Chapter One


"It's okay mom," I started "I want to do this," Hi my name is Isabella Swan, Bella for short. My mom got divorced with my dad when I was three and I've been living with her ever since. My mom moved on and met Phil, he plays minor league for baseball and moves alot so my mom has to stay behind with me. I don't want to hold her back so i'm moving in with my dad. He lives in Forks, Washington and my mom and I in Pheonix, Arizona.

"You sure? I can stay behind with you I don't mind," Mom began "Phil dosen't mind," I can't believe she thought i was leaving because of him.

"Mom, I want you to spend time with Phil," I stated.

"Well ok, but you need to e-mail me every day," She said in a worried tone.

"Alright, I'll call," I replied bluntly if I stayed any longer I'd probably have missed my plane. The plane ride was pretty simple I just listened to my ipod and relaxed. 'That's What You Get by Paramore' started playing, it was my alltime favorite song. I started to sing along it's a good thing that I was sitting by my self or I would have gotten embarrased. My friends said that I had a good voice, but they're my friends so they would say something to make me feel good right? I finally got off of the plane and saw Charlie-my dad.

"Hey Bells," he grimaced

"Hey dad," I replied as I reflected his smile. The ride was relatively quiet so when we got home I told my dad that I was just going to go to my room and unpack. The truth was that I just unpacked my guitar and skateboard and started practicing my guitar. The guitar was my innermost prized possession and I wouldn't give it up for anything in the world same goes for my skateboard. There was one thing in the back of my mind was that I was going to have to go to school tomorrow and not just any school high school it's going to be a long two years. Well at least I knew what I was going to wear black, my favorite color and that is not going to change. Time to get some sleep for the emotional turmoil.

Beep Beep Beep

My alarm clock was ringing annoyingly. "Ugh," I grunted when I finally got up, I got my bag of toiletries and headed for the bathroom. I took a quick shower and chaged my clothes then slipped downstairs and ate a gronola bar and some milk then got in the truck that Charlie got me and headed off to school. Forks High wasn't hard to miss, "Time to greet my death bed," I mummbled to myself. I got out of my car and headed towards the front office. Once inside I went up to the receptionist, "Hello," I said to get her attention, it worked she looked up and smiled.

"You must be Isabella Swan," she said still smiling

"Yes, I am," I replied politely she gave me my schedule and explained that I had to get my teachers to sign a slip. I just nodded and looked over my schedule which read:

Trigonometry 1st period

ELA 2nd period

ELA 3rd period


Chemistry 5th period

Science 6th period

Biology 7th period

Gym 8th period

I grimaced thinking that I had the most hated subject first period, "Well at least I can get it over with first," then she looked down to the bottom of the schedule and smiled even wider "I love gym I can't believe I have it last period!" she exclaimed (A/N: I'm truly sorry bout that but I didn't want her to suck at gym). I started to walk down the hallway and went to my first period the teacher directed me towards a seat in the back next to a girl I think that her name was...Jessica? She asked me to sit with her at lunch but I kindley declined. The rest of the day passed pretty much the same, so I was happy when it was lunch.

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