Hey, I'm back again! I hope you've had a great time reading this story since this is now the final story. The song I placed in here is from the anime Utawarerumono (translated, the title means The One Being Sung). It's a really pretty but sad song. Well, I better not stall you. Enjoy!

Choice of the Gods

"I fell in love."

Her father fell to his knees in disbelief. The look in her eyes began to pierce his heart.

How could this be? She turned away from him and approached her mirror.

"Now you must listen to what I have to say." She said. "There's only one thing you need to think about. What is the most important thing? Your power? Or your daughter's happiness?" He said nothing. "Please see him out."

"I'll leave on my own." He walked right out the door but didn't bother shutting it.

"That is the true meaning of being a father. To always put your family first." Sophia let her hair down and started brushing it.

"Princess, we just beushed your hair." She took a small knife out of her treasure box.

"I never said I was redoing my hair." She pushed the blade through. Her long hair was now three times shorter.

"Why did you do that?"

"When a Princess cut's her hair on her wedding day, it means she will have an unhappy marriage." She brought her hair to the window than released it into the wind. It slowly became gray and flew up into the sky. "The wind will carry the curse to the clouds and create a storm."

"Princess." One of the servants reached for her wings. "A red feather."

"What?" She spotted the crimson color on her wing. "My Damned soul is still bound to the underworld. No matter where I reside."

"You didn't tear out your wings, did you?" Sophia looked at everyone with regret.

"There's no way for someone to save a condemned angel. There's never been a way."

"I was saved." She argued. "The one on Earth, who I fell in love with. He made me an angel of music."

"An angel of music?"

"Aren't they a myth?"

"No, they're real." She looked at her ring and watched the ast glimmer on the gems as the sun disappeared behind a wall of storm clouds.

Erik walked through the streets of the city. Everyone stared at this strange being with the black wings.

"Could he be real?" Someone said.

"He must be." The flower shop owner looked out the window and spotted him.

"That was the man from before." He looked over to the shop and saw the lady motion for him to enter. He walked up to the shop and opened the door. "Welcome sir. It is good to see you again."

"You were the one who asked for my help that night of the party." His memory served him well.

"I believe you've come back for the Princess." She said. He nodded. "You won't be able to get her without proper protection. My husband owns a black smith shop and will be glad to make you a sword."

"Why are you helping me?" He asked.

"I knew the moment you first layed eyes on the Princess that you two were destined for each other." She started for a door behind the desk and motioned him to follow. After walking for about twenty minutes, them made it to the black smith's shop. A large, muscular man looked over and saw them walk in.

"Who do we have here?" He asked.

"Darling, this is the man I told you about." He chuckled a little bit.

"I see. The one after the Princess?" He put down the sword he was working on and went over to a sheathed sword. "I thought something like this might come around." He threw the sword to him. "It isn't quite finished though. There's something that I need to add to the blade." Erik pulled out the sword and saw the blade was crimson, white, and silver.

"What kind of sword is this?"

"That, my fine friend, is a sword constructed from the feathers of all kinds of angels. But it remained incomplete for years. There's one more feather I need to add to it." Erik looked at his wings.

"I understand." The black smith reached for a feather and plucked it out.

"Now I can finish it." He placed the feather into the fire and the flames turned black. He placed the blade into the fire and started chanting something.

"This is very interesting." Erik said.

"Humans have their ways and we have a different way." The lady said. "Our world consists of magic and the passing of humans on Earth. When a human dies, they come here and live their afterlives as an angel. They also keep their personalities too."

"So, what kind of person was Sophia?"

"She was just a child when she died. So she has lived as a child since birth. Always full of curiosity and mischive." He looked back to when she took off his mask and finally realized her curiosity.

"The heart and mind of a child?" He heard the last dark flame enter the sword and the blade started to shine.

"It is done." He placed it back into the sheath and handed it back to Erik. "The time has come to rewrite the laws of this country." He nodded and tied the sword to his side.

"This time, I won't leave this world without her."

The Church bells began to ring and all within the castle walls began to gather. Marco stood at the altar, holding a moon in his hands. He would have to wait for Sophia to come out holding a sun in hers. The king walked up to Marco, holding a star in his hands.

