Athrun's POV, in times after the war.
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The Hidden

The sound of the car door didn't wake me from my trance at all, "Miss Murder" playing through my head and a screwdriver in my hand. I was being partially blinded by a desk lamp that was close to my head, so I didn't even notice when he turned the lights on. Or when he walked over. