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Chapter 10

"Children learn to smile from their parents."-Shinichi Suzuki

"One more push… one more push…" The doctor repeated over and over again, "There it is. Come on… Give me one last big push!" Serenity pushed harder than she had ever pushed in her life and let out the loudest scream. And then, it was over. There were cheers and exclaims and Serenity felt like she was about to black out, but somehow she managed not too. Tea ran out of the room to the hall. Seto and Mokuba were fast asleep on the hard floor of the hospital.

"SETO! MOKUBA! WAKE UP! THE BABY'S HERE!" Seto awoke immediately and woke Mokuba as well. They both ran into the room as fast as they could just in time to hear the doctor yell.

"It's a boy!" Seto looked around the room. He didn't know whether to run to the doctor or to Serenity or to Tea and Joey. But Seto was happy, so very happy. He couldn't hold it all in for long. He needed someone to go to. Seto ran to the first person he found in site next and gripped them into a hug.

"I can't believe it!"

"Uh… Kaiba… you're hugging-" Seto kissed Joey right on the forehead with all his might as he squeezed him as hard as he could in a hug. Joey's eyes widened. "WOAH KAIBA!"

"Ms. Wheeler, would you like to hold your child?" Serenity shook her head and looked over at Seto, whom now had Mokuba tightly wrapped in his arms.

"No sir… give the boy to his father…" The doctor turned towards Seto, a small bundle of a blanket in his arms. Seto put Mokuba back down and stood in front of the doctor. His eyes were wide with wonder and fear.

"Mr. Kaiba… here is your son." The doctor held out the child and placed him into Seto's arms. Seto pulled down the blanket from the little figure's head and found a beautiful baby boy with a head full of brown, baby hair, and big gray-blue eyes, staring right up at him. The baby smiled its very first smile just as their eyes met for the first time. "He has to be the happiest baby I ever did see," the doctor stated happily. That was when it happened. Seto started to cry.

He cried for the very first time in his whole life. Tears were streaming down his cheeks as he held his tender, tiny baby in his arms. Seto had never been so happy in his whole entire life. The feelings and emotions were practically overwhelming. It was as if every single horrible thing that had ever happened to him, no longer mattered.

"Look Mokuba," Seto said, trying to wipe the tears from his face, holding the baby out so that Mokuba could see him, "It's your nephew." Mokuba's eyes stared with bewilderment at the tiny baby peering up at him. A smile emerged immediately on his face.

"He looks just like you Nii-sama!"

"No, no… he definitely has a lot of his mother in him." Seto looked up to see that Serenity had been watching him from across the room. Tears running down her face as well, but these tears were no of happiness. They were of sorrow and pain. Seto handed the baby back to the doctor and walked over to Serenity. He dropped his finger down to her face, gently wiping the tears away before leaning over and giving Serenity his first and only true kiss to her on the lips. Serenity floated away on an instant and didn't think it could ever end until Seto broke away.

"I'm sorry for everything."

"Please don't be."

"You know… after seeing you do this, watching you fight so hard to give birth to such a beautiful gift of God, maybe… maybe we could try again…"

"You mean, try to make it work?" Seto nodded. Serenity looked away and over at the child that was gripping the doctor's pinky gently with a smile.

"No… I don't think we can do that."

"But… why…?" Serenity placed her hand on Seto's hand and looked deep into his icy blue eyes.

"Seto Kaiba, I may have given birth to that child, but he was your child from the moment I conceived him. I can't share that child with you, I never…" Serenity tried to keep herself from crying, "I wanted to actually… kill it…"

"No Serenity, it wasn't like that."

"It was… and it was all that and more… Seto, you're that child one and only parent. The one parent he needs," Serenity squeezed Seto's hand lovingly, "You know Seto… there was another reason why I wanted to keep the baby other than thinking that we could make it work between us…"

"There was? What was it?"

"That… I almost knew, from the very beginning, that you would be a great father and to this day, I still feel that way." Serenity removed her hand from Seto's and looked away. "He's you child from now on, I know you'll raise him right and give him everything he needs."