"Lord Marco, the time for the ceremony has come." He nodded and the king stepped behind the altar. "Princess Sophia. Come forth." Sophia started down the isle in her wedding dress and was holding the sun. Thunder was heard outside and everyone looked around with worry.

"A storm?"

"That is a bad omen on a wedding day."

"Should the ceremony be called off?"

"NO!" Marco shouted. "This ceremony will continue!" Sophia glared at the man holding the moon.

"Do you not heed the words of the Gods?" She questioned. "They are the judges of all destiny! Yet you chose to continue to defy them!"

"Enough!" Another bolt of lightning came crashing down. He pulled out a sword and pointed it at Sophia. "We will be married whether the Gods despise it or not!" The king looked at him in astonishment.

"Lorn Marco! You should know that we must never question the all powerful beings that have created this world for our people!"

"Silence you old fool!" He threw the moon aside then stabbed the ruler of the East.

"Father!" The man fell dead.

"Now, Princess. I believe that you and I were to become king and queen." The sun in her hands started to turn red and flew high above their heads. The moon began to follow it.

"You've angered the Gods!" They burst and began to shower fire over everyone. Everyone's wings started to turn red. "No, the Gods are punishing all our people."

"You're pathetic." Marco said. "You're just like your mother. Hopeless and foolish."

"Never talk about my mother that way!" Sophia shouted.

"If it wasn't for her, my brother didn't have to become king when he was a child!" She stepped back in disbelief. "I will make you suffer as we have, Princess of the East!" He took the crown from the king's head and placed it on his.

"You'll be ruling over the souls you'e sentenced to oblivion!" She stated.

"Now,now Sophia. I know they'll be like this for some time, but at least it will teach you not to mess with other countries affairs." The doors to the church opened.

"Give back my angel!" He held out a black, red, white, and silver blade.

"You're here!"

"You can't have her!" He flew past her and aimed his attack at Erik. "You say you're an angel, but you're just a pathetic human! Just like the rest of them!" He swung his sword but was easily countered.

"You have the mind of a devil monsieur." Erik said. "You are a fool to think that you could take something so fully like you did." He was able to break away from his hold and jumped back.

"This world is nothing but a bunch of fools!" He swung again but missed. But Erik didn't. Marco began to disolve. "This world... is full of foolish... people... Nothing... can be... changed." He was gone.

"Sophia, is there a way to calm the Gods?" She nodded.

"We must play the Song of our Heaven." She started for the back of the Church. "I need your help. We must go to the tower!" He followed close behind her. After some time, they managed to make it to the top of the tower.

"Are you ready?" She nodded. He pulled out his violin and she prayed for the wind to play the music of the heavens. He started to play as she began to sing.

(Kimi ga Tame)

Kimi no hitomi ni utsuru
watashi wa nani iro desu ka
akafukaki nozomu nara
watasou hi no hikari wo

Kanashimi ga afure
mabuta tojimashita
koboreta shizuku ha
kokoro ni shimi yuku

Yuki wataru nami wa
yowaku majiemasu
todokeshi yurikago
nemuri wo sasou

Yume ni natsukashi
omokage wo sagasu
te wo nobashi tsuyoku
dakishimetaku naru

Kimi no hitomi ni utsuru
watashi wa nani iro desu ka
ai yukaki nozomu nara
watasou takaki sora wo

Yorokobi ga afure
meguri aimashita
kobore otsu emi wa
wakare wo kakusu

Hito wa itsushika kuchiateru keredo
uta tonari katari tsugarete yuku deshou

Kimi no hitomi ni utsuru
watashi wa nani iro desu ka
royku fukaki nozomu nara
watasou kono daichi wo

Moruku hakanage na mono yo
tsuyoku utsukushi kimono yo
aru ga mama

Kimi no hitomi ni utsuru
watashi wa nani iro desu ka
yasuragi oboeta nara
soko ni watashi ha iru

Kimi no hitomi ni utsuru
watashi wa nani iro desu ka
ura fukaki nozomu nara
watasou kono omoi wo
watasou kono subete wo...

The Clouded sky began to clear and reveal the night sky. Their prayer was heard by the Gods or their world. Everyone's wings returned to their normal color and cheering was heard throughout the city.

"We did it." Sophia's wings were black again.

"Sophie!" Her mother hugged her daughter and almost choked her. "You're alright."

