Harry Potter and the Mystic Force

by Michael Weyer

Mystic Fate Part II

From his spot levitating in the air, Ivan Ooze laughed. "Really? I just took out the big Power Rangers, you think you miserable little pack of fools are going to do anything?"

"Damn well going to try," Harry intoned, flexing his fingers. "You hurt me. You twisted my life around. You hurt my friends. This is where it all comes back to bite you in your miserable arse."

"Whatever it takes," Dumbledore called out. "We will stop you."

The grin vanished from Ivan's face. "I will not be stopped by paramecium." He threw out his hands to unleash packs of purple lightning that sent the wizards scattering about. Bolts of magic began to strike at him from various directions, Ivan simply absorbing them with little pain, smirking wickedly. "Please. You're ants to me, you realize that?"

"Ants can bite hard in big numbers," Harry threw out his hand, a blast of white erupting to strike Ivan hard. He gasped as he rolled about in the air, smashing into a nearby building. Harry gasped as he felt at his chest. "That...took a lot more out of me than I expected."

The Rangers were getting back to their feet, wincing. "You guys need to get out of here," Nick grunted. "He's too much for you."

"We're staying," Harry told him. "It's our world too and he's not going to stop unless we do it."

Nick shook his head. "Damn, you are stubborn, Harry."

"You're just figuring this out now?" he managed to chuckle.

They heard a blast as Ivan erupted out of the building, brushing at his clothes. "Okay...that's it! This was fun for a bit but now it's time to get rid of your little gnats!" He flexed his hands to create balls of fire. "Unless anyone here thinks they can stand against me?"

A blast of white light struck Ivan, sending him flying back into another building. He winced as he rose to his feet. "I've really gotta start learning to keep my mouth shut with those lines..." he muttered to himself. He glanced up to see a woman floating in the air before him atop a brilliant white throne. She was clad in an elaborate white dress with matching gloves, her white hair flowing out in various braids with red ties to them, framing an attractive Asian face. "No, Ivan Ooze!" she called out in a high-pitched voice. "You are not going to add my charges to your list of victims!"

"Now who the hell is that?!" Vida exclaimed.

Udonna's face was in shock. "It's...her. The woman who gave me the power to the Morphing Grid. To aid you all..."

"Listen, Snow White, I don't know who..." Ivan stopped and peered closely. "Wait a minute...It can't be..." He let out a loud laugh. "Rita Repulsa?!"

"I am now the Mystic Mother," the woman intoned. "I was cleansed of the darkness and now use my powers for good, to atone for my past."

Ivan actually sat back, laughing hysterically. "Oh...Oh, how the puny have fallen!" He wiped a legitimate tear from his eye as he continued. "Unbelievable...The last time I saw you, you were getting stuck in a snow globe with that idiot husband of yours and now you're trying to take me on?" He shook his head. "Man, this just gets better and better."

The Mystic Mother glared before lifting a hand up. "You're not going to be laughing for long."

Ivan smirked. "Really? It's going to take a lot more than some puffed-up wanna-be princess to stop me now."

The Mystic Mother smirked. "I've given that rant way too many times myself not to know what comes next."

Ivan attacked with a blast of magic that she blocked with her own. They floated about, trading blasts as the others below watched. "Can she beat him?" Nick asked.

"She has power," Udonna stated. "But I don't know if it'll be enough, not with what Ooze absorbed from below."

"Dammit, if we only had the Zords," Chip muttered.

"Not...needed." They all turned to where Necrolai was managing to stand up, Leelee helping her mother. "The power Ooze took in...of the Ten Terrors...No one can handle so much power at once, no matter how old he may be. He's pushing himself too much. He's hiding it but it's true." She swallowed. "If he can get hit hard enough...you can overwhelm him...And he'll leak like a popped balloon."

The Rangers stared at him before Xander leaned to Chip. "Leelee's mom is kind of hot, you see that?"

Chip stared at him. "That is your takeaway?"

