Previously known as Rise of Naruto: Shinigami's Touch…

"I will make a utopia, not of brick and mortar, but of flesh and blood."

Words: 501


Chapter 01 - New Arrival

The last ray of sunlight was just beginning to fade when the end began.

It started as a low rumble; small pebbles and stones jumped along the ground, puddles rippled in time with the quiet thrum, and the natives stopped in their day to day lives to stare in slight wonder.

Above them, the shimmering disc of a full moon peaked out from behind grey-blue skies. The rumble was getting louder, the sound a thousand beatings drums throbbing in sync with the heartbeat of a thousand people below. Eardrums ruptured -the natives kneeled over, eyes clenched- as something roared from beyond the clouds-

And then the sky fell down.

The clouds were vaporized as a molten rock broke through, a mile wide and two long, and the throng of people below erupted into chaos. A wave of heat washed over them, so hot their skin cracked and peeled, red-black tributaries spanning the length of their bodies as the blood boiled on their skin.

Some fell to the ground, hands clasped in prayer while others ran, but they knew it was futile. The ground was torn from beneath their feet as the molten rock finally hit and flung them into the air. Some died instantly, heads caved and limbs torn asunder by the unearthly force.

Others fared slightly better as energy -dark and laden and screaming of death- rippled across the land from the epicenter, a wave of destruction.

Those caught in its path screamed as arteries and veins ruptured, limbs purpling, the flesh boiled from their bones in great sheets as the alien energy tore at them like rabid wolves. They settled onto the ground as burnt-black skeletons, the soft rattle of bone on bone lost amongst the typhoon winds.

When the dust had finally settled, a lone survivor rose, coughing into a mangled hand, black-red blood an inky blot against the chalk-white of his metacarpals. Unseen, the charred tissue sloughed off, new flesh growing over bleached bones, pale skin rising to cover it.

The eyes came next; slowly but surely, arteries and veins broached forwards, tiny fissures against the whites as bleached pupils quickly darkened and sight return. The lost eyelids regrew last, squinting against the piercing heat as he stared towards the site of impact.

And in the center of it all, tornadoes whirled, thunder roared, and the earth witnessed the birth of a new God, a grotesque, shapeless form before-

Molten flesh bulged, red-black tar leaking down its jaw before it burst outwards, a single eye rolling in its head as it reached towards a red-cast moon and screamed its fury to the world.


Just a little something to set up the history of my re-rewrite. A lot more planned out this time, so we'll see how it goes.