Disclaimer: I don't own Twilight; the characters I use, bar one, are all creations of Stephenie Meyer.

Jessica cooed at the baby girl in her arms, despite knowing that everything associated with her was a lie. Her marriage, her love, his love for her, it was all fake. The only thing that was real was his love for her: Jessica's former best friend, Bella Swan. Bella had left years ago, but Mike still pined after her.

And Mike was gone now. They had divorced a week ago, which had left her desperate and yearning for love.

Jessica glared at the picture sitting on the table near her, just sitting there, as if it were all innocent. It was a picture of herself and Bella during their junior year in high school. Her eyes closed for a moment, then suddenly snapped open. She reached over to the table and thrust the picture in the fireplace, which was piled with logs.

She got up slowly and put her daughter in her crib before she went off to the attic. She found everything there, everything that represented the truth, the world she was afraid of. She pulled a hard-cover book out of a box and took a seat on the floor, carefully paging through it.

Her daughter, Amy, began to cry downstairs. Jessica got up and went to tend to her daughter. She gave Amy a teddy bear before calling Angela.

"Hey, is this Angela?" She asked.

"Hello, who is this?"

"It's Jess; I was wondering if you could take care of Amy for me," Jessica said.

"Oh, sure. I'll be right over," Angela confirmed.

Jessica got Amy's stuff ready and waited for Angela to arrive. Once she did, Jessica gently handed the baby girl to her friend."Everything's in her bag. Thank you so much, Angela."

Angela smiled before leaving the small house. Jessica idly traced the faint scars on her wrist as she walked to her bathroom. Her razor, laying abandoned on the counter and crusted with dried blood, beckoned to her fevered mind. It entranced her, so much that she didn't smell the smoke, nor hear the alarm, until the fire reached the room she was in.