"It'll take a lot of magic," Leanbow stated. "Much more than even the Mystic Mother can give us."

"You want magic?" Harry stepped up and waved to those around him. "You have it."

"And more!" Everyone turned to see Toby marching through the rubble with a throng of townspeople right behind him. Glancing over, they saw Phineas also arriving with slews of the various creatures of the forest villages behind him. Both sides looked at the other with some surprise but no fear. "You've got us!" Toby announced.

"What the..." Nick started.

"We decided to appeal to the local community spirit," Toby said with pride. "The people of Briarwood have been upset way too long by the folks in the forest."

"Ditto," Phineas stated. "We thought you humans would never accept us, been too afraid."

"But we know it's not each other we have to fear," Toby stated. "It's that monster up there." He nodded up toward Ooze. "You guys...all year, you've fought for us, defended us and protected us." He grinned broadly. "It's time we repaid the favor." He reached out a hand and after a pause, Necrolai took it. Toby reached another hand and an elderly man took it, extending his own hand to a teenager. Phineas reached his own hand to grip a fairy and another villager. Soon, the groups came together, creatures and humans linking hands to come toward the Rangers.

Harry felt a hand slip into his own, glancing over to see Hermione offering a soft smile. "Together," she whispered.

Ron took the other hand, his eyes filled with sorrow but also a bit of his old pride. "Together."

Draco was offering a hand to Leelee, who paused before taking it strongly in her own grip. Before long, they were united, creatures, humans and wizards united together in a circle that nearly overwhelmed the Rangers. "Believe!" Harry called out. "Together!"

"Together!" Toby intoned.

"Together! Together! TOGETHER!" The crowd chanted and they could feel it begin to flow. Not just the magic of the wizards but the magic of belief, the belief in all the humans around. Soon, sparks of golden light began to flow, small at first but then rising, more plentiful, sliding upward like fireflies. It flowed around the group in the center of the circle, growing more and more. The chanting grew with the power as it shone brightly before finally erupting into a giant blast of pure golden light.

Ooze had knocked the Mystic Mother back when the light caught his attention. He turned around, his jaw dropping as he saw the Rangers in full armor. "No...They can't...How could they..."

"Old song, pal," Harry called out. "You wouldn't know it." He spread out his hands. "I get by with a little help from my friends!"

Leanbow stood boldly with his armor as a blast of fire erupted behind him. "Wolf Warrior!"

Daggeron spread out his arms, his cape flowing behind him. "Solaris Knight!"

Udonna spun her Snow Staff around as she posed before her own explosion. "White Mystic Ranger!"

Strands of dirt shook as Xander posed. "Green Mystic Ranger!"

Vida allowed a burst of pink wind to flow around her. "Pink Mystic Ranger!"

Madison stretched herself tall, arms over her head. "Blue Mystic Ranger!"

Chip struck the ground with his foot. "Yellow Mystic Ranger!"

The fire behind Nick seemed even stronger. "Red Mystic Ranger!"

They stood side by side, slapping arms and legs in unison. "We call forth the magic! United as one! United for all time! PowerRangers! Mystic Force!"Behind them, a massive explosion of flame and various colored light erupted to shake the entire area.

Ooze shook his head. "Seriously, they always have to do fireworks for the damn roll call?" he muttered as he floated upward. "I took your magic once! I can do it again!"

"You want our magic?" Nick called out. "We'll give it to you!" With that, the Rangers floated upward as one and unleashed blasts of magic from their hands and weapons. Fire, snow, lightning, water, wind, rocks and more, all slammed into Ivan dead on, causing him to gasp out in utter agony.

"Now!" At Harry's cry, the various wizards raised their wands to fire off bolts of every spell that they could think of. The air was filled with cries in various languages as bolts ranging from stun spells to even a couple of Unforgivables sailed through the air to smash into Ivan from behind. He gasped out again, feeling agony for the first time under the massive dual assault. He was strong, no doubt about it, especially after taking the Ten Terrors' powers. But the Mystic Mother had drained some of that newfound strength while the Rangers seemed to be invigorated far greater than before. Add in the attacks by the wizards and suddenly, Ivan Ooze was getting a very bad feeling about this.