"Can't... breathe!" Everyone started laughing.

"Sophia, you must go see the great tree." Her mother said.

"That's right!" She ran past her mother and into the dark tower.

"The great tree?" He asked.

"The great tree watches over our kingdom. It has for thousands of centuries." She explained.

Sophia walked into the garden and through the many flower beds. As she aproached the tree, she kneeled down before it.

"I have returned." She said.

"Do you wish to go back to Earth?" She looked up at the tree in surprise. "Child, you have proven to be a wonderful angel. Your destiny is yours to chose. You saved your people from being sent to the underworld. I allow you to become what you desire."

"Thank you." Two branches extended to her and she held onto them asthey raised her up.

"Dearest of angels. May you now take flight to shape your own future. Let your heart soar to the skys of Earth and beyond." Sophia started moving her wings and slowly began to lift herself off the branches

"I can fly?" She looked down.

"I have given you this ability for your valor and devotion to the Gods of your people. You have earned your title Princess." A tear started down her face.

"Many thanks great one." She flew out of the tree's sight.

Erik looked up and saw Sophia fly around the corner. She landed firmly on the balcany.

"I have been granted the ability to fly." She said cheerfully. "The great tree was pleased with me and gave me this gift."

"Sophia, will you be returning to Earth?" Her mother asked.

"Yes." She looked up at the moon. "All my life I've been told that the day brings the most joy to all. But being on Earth, seeing the night and all it's glorious sights, I learned that it was the night that brang the most joy. By this age, those of us that do not wish to be married must become a priestess. But I wish to marry the one who gave me this new life." She joined hands with Erik.

"Sophia, I was glad to give you this second chance." He pulled her closer to him and placed one hand on her head and the other wrapped around her shoulders. "You are my angel, and will always will be." She looked up at him as he said this.

"That reminds me." She reached into her pocket and pulled out a glowing seed. "The great tree gave this to me some time ago before the war. It told me to plant it on Earth and create a world of peace." He took her hands that were still holding the seed.

"I'll help you plant it then." He said. She gave him a heart melting smile and her eyes started to shine.

We can plant it in the lake." She said. "The tree needs lots of water to survive. The lake will be purified by the seed and the tree will grow and create a new world." He nodded.

"Take care of my daughter. I'll leave her life and future in your hands."

"I understand." They walked inside the tower. They began their way to the castle but Gerard and the Imperial army were in their way.

"Where do you think you're going with our Princess?" Erik took out his sword.

"I am no longer the Princess Sophia of this world!" She said. "I am no longer an angel from this realm. I am an angel of music!"

"Princess, how can you say that?" She held up her hand.

"My destiny lies with this angel beside me." Gerard stepped aside.

"Very well Sophia." He said. "May you find happiness in your new life." The guards all kneeled before the angels as they walked passed them. They opened a door and entered a chamber with a portal in the center.

"This will bring us to Earth." They held hands as they jumped in. They began to fall through the clouds. Sophia then spread her wings and they began to fly through the air. "The opera house should be coming close."

"Won't they see you?" Erik asked.

"No, until an angel touches solid ground, they are invisible to the mortal eye." As they approached the opera house, she wouldn't slow down. She flew through the walls and the floors until she reached the underground.

Madame Giry was still waiting for the return of the two angels.

"I wonder what could be taking so long?" She wondered. But suddenly, on the water, there were two specks of light. When the light faded away, it revealed the two angels of music.

"We've returned." Sophia said.

"We're home." Erik added. The ballet mistress stared at the two being before her and smiled.

"Welcome back."

The next morning, Sophia and Erik planted the seed in the lake.

"It will take some time for it to grow, but we can wait." The water started to glow and the seed started taking root in the stone.

"Maybe it won't be as long as we thought." The tree began to sprout from the water.

"As long as we keep praying to the great tree, it will grow faster." Sophia took out her ocarina and Erik took out his violin and they began to play.

The music echoed through the entire opera house. Everyone would always stop to listen to the sweet sounds that angels can make. The troubles have melted away from their hearts and can live in peace forever more.

his has been the final chapter of my little story. I will now resume my place in the anime world with my stories. But I will one day return with a new story for you all. What am I saying? I might be back, I might not. Either way, it depends on if I come up with any new ideas.