"Night is falling" I think to my crimson dragon.

"Yes, Caim. Your forces are stopping. We should land and rest for the night." she replied.

She tilted her wings and aimed downward. As she neared the ground, she pulled up. I felt her body slightly shake when she took the impact with her tail. She lowered her shoulders and I dismounted. Silently, I make pitch my tent. I wanted it to be the farthest away. So I could be closer to my dragon. With one last look at my dragon, I enter the tent and place my sleeping bag on the ground. I yawn slightly and drift into sleep...

(switch PoV to new character.)

Oh the glorious night! So much better than day. I stalk swiftly through the dense forest. My silky black dress did not protect me from the cold wind. I did not care. I was hungry and nothing was going to stop me from eating. The dull glimmer of a fire caught my eyes. I smiled at my luck. Silently I entered the camp. By the size of it, there were many people here.

"Fools!"I think to myself.

I quickly make my choice of which to victimize. With a smile, I enter the farthest tent.

(Back to Caims PoV.)

I could not have had a worse dream. More like a nightmare. I look at the ground sadly. My parents murder. I shake my head, as if to clear the memories.


I look up in surprise. My heart stopped beating. Standing in front of me was a tall female in a deathly black dress. Her hair was black with stripes of blood red scattered though it. But her eyes. Her eyes were deep violet. A very unnatural color. I tried to look away, but I couldn't. My gaze was forced into those eyes. I felt my body freeze. I was petrified. I tired to contact my dragon, but her mind was closed. To my horror, the female came closer. She sat down next to me. Still my gaze was on her eyes. She was smiling! She took her hand and pushed me back down into a laying position.

She leaned in closer to my neck.

"Your so young! Too bad the good die in their youthfulness. Don't worry. It won't hurt a bit." she whispered in my ear.

"DRAGON! HELP!" I scream through the pact voice.

Still, she ignored me. By now, I felt the female's lips on my neck. I also felt her grab my hand. She held it like we were lovers.

"Okay..." I think to myself, forgetting for a moment what she was about to do.

Fear ran though my blood. I was in the presence of a vampire. I closed his eyes, waiting for her deathly bite. She squeezed my hand.

"Be calm."she whispered.

I forced myself to obey her. I felt her lips part against my neck. I took one last gasp of fresh, night air.

Finally, she bit.