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Chapter 1: A Bouquet of Lilium Please (Prologue)

A bell jingled as the front door to his shop opened. Severus Snape came out from his lab at the back of the shop and found a little old witch looking at him with beady eyes behind some very thick glasses. The old lady reminded Severus of a beetle. But of course, he kept that thought to himself.

"Ah, Mrs. Clearwater, how can I help you today?" Severus asked politely; he stepped up to the counter and waited for the woman to place her orders.

Severus Snape had set up this small floral shop a few months after he resigned from Hogwarts. After teaching insufferable brats for almost twenty years, Snape thought he had had enough. And so, he gave his resignation letter to Dumbledore and didn't even look back when he left the school. Severus moved away from Spinners' End and was now resided in this quiet little village. There weren't any apothecaries in this town and thus, Snape decided he would help out the elderly witches and wizards and muggles by starting his shop. The ex-Potions Master of Hogwarts now specialized in many different types of essentials oils, used for Aromatherapy, which helped anyone with tired muscles to very slight mental illnesses.

It had been three years since he left and three years since a certain blond haired young man followed him here. Draco Malfoy had insisted he could help Severus with the potions, or oils as Severus liked to call them because there were Muggles living in this town, and told the older wizard that he would bother him until Severus relented. At first, Snape was annoyed that one of his student had found out where he lived and had told Draco to leave him alone to his peace.

All Draco did was smirked and followed Severus everywhere he went.

Snape wanted to strangle the boy so bad, it wasn't even funny. When Draco showed signs of not leaving, at all, Snape had no choice but let the blond stay at his house. He strictly told the younger man that it was one night only.

A month passed and Malfoy continued to bother him; the blond even had the courage to go inside Severus' lab and watched the Potion Master make the scented oils from flowers Severus grew at the back of his shop. Surprisingly, Draco had pointed out ways to Severus on how to extract oils from flower petals quicker.

Another month passed, and Draco had officially become Severus' assistant in the shop. The young man actually knew quite a lot about flowers, which shocked Severus. It was all the hours working together, all the laughter and knowledge they shared that brought these two together as a couple. Draco had commented how it was weird that flowers brought them together. Their love continuously grew stronger with each passing day.

Now back to the present time; Draco had just gone out to run an errand for Severus, which was why Snape was all alone to deal with Mrs. Clearwater.

"Oh good afternoon Mr. Snape," the old lady smiled, "You know, I've always liked coming into your shop. It smells wonderful in here."

Severus chuckled and shook his head, "I've told you many times you can call me Severus madam,"

"And I told you many times you don't have to be so formal with me young man." Mrs. Clearwater chided, "You may call me Arcadia."

Severus bowed his head, "What would you like today Arcadia? You're here everyday looking for a fresh bouquet of flowers."

"Indeed I am," Arcadia chuckled, "I just want some flowers to freshen up my house. You have the best looking flowers as far as I'm concerned. Do you have anything today?"

"You are very fortunate, I've just picked some white perfume lilies," Severus informed the elderly woman, "They add the most delicious scent to your home. Would you like a dozen?"

"Please Severus," Arcadia smiled, "Do you mind in wrapping it? I don't want to ruin them on my way home."

"Of course. Wait here and I'll be back shortly," Severus gave the woman a smile before he retreated to the back room.

A few minutes later Severus came back with a nicely wrapped bouquet of the white lilies. Mrs. Clearwater gave them a sniff and sighed contently.

"These are lovely, as all your flowers are Severus," Mrs. Clearwater murmured, her nose buried in the lilies, "How much do I owe you?"

"Well for you, it would be one galleon and two sickles," Severus replied, "You're one of my most faithful costumers."

Mrs. Clearwater laughed and reached into her robes and took out some coins; she handed the right amount to Severus.

"Good day to you Severus," Arcadia called before she went out of the shop.

"Same to you madam," Severus waved at the little old lady as she went out the door.

The little bell jingled once more and with a small smile, Severus went back to his labs to work on his flower scented oils.


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