After their late lunch, Mac returned to her bungalow to write postcards. She wasn't sure how long the mail would take, and she wanted her friends to hear from her before she got back.

Dear Chloe, (one of the postcards read)
I'm having a great time on vacation so far! I went scuba diving today--you and I should go the next time I come to visit you. The fish and anemones are so beautiful! How's your grandmother doing? Is Jingo behaving himself? Miss you!

Hi Harriet,
The weather is perfect, and so is the body of the guy I went scuba diving with today! Seriously, though, next time a certain federal employee is handing out perilous and life-threatening assignments that come with vacations, I'll suggest Bud--you and he simply must come here! You'd love it! On second thought, would playing Webb's lover be worth it to your beloved?
:) Mac

Dear Admiral,
Thank you so much for the time off to come down here--it's wonderful! I'll bring back brochures; surely this is the kind of place we should have the next JAG retreat?! Seriously, though, sir, if Prospero had been stranded on this island, he wouldn't have been scheming to get back to his dukedom. I'll be back as scheduled, though; who would ever trade JAG for a dukedom?

Hi Clayton--
If I transfer to your Company, would they station me down here? I'm sure there's all sorts of illicit goings-on, and although it would be a job, I would search every grain of sand to find them. I'm surprised some government or other hasn't tried to make it their own private retreat for heads of state! Thanks so much-

Writing postcards, taking a shower, and simply relaxing on the beach took up all of Mac's afternoon. As it drew near time for dinner, she put on her red cotton halter-top dress and headed towards the main building and dining room. As she was putting her postcards in the mailbox in the lobby, she saw Harm walking towards her, carrying a flower and smiling. He handed the flower to her, kissed her cheek, and held out his arm to escort her into dinner. She forgot all about her notes to her friends as she floated into the dining room.