WARNING This fic may be disturbing to readers, it talks about the serious issue of rape, and might be hard for some to read. Not all chapters will be about it though, this also not a personal experience, or something I've ever dealt with

Also, this is Hameron fic. It is based in the 4th season, where we currently are in the show. Except, Chase and Cameron are not dating.

"One Big Mistake" Chapter 1, "One Big Mistake"

"It's not a big deal" Cameron said in a witty voice.

"It is a big deal" Chase shot back at her in his I-know-so aussie accent.

Cameron and Chase had been bickering now for about an accumulated 2 minutes in the locker room.

Minutes ago, Cameron had been sitting in the ER at the end of her shift. She was sitting at the small mahogany desk that 3 other ER doctors shared as well. She was still in her lavender scrubs, her blonde hair pulled back in a ponytail, and her blue grey eyes glued to her DELL lap top that sat upon the desk. When her shift was over, she walked to the locker room with Chase, bickering in the hall with him. And sat down on the bench in the locker room and was now, on her lap top while he got his things ready to leave.

Cameron had recently started a new fad of chatting online with others..well maybe not a fad, but she did it often. She had joined a chat room with doctors from New England . She had been chatting with a few of them, well actually only one, and one in particular, David. David and her had been chatting for 3 weeks now. She talked to him as a simple friend, about life, work, and everyday inconveniences. David had told Cameron that he was a radiologist at a hospital in Connecticut, which was a lie that Cameron was unaware of.

Cameron, now in the locker room with Chase, says "So every time I open my lap top are you going to hassle me?" She asked, annoyed.

"No" Chase replies and pauses "Only when I see you open your lap top will I hassle you" He grinned, Cameron watched him, not impressed.

"I'm you're 28 year old ex-girlfriend, not you15 year old little sister. You don't need to protect me" Cameron spoke in a slightly angered tone, that he kept bugging her about it.

Chase sighs, "I just want you to look out for yourself Allison--" Chase was very quickly cut off by Cameron.

"Cameron" she said hastily and quickly, turning to him, narrowing her eye brows. She hated that even though they we're broken up, he still felt the need to address her by her first name, which was not okay.

Chase ignored her and continued "meeting people online is not safe"

"We're not meeting, we're just talking" Cameron said as she pauses for a moment and lowers in eyes at him. "How do you even know I've been speaking with a guy on the internet anyways?" She asked hastily.

"Oh, well I uh, just, assumed" Chase said, trying to come up with his best excuse whilst her question threw him back.

"Right, what you meant to say is that you've been looking over my shoulder and spying at my lap top...and probably other things.." Cameron pointed out, referring to her chest.

"I have not" Chase said defensively, but child like.

"You're jealous" Cameron stated, matter-of-fact.

Chase stops and tilts his head a bit, slipping his hands into the front pockets of his pants, and standing up straighter. "I'm not jealous" He stated, trying to sound truthful.

"You're jealous" Cameron said, closing her lap top, as Chase spoke again. "I just want you to be safe, eventually this guy is going to ask you to meet him, and you being you will--" Cameron quickly cut him off again, shooting him a look, narrowing and lowering her eye brows. "I'll do what?" She asked coldly, warning him to watch his answer.

Chase sighed, "I just don't want you going out and meeting some stranger alone" He said in a concerned tone

Cameron felt as though she had had enough, she grew annoyed that Chase was treating her this way. She still had unresolved bitterness in her from the break up, which was fogging her ability to see that he was doing this out of concern, just as she would. She had noticed that ever since she left House's team, she had become more independent and not as soft. She stood and slipped her lap top into her bag, walking to her locking, taking off her scrubs to reveal her black pants and petite blue sweater which she had on underneath her scrubs. She slipped her jacket on and fixed her collar in a huff.

"Chase" she said boldly, shutting her locker and turning to him, slipping her bag on her shoulder. "Stop treating me like I'm 15, or like I'm still you're girlfriend" She spoke in a low, serious tone, starring at him with her narrowed eyes. "We're over, stop acting jealous and pompous around me. Get over it, get over me. I can take care of myself, I don't need some guy to depend on." She said coldly and walked out. Leaving a stunned and hurt Chase behind


A few hours later, Cameron was in the shower, the hot water beating down on her body.

She had come home directly after she left the hospital, grabbed a bite to eat at home, read a few chapters of her novel, and was now in the shower.

A man, dressed in black shorts and a white top, was now inside her house, Cameron unaware.


David had been waiting outside the Princeton Plainsboro Teaching hospital in a parking lot across from it.

David had done his research on Cameron, he knew enough about her. He knew where she worked, what her first name was, what kind of doctor she was, that she had just gotten out of a relationship, that she lived in NJ, that she worked in the ER, and he knew what she looked liked from her picture online. He also knew small things about her, goals, future plans, favorites. He had asked her all these things to gain her trust. He also knew her schedule of work and what she did when she got home, he had recorded all this based on the times when she told him she had to sign offline. So it wasn't hard at all for him to tract her down. He had been waiting for about an hour. When she came out, got into her car, and drove off, he had followed her, making sure to keep a distance at which she wouldn't suspect anything.

He had now been sitting in his parked car across from her apartment complex. Once he waited for about 3 hours he knew it was good for him to make his next move. He paid the clerk at the desk 200 dollars to find out which apartment room number was hers, and gave him a fake story about who he was and why he needed the key, which the clerk gave him. Then he very quietly made his way up to her apartment door. He listened closely outside her door, he could hear the shower running, and slowly unlocked the door to the apartment and stepped in.

Cameron didn't hear any of this, she was unaware of what was going on. She was in the shower, and had music playing.

