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"Bella I love you. Please say you forgive me." He looked into to my eyes intently and made sure I wasn't looking away. I could feel my grip on reality fading. Was he trying to dazzle me?

"I..." I was about to slip about the words I knew he wanted to hear.

NOOOOOO!! Something screamed inside my head. How dare he try to dazzle me. It all can't just go away. It's not supposed to be this easy. He can't do this to me. I tried to break from his hypnotic gaze. I had to say something else. Anything else just to keep from falling back into this trap.

"I hate you," I muttered before thinking.


"I'll stay as long as you'll have me. I love you Bella." He was on his knees now, his hands were outstretched begging me to take them.

"Edward I can't!" I had to turn away from him. I was breaking down. "Four months! Four months Edward! You left me here alone." I was crying mercilessly now but I couldn't look at him. I didn't want him to see me like this.

"I understand if you hate me." Edwards voice was so hurt, he was almost babbling like I was. I knew if I looked at his expression right now it would destroy me. "I promised it would be as if I never existed, I couldn't even do that much for you... I shouldn't have come Bella. I was stupid and weak, I don't know what I was thinking. I won't ever forgive myself for hurting you again."

I felt a cold wind and suddenly he was gone. "Don't leave me again," I whispered to myself, still sobbing. Before I knew Edwards arms were wrapped around me and his face was buried behind my neck. His whole body was was trembling not wanting to let me ago. I knew he was hurting just as much as I was, but still.

"It hurts Edward." I grabbed over my chest where my heart should be. "It hurts when you're not here. It hurts when you are. I don't know what to do." Edward tightened his hold on me.

"You broke me." My voice was filled with all the pain of the long months before.

The trembling stopped and I felt Edward's body stiffen behind me.

Bellas, slaps edward. He goes with the flow used to being extra sensitive around her. She slaps him after he tells her how angry he his that alice came.

Jasper feels pain from the night of Edwards return. Alice tries desperately to comfort him. Then suddenly, he feels nothing. Cliffy.

Ending of some chapter. Cullens and la quilettes play baseball. Bella wants to play.

"So bella, which team are you on?"

"So Jake, Have you imprinted on me?"

In the truck, bella kisses Jacob passionately. Too passionately, Jacob stops her knowing that she is just doing it because of Edward.

"How could you say those things to me Edward...That I was just a distraction, that you never loved me. You knew how much you meant to me, You know that I had always thought I wasn't good enough for you. How could you just take it all away from me...

The next day, Jake realizes he must let her go. He talks with Sam.

Jake leaves Bella – She loves eddie too much. She never calls him when Edward is there. She calls with the other cullens. She feels safe only with Jacob, w/o him she feels empty. Only Edward can fix her to make her feel whole all the time.

Bella - "You ruined everything!" (after Jake breaks up with her, she finds the pictures under her floorboard and cries)

Yet, you still left me.

"I understand but how could you?. I loved you Edward. Did I not love you enough?"

Jacob did imprint. Still loves Bella more. Sees that she's happy with Edward. Keeps away because he doesn't want to hurt her.

"I wish you could tell me that you have been watching over me. I wish I could hear that you were'nt just gone that hole time. That you loved me too much to stay away!"

"If I had caught even a single glimpse of you Bella, do you honestly believe that I would have been able to stay away?"

"Maybe that's why! Maybe I wished that you would have come back to me."

Masochistic notion that you don't deserve to be happy. I made you happy. I thought I did.

During the argument, bella mentions her insecurity because Edward leaves. Edward catches on to this and that's why he doesn't leave.

He stared at me like he was going to kiss me. He moved in slowly to give me time to pull away if I wanted to. I wasn't sure if Ii did. I was thinking way too much, unlike any other kiss. Was a betraying Jake?

Bella asks Jasper to take all the feelings away. He complies, ignoring alice.

Please no, don't make me. Don't do this.

"I just can't believe your're really here"

Edward stares at Bella.

Bella doesn't know why Edward loves her.

Edward is sad. Bella's heart reacts differently around Edward. It thumps loudly once, not patter

Edward reads Jake's mind. Sees that he loves Bella more than the imprint. Gets mad/sad.

Jasper goes with Edward to see jake. He wants to thank Jake too.

Jake also leaves Bella because he's scared. He's scared that someday he might wake up and love some other girl more. He can't risk hurting her like that.

He loves her and does what Edward couldn't do.

Bella thinks he just loves her because of her smell. Love at first sight. Same thing.

Bella cuts herself. "Eat me damn it!" She splatters the blood on his face.

Edward- "Thank you Jacob Black"

Jake - "For what?"

Edward - "You gave me Bella."

Jasper - "He still has a part of her left. Something he took from Bella."

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The Sequel is "The Heart of Symmetry"