"So, how did you do it?" Miroku leaned toward Inuyasha, his voice dropped to a conspiratorial whisper.

"Do what?" the baffled hanyou replied.

He glanced about the scenery, in search of the subject of his friend's interrogation; clear skies, dry dirt road, forest on one side, field on the other, the girls walking just out of earshot ahead, giggling about something or other, the demons on their shoulders…nothing strange there…

"You know exactly what I mean, don't try and deny it!" Miroku hissed, insulted already that his friend should have managed so much better than himself, and doubly so that Inuyasha wouldn't even share some tips.

"No. I. Don't. So tell me what the hell you want to know before you really piss me off!" It was annoying enough to get away from under the lecher's nose last night when we got back; does he have to torture me with this idiocy too?

Miroku sighed in exasperation. Only Inuyasha could be this stubborn. Good thing he was resourceful. "You will tell me what you did or said to Kagome-sama to bring you two together sooner or later Inuyasha. Don't make me forget myself and mention your presence last time the girls bathed-"

Inuyasha's eyes bugged out, and an enraged and surprised growl split the air. "The hell? I wasn't anywhere near them, hentai!-"

"They don't know that…and do you really want to risk that they'll believe me over you?" Miroku pointed out smoothly.

Petulant silence. The hanyou glared at him with a new variety of intensity.

"So, will you tell me or won't you?" Miroku kept the smug smile from his lips, but only with great effort. He knew he'd won.

"Keh! Why do you want to know, anyway?" the hanyou grumbled. He wasn't going down without something of a fight.

"I'm wondering if it wasn't a fluke after all; and surely you could not be so dense as to not realize that I would like to reciprocate your results with my Sango?" Miroku asked dryly.

"Bastard…" the hanyou growled, but Miroku's calculated insult was just the jibe to push him to confess. "I was honest. I told her I cared."

Miroku restrained the urge to roll his eyes. "I assumed that was in there somewhere, but don't pretend that's all you did; I've told Sango that more times than I can count-"

"That's because you're a damn lecher and you tell every woman that-it's not like she believes you." Inuyasha pointed out with his trademark gift for sugar-coating the truth.

"Inuyasha, that wasn't the point; what else happened while you were in Kagome's time? Did you try a romantic walk under the stars? Did you finally get the nerve to grope her? Did you show how you cared by asking her to bear your child?" Miroku explained, reaching for the first examples and ideas that came to mind.

"Bouzou, that's what you do." It was the hanyou's turn to have the urge to roll his eyes. His manners being what they were, (more or less nonexistent,) he didn't restrain it.

"That still doesn't change my question! What did you do to convince Kagome-sama to believe you, despite your history with Kikyou-sama?" Miroku gave him an exasperated glare that could not be denied.

Inuyasha winced at the name, and was startled to realize he hadn't said anything about it at all. "I think her aunt said something to her about it…she wouldn't tell me what they talked about though…"

"Her aunt?" the houshi back-pedaled for a moment; but only for a moment. "Wait-she spoke with you too? Is she the one responsible for this change?"

"Well…yeah, I guess. She's a saikorogitsu," the hanyou stated proudly. Ha! Who's the dense one now? He smirked at the monk's confused look. "In Kagome's time, saikorogitsu's are people who help others with mental problems. Like the idiots that are scared of spiders," the hanyou helpfully supplied.

"So you're saying that you and Kagome were on the verge of insanity and she's fixed that?" Miroku's face was the model of a concerned friend.

"Teme…you know what I meant…" the hanyou growled, good mood gone entirely.

"Gomen, Inuyasha, I just couldn't resist. But wait…if Kagome's aunt is the one that helped you…but she can't cross through the well...does this mean Sango and I are doomed?" The monk visibly paled at the thought.

"Well…yeah, I guess...she's kind of busy helping Kagome's okaa-san with something or other anyway...but it wasn't just her; we had luck too…and Kagome's Ji-jii slapped a fertility sutra on her bedroom door-" Inuyasha felt some pity for his friend's plight. He had experience with doomed relationships. They weren't fun.

His comments did just the trick. Miroku's eyes lit up in an instant, and a singularly lascivious leer broke upon his face. "A fertility sutra, did you say? And to think I let Kaede-sama get away with burning my last one-I can always make another though-and no time like the present!"

"Oi, don't go getting any ideas, it almost ruined everything-" the hanyou spluttered, trying to live up to his oath to destroy them all on sight.

It was too late. Miroku had already leapt away, not listening to a word Inuyasha said, fishing about in his robes urgently for a spare scrap of paper and his bottle of ink.

Later that night: "Oh Saangoooo!"

"Shouldn't we do something about that?" Kagome murmured from Inuyasha's embrace, watching with some concern as the monk chased the tajiya about the campfire and into the surrounding trees.

Inuyasha thought back to his oath. His honor should be jabbing him with a sharp stick by now, should have the second he saw the houshi whip out the little piece of paper and lunge for the slayer. It hadn't though.

Even watching Miroku finally corner Sango from far off, her frenzied yells of "Hentai!" breaking through the night along with the sound of a ringing slap didn't get the slightest twitch from his conscience.

He looked down to the miko cuddled in his lap. Her eyes were half shut, her limbs boneless as they molded with his, the firelight gleaming something lovely in her hair…Yes, Kagome might have something to do with his current paralysis…

He took a long sniff from her hair. Oohh…she smelled so…good…His eyes slid shut of their own accord, as he lost himself to her all over again.

"Nah…maybe they'll be…as lucky…as us…sutra's aren't all bad...you know…" the hanyou rumbled sleepily.

"I suppose not," she giggled in response. She leaned up to give his jaw a chaste kiss, then burrowed back even deeper into his hold.

He smiled contentedly, kissing her hair in return, then pulled her all the further into his lap.

The settled back against the trunk of the tree in silent agreement. Their friends would be fine, and with a little luck, maybe get to share this taste of bliss. They had worked hard and gotten over their own issues, and now they...deserved the chance…to snugly rest…in each other's arms...

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