Shikon in the Serengeti

Summary: Inuyasha and The Lion King crossover. The power of Inuyasha's Tetsusaiga and Naraku's jyaki somehow managed to open a dimensional rift. Kagome gets sucked into the rift, separating her from Inuyasha and the others. She finds herself in the middle of the Serengeti plains, right in the center of the Pride Lands. Kagome is befriended by Simba's pride as she tries to find a way to get back to Inuyasha. Unfortunately, it's not going to be easy for her when a rival pride of nomadic lions invades the Pride Lands, wielding supernatural abilities?! Convinced that Naraku is the reason for these demonic lions, Kagome's search for a way back will have to wait.

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CH. 1



A blast of powerful youki shot from the Tetsusaiga and pummeled towards Naraku. The dust and debris cleared up to reveal to dark hanyou's protective barrier. Lowering the barrier, Naraku throws out his arm, pouring out several serpentine demons at Inuyasha. He easily blows them away with another gust of the Tetsusaiga's youki. Out of the dark clouds hovering over head comes more demons. A huge boomerang flew across the sky and diced the demons in halves. Pivoting back, the boomerang took out more demons. It finally came back to its owner. Sango stood ready to take down more demons as Miroku stood back-to-back with his sacred sutras at the ready. Kagome shot arrow after arrow at the oncoming demons as she rode Kirara with Shippo. No matter how many demons they slaughtered, more just kept coming at them.

"This is becoming pointless. They just keep multiplying no matter what we do!" Sango retorted in frustration. She swipes the Hiraikotsu to her right, decapitating two demons. Miroku throws his sacred sutras at three more demons, purifying them to dust.

"If only I could use the Wind Tunnel, we could end this senseless slaughter without any problems," Miroku said, glaring at the Saimyosho hovering nearby. The two continued their fight as Kirara touched down, letting Kagome stand by her friends. Shippo stays on board as Kirara flew off to fight the other demons.

"Who would've thought Naraku could conjure up this massive number of demons," Miroku said, watching Inuyasha continuously swinging and hacking away at the demons to get to Naraku.

Naraku stood calmly as Inuyasha's efforts to reach him are being blocked by hordes of demons. "Inuyasha, is that the best you've got?" Naraku snickered. "I expected more from you since our last confrontation."

"Don't get so damn cocky!" Inuyasha shouted, leaping into the air and hurled another blast of the Wind Scar at Naraku. Once again, it was deflected by a barrier.

"This is getting irritating," Inuyasha fumed through his fangs, "I'll just test this new attack on you and end it!" Holding the Tetsusaiga out in front of him, Inuyasha concentrated his youki into the blade. The Steel Fang shone a bright crimson red as swirls of youki wrapped itself around the blade.

"Is Inuyasha really going to use that new technique he was practicing earlier?" the little fox demon asked poking his head from behind Kagome's leg. Kagome, Sango, and Miroku stopped what they were doing and turned their attention to Inuyasha. Their eyes widen at the sight of the red Tetsusaiga as huge shards of adamant stones formed on the crimson blade. The demons began to cower at the incredible whirlwind of youki surrounding the white-haired hanyou.

Naraku grins an ominous smirk as he raised his jyaki and heightened the power of his barrier. "Interesting," he chuckled, "the old dog has learned a new trick."

"This is more than just a trick," Inuyasha shouted, "this is your end!"

"ADAMANT…!" Inuyasha swings the Tetsusaiga and sends thousands of crimson adamant shards Naraku's way. The shards collided with the barrier, surrounded it, and crystallized a jagged trail from Inuyasha to Naraku.

"Even with the Adamant Barrage, Inuyasha won't break through Naraku's barrier!" Miroku said, concerned.

Kagome pulled out her last arrow and aimed at Naraku's heart. "Not if I can help it…." She released the arrow…. "GO!!" As if on cue, Inuyasha swung the Tetsusaiga again. This time, a tremendous flow of youki shot from the blade.