"But… Serenity… every child needs a mother…"

"That's not always true, besides," Serenity looked back over at the baby, "Look at how happy he is. He won't even know I'm gone." Seto opened his mouth to reply when Serenity slowly closed her eyes and rested her head on the pillow. Seto's eyes widened as Serenity's hand fell limb.


"Mr. Kaiba?"

"Save her! Save her! She's dying!" Seto began to yell frantically, running about in the run. Joey quickly came up from behind him and secured him with his hands.

"What the hell has gotten into you?"

"No… God… please! Not again! Not again!" Seto yelled, trying to break free to run to Serenity's side, "Mom!"

"Mr. Kaiba! Ms. Wheeler isn't dead! She's just tired from giving birth, she's merely fainted from exhaustion." All eyes were on Seto as he sat on the hard ground. Joey removed his arms and got up. Seto got to his feet and tried to look professional, but knew he had lost that look long ago when he had been seen crying over his newly born child. "No, if you don't mind Mr. Kaiba, this baby boy needs a name."

Seto got up and was handed the child in his arms. Mokuba walked over to his brother's side and peered into the baby's face. "Hm… we never thought up any names Nii-sama, what are we going to call him."

"I know just the name," Seto stated, looking down at the baby in his arms with tender eyes, "His name will be Steven Zoutou Kaiba." Mokuba eyed Seto.

"Steven? That's a Yank name, why did you decide to name him that?"

"Let's just say I once knew a great man named Steven," said Seto, a lone tear traveled down his face and disappeared.

"Well, if that's his name that's what I'll put down on his certificate." The doctor wrote it down and took Steven into his arms, "I'll just go print his feet and place him in the nursery. I'll let you two know when you can take the baby home."

Serenity signed the last form and handed it back to the lady at the front desk. "That was the last one, right?" She asked as the lady took the last slip of paper from her fingers.

"Yep, I believe so. You're free to go Ms. Wheeler." Serenity gave a weak smile and turned away. She was still exhausted from the birth, but decided it would be best to leave early. She had to get back to her life and she didn't want to be reminded of the thing she was leaving behind. Just as she walked through the automatic doors she spotted Seto standing on the sidewalk near the entrance.

"Seto?" He was smiling at her.

"I was coming here to visit you… why are you checking out early?"

"Oh… you know… to live my life to fullest," Serenity said off the top of her head. She wasn't exactly sure why she gave Seto that response, but she was too tired to really care if she made sense or not.

"I see…" Seto walked over to Serenity, the smile remained. Serenity turned away.

"Look, this is all very… sudden, I know, but I really should be going."

"So… you're just going to leave?"

"What did you think I was going to do? Stay?" Serenity was a little irritated by Seto's obliviousness to the current situation she was in.

"I don't know… I just thought maybe…" Seto grinned, "Maybe you would take me up on that offer." He reached into his pocket and revealed a small tiny box. Serenity's eyes widened as Seto got down on one knee and opened it. "Serenity, will you marry me?"

"Oh my God… Seto… this is such a surprise…" Serenity stared at the beautiful ring that glistened in the reflection of her eyes. Then she looked over at Seto, his eyes so hopeful and happy. She shook her head and closed the box in her hand. "I'm sorry Seto, but I can't accept this."

"What? But… isn't this what you wanted?" Serenity swallowed hard. It WAS everything she had wanted, ever since she was a little girl she had dreamed of getting married. It was one of those ultimate goals that almost every woman had.

"In a way, yes… but I know it wouldn't be right."

"Why?" Seto was truly shocked by Serenity's rejection. Wasn't she in love with him? Seto had never been rejected in his entire life in any kind of situation. Even when rejection had occurred, Seto would use force to have it his way. He knew he couldn't use that strategy with Serenity. He rose to his feet.

Serenity placed one hand on her heart. "I've always believed that everything happens for a reason, that events occur the way they do because we each have a set path to follow as we go through life. I've discovered as we've lived through this 9 month journey together that we are obviously not meant to be." Seto didn't know what to say. He began to panic. Was this for real?

"How are you so sure?"

"Sometimes there aren't reasons behind why things happen the way they do."

"But-" Serenity cut him off before he could continue.