David looked around her apartment, looking carefully at different objects and pictures, knowing he was at the right place, then he saw her lap top, the resource he had used to find her, come in contact with her. He had no intention of stealing any of her things, not even money, no, his intention were much worse, much more twisted.

David made his way over to the bathroom, where he listened as the shower ran and the music played. He slowly opened the door, and Cameron did not hear this, her door was silent in the way that it opened, and the music blocked it out. David watched her slender naked body through the shower curtain, which only showed shadows. David stripped down until he was bare bodied.

Cameron started to get an odd feeling, a sense like someone was there. She looked over and saw a shadow outside her shower curtain and gasped silently. At that moment her body froze and turned pale, she was almost shaking, more scared than she had ever been. She couldn't even move, or speak. Was someone really in her apartment? How, who? Was it Chase playing some kind of cruel prank? Suddenly before she knew it, her shower curtain was ripped opened and for a spilt second she saw him.

He was tall, about 6 feet and 3 inches, and large, not in a weight sort of way, but large as in he was built and strong. He had dark hair and dark eyes, and that's all she saw of him for about 2 seconds before her body was suddenly slammed against the cold tile of the shower.

David held her against the wall of the shower, crushing her body. Holding her there, so her front side was pressed against the wall and her back side was facing him. Cameron had no idea what to do, or what to even think..was this real? This can't actually be happening she thought. He body was frozen and she was in more fear than she had ever been, it was a nightmare, but worse. This was the worst cold sweat thing she could ever imagine. She tried screaming but her mouth hardly opened, and when it did, David forcefully covered it with his large hands, and brutally crashed Cameron's petite body against the wall and held her there so she couldn't move.

Cameron was now in tears, her mind racing with thoughts and fear. She tried to move but at the slightest flinch, David shoved her body against the wall harder. She realized at this moment, that there was nothing she could do to stop this, it was going to happen, and it was going to be painful...she had lost all control.

David sensed that she had given up and he pressed his body against her back side, as Cameron cried, her mouth covered by his hand. He immediately shoved his man-hood inside her, penetrating her from the back as he bent her over some. Cameron cried more as she felt possibly the worst pain she had ever felt. David didn't hesitate or take his time, he was hard and forceful with her, not gently or caring at all. Every thrust he went deeper inside of her, harder and faster. He then moved his had over her chest and began harassing her breast in a violent manor. Cameron cried more, tears of pain and fear, she couldn't actually believe this was happening to her, who was it? why? how?

David would not turn her around, her kept her pinned harshly against the shower wall, so that his face wouldn't be seen. After he had fondled her small body violently all over, he penetrated her again, and again, and again. Moving in harder and faster on her, telling her to take him in more. Cameron just cried and couldn't do anything. David then trusted fully into her from behind and Cameron screamed in pain, but it was only muffled by his hand as tears flew down her face. Once inside her fully, he leaned down and whispered in her ear "Your hair is even more blonde in real life than your picture" He smirked in a sick, twisted way. It was the most disgusting and vile thing Cameron had ever heard. The sound of his voice, the feeling of his lips moving, each putrid vile word coming from his mouth, the way his breath felt against her, it was all terrible.

Cameron's eyes grew wider, with fear, pain and shock. It was David, the man violently harassing and raping her was David, her online friend who she has trusted. But how? when? where did he find her? why was he doing this to her? what was happening?

David finished off on her after about 3 more very violent and hard thrusts. He leaned in and whispered "Now if you're smart miss Allison, you won't say anything" Cameron stood there silent, in tears, frozen, not knowing what to say or do.

David violently shook her once, warning her "Understand!" he shouted. Cameron nodded her head and cried tears of fear and pain.

David pulled out of her and held her tightly against the wall "Don't move" he ordered her harshly. He stepped out of the shower, quickly dressed himself and left her apartment, driving off, speeding away.

Cameron was now alone, she was up against the cold shower tile wall where he left her, the hot water still running, as she stood there. Shocked, and in so much pain from him. Tears flooded down her face. She truly couldn't believe what just happened to her. She felt as though she couldn't speak, that she couldn't even move. Like her life had ended right in that moment, like she was stuck right in the spot he had left her.

She felt violated, as if everyone could see her through her looking glass. She felt exposed and vulnerable. Absolutely damaged. Nothing was longer in focus, she tried so hard to drown it out, and she tried to hum inside her head until it was over. And now that it was, it was the only thing she could think of. She was afraid to move, afraid to speak, afraid to even breath. After about 20 minutes of standing there, in tears and re-living the whole terribly, cruel moment she finally moved. She turned the water off and stepped out, wrapping a towel around her small, violated body. She walked out of the bathroom, it felt as though she was in a dream..well a nightmare actually. Everything looked blurry and different, everything made her feel afraid, everything seem to remind her of the horribly, terrifying event that just happened to her. She slowly went over to the door, her heart pounding with fear, fear that David was waiting some where for her, to violate her again. She locked the door, and windows.

She made her way into the bedroom, feeling as though she was about to pass out, stumbling and slipping on about 3 layers of clothes and her robe, she then wrapped a blanket tightly around herself and sat upon the bed, she couldn't close her eyes, she couldn't speak, move, or breathe. She was terrified, horrified. She sat on the bed all night, unable to do anything, or sleep. All she could do was stare at the wall, reliving every cold sweat terrifying moment. She tried so, so hard to block it out, erase it, and think about something else. But she couldn't. It was all she could think about, all she could see in her mind, and it was terrifying. She knew that from this moment, her life was completely changed, she wouldn't ever be same, she felt violated, scared, cold, alone, and ruined. She cried all night, only able to see David in her shower, raping her. She was ruined..her life ruined.

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