"BACKLASH WAVE!!" The Backlash Wave engulfs Kagome's sacred arrow and, like a destructive tornado, enveloped the crystallized adamant shards. The combined power of Inuyasha's Tetsusaiga and Kagome's arrow collided into Naraku's barrier. The sacred arrow pierced the barrier as crimson adamant shards tore at Naraku's vulnerable body. Finally, the Backlash Wave battered the evil hanyou's form and began to dissolve his body.

"Did we get him?" Kagome lowered her bow as they watched while the Backlash Wave continues its assault on Naraku. Suddenly, a burst of light peaked from Naraku's body, followed by a humungous explosion. The shock from the blast sent Inuyasha and the others flying back away from the source. The demons were all reduced to nothing at the mere light of the shock. Inuyasha and the others looked as the explosion immediately formed into a huge gash.

Suddenly, a strong and irresistible force began to pull everything into the rift. It was almost like Miroku's Wind Tunnel but with no restraints to control it. Inuyasha plunged the Tetsusaiga into the ground to anchor himself against the sucking wind. Kirara braced herself as she wraps her two tails around Miroku, Sango, and Shippo.

"KAGOME!" Shippo called when he realized that Kagome was slowly inching away from the safety of Kirara's protective grip. Inuyasha looked up to see her being pulled towards the rift.

Inuyasha looked up to see the girl skidding past him. "KAGOME!!"

"INUYASHA!!" Kagome reached out her hand as he reached out his. Inuyasha was able to get a good grip of her arm while his other hand coiled around the Tetsusaiga. The force coming from the rift kept increasing so much that Inuyasha had to grind his sword deeper into the ground. "Don't worry, Kagome! I've got you!" he assured her as he tightened his grip. More painful as it may feel, Kagome would rather have a bruised arm than to be lost in that void of darkness.

Irony can be a cruel fate when those thoughts rang through her mind. The force suddenly upped its intensity, and Inuyasha's fingers were losing all their feelings. His fingers slipped for a moment, and he instinctively gripped her arms again, with his sharp claws. Kagome winced at the fiery pain that shot up her arm. The force pulled harder, and Kagome slowly slipped painfully from Inuyasha's grip as his claws dug deeper into her arm, trying to keep her from being pulled away. But his claws hopelessly raked across her skin, ripping her sleeve, and leaving multiple, serious slashes on her arm. Kagome screamed out in the agonizing pain, surprising Inuyasha… and making him let go of her. Inuyasha realizes his mistake too late… much too late… The last thing he can hear is Kagome desperately calling out to him as she disappears into the unforgiving dimension of perpetual nothingness.


What felt like hours of hurricane madness had finally come to an end. Inuyasha lifted his head from the ground. Kirara lifted her two, bushy tails to reveal Miroku, Sango, and Shippo bunched together for protection. They looked around and saw Inuyasha on the ground, still gripping the Tetsusaiga. But where's Kagome?

"Inuyasha," Shippo ran to the fallen hanyou, "are you alright?"

"-mit…" Inuyasha spat between his clenched fangs. "DAMMIT!" Miroku and Sango ran to his side.

"Inuyasha, what happened?" Miroku asked Inuyasha, who was still gripping the Tetsusaiga to the point of his hands bleeding. "Where's Kagome?" Inuyasha lifted up his other hand which held a ripped portion of Kagome's sleeve, smeared with blood.

"No… don't tell me --," the demon slayer chocked back her tears as she struggled to form any words. "Don't tell me… that Kagome…"

"NO! She couldn't have--!" Shippo's eyes were extremely wet with huge tears.

"She was right there…" Inuyasha said in a regretful whisper. "I had her in my grip. But then… " Yelling in fury, Inuyasha slammed his fist straight into the ground, leaving a crater.

Shippo burst into tears for his friend who had been like a mother to him. Sango fell to her knees, her hands covering her sobbing face. Kirara transforms into her kitten-like form and nuzzled in Sango's arms. Miroku solemnly bows his head, feeling small tears dampening his eyes. Inuyasha bared his fangs and let out a rumbling growl. 'I'm so sorry, Kagome. If I hadn't moved even one of my fingers… you'd still be…'


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