A loud roar got his attention and Ivan looked up, his eyes widening at the massive winged shape flying toward him. "Dammit, no one told me they had a dragon!" he yelled out as Fireheart flew to the area. The creature opened his jaw to unleash a storm of flame right down at Ivan, covering him completely. He yelled out as his robes caught on fire, the attempt to put them out just leaving Ooze open to more of the magical blasts around him.

He raised his hands up, trying to forge a shield but a multi-beam blast from the Rangers shattered it and struck him home in the chest. He cried out as he was sent slamming down to the ground, his body slowly shrinking under the blasts. Neither side let up, hammering in more and more magic. For every shot Ivan managed to block, another dozen would strike him. He gasped as he continued to shrink down, feeling his power fading with every blow. He lunged out with one last massive purple blast...

And it was smashed back into him in a rainbow of light and power that sent him crushing into the ground so hard, it created a crater beneath him. Ivan moaned out loud as he tried to get up, shadows falling over him as the Rangers and wizards crowded around his prone form.

"You...miserable...little...punks..." Ivan managed to get out as he began to rise to his knees.

"It's like I always say," Xander remarked. "It doesn't matter how big you are, how strong you are, how mighty you are. In the end, it always comes down to name-calling."

Harry paused before reaching to remove his glasses, calmly folding them and then offering them to Ginny. "Hold these, please." She took them as he calmly marched forward toward the now rising Ivan, hauling back his fist and then smashing it into the creature's jaw. "That...was for Hagrid."

He let his other fist hit that twisted nose, further cracking it. "That is for the pain of Cedric's parents having to lose their son all over again." He let out a one-two combination fast at Ivan's eyes. "Those were for Ron and Hermione."

Harry's foot lashed out to kick Ivan right in the mid-section, causing him to gasp in pain. "That's for Sirius." He punched Ivan again. "That's for anyone else you fooled along the way." A final kick sent him flying back to the ground. "And that...was for me."

As Ivan gasped on the ground, Harry reached out his hand to take his glasses back. "That was richly satisfying," he remarked as she slid his glasses back on.

"If petty," Udonna stated. "And yet...also understandable."

"So what now?" Chip asked.

"We discussed that on the way over." Harry looked over his shoulder with a wide smile. "If I can ask for some assistance?"

With grim looks, Dumbledore, Minerva, Snape and Sirius all moved forward. Harry cracked his knuckles as he waved a hand, whispering an incantation. The others aimed their wands at Ivan, glows of light flowing toward him. He frowned as he felt his body shake, trying to fight back but too weak as the combined magic of the group pressed on him. He gasped as his body began to fall into himself, his limbs retracting into his torso, his clothing fading as his body formed into a ball of purple ooze. His face remained as long as possible, his mouth open in a scream of outrage cut off only when his throat was smashed into the ball, leaving a pile of simple purple goo.

Moody, Remus and Tonks joined the group as other members of the Order of the Phoenix stepped up as well, aiming wands at the ball on the ground. Beams of light surrounded it as it slowly levitated off the ground. Gritting his teeth, Harry took a deep breath and then jerked his arm upward, pouring all his strength into the spell. The rest of the wizards followed suit, tossing in all the strength they could, the ball of Ooze sent flying high into the sky at rocket-fast speed. Ivan let out a silent scream as he rocketed upward, past the atmosphere and into outer space. He grunted as he fought against his prison, pushing his face out to the edge of the ball. He grunted as he tried to gather his strength, to get back to Earth and rip that little punk from end to end...

And it was at that point that he saw the massive yellow orb he was sailing right for at high speed.

"I just wanted to have some fun."

Those were the last words of Ivan Ooze before his body hit the sun and several billion degrees of pure solar energy incinerated him into a crisp.