"Besides, now you have your baby and I have my job. In a way, we both win. Now if you excuse me…" Serenity tried to push by Seto, but Seto wouldn't let her. He stood his ground and gently held her by her arms. Serenity used force now to remove his hands from her arms. "Get out of my way."

"Serenity…" Serenity was beginning to get annoyed. She decided that she needed to use a more angry approach to the situation.

"Kaiba, I'm not going back to you. We're done, through, finished. Besides, the only reason you ever did 'try to make it work' the first time was because of the baby. You've never had an interest in me at all!" Serenity shoved Seto to the side and stomped through the parking lot. It hurt her to leave him like that, but she knew she had to.

"Serenity, hold on!" Seto ran up to her. Serenity didn't slow down or stop. She couldn't turn back now.

"Go home Kaiba."

"Wait," Seto placed his hand on her shoulder and twisted her around, "Will I ever see you again? Will we ever talk again?" Serenity pushed him off her once again. She was trying everything not to let herself cry by being pissed.

"Let's hope our paths never cross again." Serenity started marching away, but this time Seto didn't chase after her. He stood lonely and in defeat, watching as she walked away.

"Serenity, why are you doing this?" Seto called out.

"Like I said before! We were never meant to be together!" Serenity called back. Serenity got into her car and shut the door. She turned the car on and drove up to him.

"Take care of my kid, Seto Kaiba." Serenity pressed on the exhilaration and sped off into the distance leaving Seto confused and hurt. He wasn't sure whether Serenity was angry with him or not, all he knew was that she never wanted to see him again. Although it was harsh, Seto felt as though she was doing it because she hated him. It might have even been because she loved him. Now she was gone.

Seto returned to his home late that night. He opened the door and didn't even bother to hang his coat on the hanger. He dropped it to the ground without a care and walked into the kitchen. Seto opened the fridge and stared with unsatisfied eyes at the food that it contained. He sighed loudly.

"Someone sounds upset." Seto turned around and found Mokuba standing behind him with a bottle of formula in his hands.

"Hey Mokuba…" Seto said quietly. Mokuba placed the empty bottle beside the sink.

"I'm guessing things didn't work out between you and Serenity, huh?" Seto sighed again.


"Don't worry about it Nii-sama, I didn't think she was going to do it anyway." Seto sat down at the dining room table and slumped in the chair he was in.

"I don't get it Mokuba… I mean, I thought she wanted to be with me."

"She did at one point, but now it's just not the right path for her. You can't blame her Seto, she's in a rough position."

"But…" Seto said, "I was almost positive she was going to come back with me. That… that we could live as a real family."

"Life never goes according to plan, Nii-sama, you of all people should know that. Getting Serenity pregnant is a pretty good example of that." Mokuba was right, as usual. Seto guessed it was about time to face the facts and give up on the chance of ever creating a happy family for his son.

"But what if… what if he's not happy?"

"That baby is very happy, and he should be because he's got a dad like you," Mokuba hugged Seto tenderly. Seto patted him on the back.

"You keep saying that, but I still don't think it's true." Mokuba had broken away from their hug and now stood across from him. "But there is one thing you must promise me, Mokuba."

"What's that?"

"We can never ever tell him the truth about his mother."

"What? Why?"

"It's too painful. Besides, he doesn't need to know."

"Every kid deserves the right to know at least a little about their mom or dad."

"Mokuba, this is serious. You have to promise me."

"But I feel like he should know."


"Nii-sama, what would telling him do?"

"It would hurt him so badly that he would never be able to heal. I just couldn't stand to see him in pain like that," Seto closed his eyes, "The worst pain of all is watching someone you love in pain and knowing there's nothing you can do to make it better."

"I guess you're right."

"So will you promise to never tell Steven the truth about his mother?"

"When you put it like that it sounds even worse…"

"Do you promise me, Mokuba?" Mokuba paused for a moment. He knew he didn't agree with it, but Seto looked more serious than usual and knew he couldn't refuse him or his wishes.

"Fine… I promise never to tell him." And Mokuba did promise Seto he wouldn't with his whole heart and soul. The last thing he would've ever wanted was to disobey his brother's command or break a promise. He knew promises to Seto were like blood oaths that should never be broken under any circumstances.

But everyone knows that promises are easy to make, but hard to keep.

To Be Continued…

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