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Last time: As I took her hand, I gasped. I didn't recognize what it was for a moment. An unknown feeling, seeping its way into my soul. It startled me when I finally realized what it was. Something I hadn't felt in over a century: hope.

As she led me through the forest, I felt as if I could fly. Maybe I already was. We winded through the trees, taking our time. I didn't bother to ask where we were going; I honestly didn't care.

We finally stopped and sat next to a creek. We spent the whole walk up here in silence, wallowing in the pure ecstasy of being around each other. She giggled. "I bet your thinking about how strange it is that have yet to be properly introduced, and yet here we are, hand in hand sitting my a creek." She started.

"Actually, the thought hadn't registered until just now. But I suppose your right. I'm Jasp--"

"Jasper Whitlock soon-to-be Hale. I know. Trust me, I know. What I don't know is who I am. Aside from my name. Mary Alice Brandon, by the way. Soon to be known as Alice Cullen."

I stared at her, my expression halfway between amazement and terror-struck. She just grinned down at the flowing water.

"Perhaps I should explain myself…" She said quietly.

"Perhaps." I repeated sarcastically.

"I remember the fire over everything." She started, I immediately knew what she was speaking of. "It's as if the fire burned itself into my memories… The only clear memory I have." Her tone suddenly became listless, as did her expression.

"During the fire, I was somewhere dark… In some form of a cellar. As the pain slowly subsided, the surroundings changed. I could hear the movements of wildlife around me, and everything smelled musky and damp. It was still dark wherever I was…." She trailed off, trying to recall something.

"I wish I remembered more.. I have no idea who I am, where I came from." She sighed in defeat.

"Well," I suggested "Continue with the story, maybe we can figure something out."

"The pain stopped, and I opened my eyes to a full moon. I wandered around aimlessly for days, with nothing to guide me but the images… in my head.." She said cautiously.

"Images? Of what?" I questioned.

"Well, in the beginning, just you. I saw us in the diner, you hunting… an dhow much you hated that. I saw us together, and we were much happier. That's how I knew your name, of course."

I was speechless. It's not that I didn't believe her -- I knew all too well of vampires special "abilities."
No, I was speechless because everything finally made sense. Well, almost everything.

"What did you mean earlier? When you said Jasper Whitlock soon-to-be Hale? And Alice Cullen?" I frowned at the thought of her changing her last name to anything but Whitlock. "Why do our last names changed?" asked with wariness.

"I was getting to that. After I'd spent about a year looking for you, I started getting glimpses of something else -- golden eyes." She said. "Golden eyes that belong to vampires."

I was baffled. "How… can that be?" I'd only ever seen varying shades of black and red on our kind. Gold? I couldn't even picture it.

"Are you sure the golden eyes belong to members of .. Our kind?" I asked doubtfully.

"Calm down, Major Whitlock. Have some patience." Alice teased.

It didn't even surprise me that she knew my history,

"As time passes, I've seen more and more of the golden-eyed Cullen family. They're definitely vampires,… just not the traditional kind." She concluded.


"Before you ask, yes I do care to explain myself." She smirked.

"This particular clan doesn't have the same… diet, so to speak, as the rest of us do. They.. Don't feed on humans. They feed on wildlife." She said, measuring my expression.

I suppressed a laugh, wanting her to continue. At least that explained the golden eyes and why I'd never seen them in any other vampires.

"They're good people Jasper, I can see that much. That's part for the reasoning for their unusual diet. Why should humans suffer for what we are? I can't say I disagree there."

"I'm not saying I do, it's just.. This is all so.. Strange. I wasn't even aware such an existence was possible. But who am I to judge? I've never tried it before." I babbled.

"Huh." Alice said, surprised.

"What?" I asked cautiously.

"Nothing I guess… Well, when I saw myself telling you, you objected much more than you are right now." She said.

"Alice, I will do anything you ask of me. Whatever makes you happy."

"Aw! Well aren't we feeling cheesy today." Alice laughed, a melody of bells and chimes.

I playfully pushed her.

"We can go find this vampire clan.. I won't protest. I do, however, what to know a little more about them. For instance, how many are in this Cullen family?"

"There are five right now. A new member was just added a few years back . There's the leader, Carlisle. A man of kindness, caring, and compassion. His mate, Esme. She's got more love in her than I would have ever guessed to be possible. Carlisle's "son" -- Edward. Edward also had a special talent. Reading minds, He thinks of it more as a curse, than a talent though." She explained.

I can definitely relate to that. How very well I knew what a curse this entire existence could be.

"Do you know anything else?" I asked her.

"Well. It would seem Carlisle has a… rather interesting career." She finished.

Careers?Man, this family is weird.

"How so?" I asked trying to hold back shock.

" He's an, um.." Alice cleared her throat. "Doctor. In the E.R."

"Uh. That's possible?"

"Yes. Carlisle is an older vampire. He has overcome his thirst, developing a tolerance for being around humans. He doesn't even feel the thirst around humans anymore. He hunts much less than the others."

"Oh." Was all I could manage,

I marveled in the silence that now hung around us. Finally, I could form a coherent question.

"What about the other two? You said there were five?"

"Ah, yes. Rosalie Lillian Hale and Emmett McCarty Cullen. I don't know a whole lot about them. Emmett is the new member, though." She admitted.

"So… we're going to an unknown location, to find a family we know virtually nothing about… to live in a lifestyle we only just found out about?" I joked.

She giggled. "Pretty much, yeah."

"Okay then. Lets go."

She smiled a smile of contentment as we strode off into the forest hand in hand.

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