At the flash of light far in the sky, a cheer went up from the crowd down below. Citizens of both towns embraced each other in celebration at the darkness vanquished. Draco offered a hand to Leelee but she instead grabbed him by the lapels and yanked him into a long kiss. Udonna hugged Clare and then kissed Leanbow. Harry found himself given a hug by a rather exuberant Ginny as even Snape and Dumbledore had wide smiles on their faces as they took in the fantastic moment.

"That's it?" Madison asked. "We...we did it?"

"We all did it," Nick smiled at Harry.

"Yes, you did." The Mystic Mother was floating in the air, smiling broadly. "The darkness was destroyed by your light. And should it ever return, you must be there to defeat it once more. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go lie down." She winced as she rubbed her forehead. "Oh, I have such a headache..." She vanished in a cloud of light as the groups continued to celebrate.

Harry let out a long sigh. "That was...wow." He rubbed at his scar. "Huh, stopped hurting." He turned to see Ron and Hermione both looking at him with downcast expressions. "Harry," Hermione started. "We...don't know where to begin."

"Don't say it was a spell," Ron blurted immediately. "Because that's no excuse. Not for what we did, all we did...We should have stuck by you. Believed in you." He took a deep breath. "If it takes a long time for us to make this up...We're there."

Harry looked at them both, then slowly turned his head to look at the Rangers. Nick was moving in, his voice strong. "If there's one thing I learned in the last year, Harry...It's that you never give up on people, no matter what. And you never have to go it alone."

Harry thought that over before looking at his two former friends...and smiled.


At the roar of motorcycles, Madison's ears perked up. "I think that's them!" she called out as she raced to the front door of the Rock-Porium. She brushed past Xander, who called after her. "Hey, careful!"

"Yes, Mr. Manager," Madison replied over her shoulder.

Toby walked past Vida, who was working at the DJ stand, headphones on as she mixed together a new CD for the store soundtrack. "Easy, Xander. I need to get out early, have to get ready for my date with Nikki!"

"How is it dating a former vampire, boss?"

"Surprisingly not as different than you'd expect from other women. Just have to get set, you wouldn't believe the commute."

Madison was exiting the shop and grinning wide as she saw the trio of motorcycles come to a stop before the shop. Nick was the first to remove his helmet, grinning at her. "Miss us?" Behind him, Udonna and Leanbow were removing their own helmets, both looking a lot more comfortable than when they'd left Briarwood months before.

Madison laughed as she gave him a hug. "You guys have a good trip?"

"It was," Leanbow stated. "It gave us time to bond, make up for the years we all lost." He smiled warmly at his wife and son. "Plus, it was good to see the world we helped defend."

"So, what's new around here?" Nick asked as they headed to the shop.

"Toby is dating Nikki," Madison explained. "The former Necrolai who's actually not too bad a woman. And Daggeron is helping the creatures of the forest in repairing their homes and living among humans." She nodded to where a pair of trolls and a wood nymph were walking alongside some humans.

"Together in harmony," Udonna smiled broadly. "Now that was something worth fighting for."

"What about Leelee?" Nick asked. "She still hanging around with her mom?"

"Actually, no." Madison smiled as she led them inside. "She found something more...interesting to do with her life."

Nick smiled as he took her hand. "Maybe she's got the right idea." Madison smiled right back as behind them, Udonna and Leanbow exchanged knowing glances of their own. They wrapped arms around each other as they headed in. Good as the traveling had been, it was much better to finally be home with their family.

All of them.

The Sorting Ceremony had concluded at last as Albus Dumbledore rose to his feet once more. "Welcome new students of Hogwarts!" he called out. "I hope you will enjoy your time among us!"

At the Slytherin table, tossing back her nicely combed hair, Leelee threw a smirk at her blonde-haired boyfriend. "Tell me I'm not rocking these robes." Draco had to chuckle at that.

