For Life

Chapter 1: You Can Never Be Too Careful

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Samantha's footsteps echoed off the damp stone walls of the alley. She never used the back alley's of the city because she was deathly afraid of them. Sam was terrified of becoming one of those stories in the paper that told the tale of the girl who was walking in a dark alley and got raped or murdered. It was too cliché. Sam swore that if she was going to die she was going to go out with a bang.

"Frick!" she muttered as her pepper spray can slipped from her hand, clattered to the floor, and rolled beneath a dumpster. She looked around to make sure she was alone before she bent over to see if the can could be easily retrieved.

As she scanned the rank street surrounding the dumpster she thought she heard something. Straightening automatically, her head narrowly missed the edge of the dumpster. Sam strained her ears and, sure enough, she heard another, quietly echoing footstep. Her breathing quickened and adrenaline roared in her ears. The blood drained from her face as she stood stock-still, listening. Sam heard it again, but, this time, it was closer and the pace was quicker.

Taking a deep breath, she started down an alley that would take her to the main street. Walking as quickly and as quietly as possible she prayed that whoever was behind her didn't follow. But, she could still hear the footsteps. Sam walked faster, but she still couldn't see the end of the alley.

On the verge of full blown panic, she pulled out her cell phone. She quickly dialed 9-1-1 and glanced behind her. No shadow crept across the wall, but that didn't mean that someone wasn't there.


Olivia Benson and her partner, Elliot Stabler, sat at their desks going over their last case. They had caught the guy, so the case was closed, but they had neglected their DD-5s until the last minute.

"I'm gonna get some coffee, want some?" Elliot asked standing up. He stretched and stepped from behind his desk.

"Ummmm, no, actually." Elliot glanced at her in surprise. "Once I finish this I'm gonna head up to the crib to get some sleep." Olivia clarified.

"Why the crib?" Elliot asked as he poured himself a cup of coffee. "You have a perfectly apartment." He sat back down.

Olivia averted her eyes. "I know. But, by the time this damn report is finished, I'll only be able to go home for three hours before I have to be back here."

Elliot nodded. "Well, it looks like we'll be bunk buddies. I'm not really up to going home right now, either."

Somehow, even without her saying anything, he knew that she didn't really want to be alone. He always did.

"Done." She said triumphantly a minute later.

"And done." Elliot said right after her.

Olivia rubbed her eyes and yawned as she stood. "I'll print it in the morning. Right now, I just want some sleep."

Elliot agreed. They were almost to the bottom of the stairs when the phone rang.


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