said indicating a man who was standing with a uniformed officer at the edge of the scene.

"Wait don't tell me he's blind?" Danny said turning to look at the man, "No he had..." Don started only to be immediately interrupted by Danny, "then how did he not see the body?"

"Well if you let me finish i will tell you," Don said giving Danny a look similar to the one Lindsay had given him a couple of minutes ago, Danny wisely shut his mouth.

"He had bought a bassinet as his wife is expecting, so he couldn't see over the top of the trolley," Mac nodded and turned back to his team saying "all right lets finish up here and head back to the lab."