"We also wish to welcome our new Defense of the Dark Arts teacher!" Dumbledore nodded as Nikki rose to her feet to give a short bow and a smile, her robes nicely matching her dark hair. "And we are more than happy to welcome back Hagrid as well as his new assistant!"

Next to the giant, Phineas offered a shy smile and a wave, pulling at his robes. He managed to throw a wink to Minerva, who blushed before looking away. "And so we hope you all have a wonderful year as we prepare you for the threats to our world and more besides!"

As the students began heading to their dorms, Harry smiled at Ginny. "Nice to be back."

"It certainly is," Ginny smiled as Neville joined them as well. "Should be interesting to see the new study plans, all that Briarwood magic now added to the mix."

"Not to mention the sciences," Neville stated. "I thought potions was rough, try explaining battery power to some from pure magic houses."

"It's long past time we stopped living in the past," Harry stated. "Even Snape agrees on that." He was coming to his room when he stopped, seeing Ron and Hermione before it. They stared at each other for a long moment before breaking into warm smiles and embraces. "I didn't see you on the train," Ron said. "Was worried you weren't coming back."

Harry shrugged. "Decided to take another way around. The summer spent in Briarwood was...educational in a unique way."

"I can't wait to hear more." Hermione's old smile was back as she looked to the friend she had almost lost. "A new year. New challenges, new events. It's always so...daring to think about."

"Who dares, wins." Harry smiled again. "Something I learned out there."

Draco and Leelee were coming up, the girl popping her gum as she took the group in. "I'm just saying, adding some decent pizza delivery here would go a long way to winning the student body over!"

Harry looked to Draco. "Things still cool with your family?"

Draco shrugged. "My father made his choice but the fact Mother actually has a spine and standing up against him is a help." Draco looked to Harry. "Trying to get the Slytherins to overlook the past hate on you lot hasn't been as easy."

"It's needed," Harry pressed. "Voldemort is still out there. He's spent the last several months rebuilding himself after the chaos Ivan Ooze left but you can bet he'll be back with a vengeance." He smirked. "But seeing as how I'm getting a line on those horocruxes of his...He may not be as successful as he thinks."

"Whatever you plan," Ron said. "You're not doing it alone, Harry. Not now or ever again."

"No matter what, we're there," Hermione stated, a hand to his arm. "Believe that."

"I do," Harry softly said, his heart warm as he reflected on their trinity back to normal. He felt Ginny put a hand into his and smiled back at her. "Come on, then. We've got a lot to prepare for."

The group fell in behind him, ready to take on whatever the new year had planned for them, in their world or another.

That wasn't truly the end, of course. Tales as epic as this never end so easily.

The Mystic Force would find themselves needed again, both separately and with others. Evil never dies, sadly, and there would always be threats only they could face. But united, as warriors and as a family, they would be able to face whatever came with pride and honor.

Harry still had Voldemort to deal with. He still had the final battle against his foe, the fight he was destined to wage. He would know death and pain. He would feel the loss of friends and family, the hardships of war. But he would come through it all with the power he had unlocked in himself, power that gave him the strength to persevere and to achieve victory. For all his pain, he would know happiness as well and end up the better for it all.

For that is the true magic of the world. Not spells or such. The magic of the human spirit, something that can never be quenched and will always be there waiting to be used. As long as there is life, there is hope and hope is what magic is all about.

As the final etchings of ink sank into the Xenotome, Clare smiled. She waved her hand to close the book up and looked about the interior of Rootcore, her lovely white robes offsetting her strong form. She made sure the book was locked and set on its shelf. Then, with a snap of her fingers and a flash of white sparkles, she vanished, leaving behind the Xenotome and the amazing story it contained.

And so it ends. After five years, finally concluding this story which grew far more popular and longer than I had anticipated. I want to thank everyone who took the time to review this and hope this conclusion satisfies. I'm not sure of a follow-up despite how I left it a bit open for one but it was an experience. Thanks for sticking with it all the way and pushing me on to continue. It's been a blast and one I'm quite happy to have finally closed out and hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing.