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Author's Note: I wrote this for the LiveJournal community, "Digimon Drabbles," a week ago under its weekly contest, its prompt being "shaving." But I didn't upload it on FFnet due to laziness.

Too Fuzzy

"Kamiya residence?"

"Hey, Kari!"

"Hi, Tai!" Kari said over the telephone. "How'd your job interview go?"

"Great!" exclaimed Tai from the other line. "I think."

Kari chuckled.

"So, how are Miko and Gatomon doing?"

She sighed sadly.

"I'm sorry, Tai."

"Sorry for what?"

"They were too fuzzy, so I had to shave them."

Tai laughed in response.

"Well, they do act sweet together," added Kari, smiling. "Cuddling up together, grooming in each other's ears— It's so cute!"


"Not 'ew,' cute."

"Easy for you to say."

As they conversed, Agumon was in the bathroom, removing all the shaving cream on his face. Gatomon and Miko were too fuzzy, so they were shaved?

That did not make sense.

The cats had yet to be shaved in the first place!

Well, it was time for him to remedy this! He was going to make sure Kari kept her promise, no matter what!

With that, he grabbed a power razor and darted out, leaving the faucet running.


The dinosaur arrived at the doorway, where he saw Kari and Tai looking horrified and very cross.

"What's the matter?" he asked.

"THIS is the matter!" Tai yelled and pointed at Gatomon and Miko, who were cowering naked under Kari's bed. "You did this, didn't you, Agumon?!"

He nodded confusingly. "Is that a problem?"


"Then why did Kari say over the phone that they were too fuzzy so she had to shave 'em when she didn't?"

Kari whipped around, stressed.

"It was a joke," she replied.

Agumon's face shrunk.

"So…what you said…wasn't serious?"

"Yes, Agumon," replied Kari, "it wasn't."

Agumon said nothing for one minute.

"Well, why didn't you say so earlier?"

Everyone face-faulted (even the shaved hair).

Author's Note: Like "Big Business," this is a common joke Mom and I use a lot with our cats when we ask each other how they're doing over the phone. Of course, we never literally shave our cats. (Too bad Agumon did, though.)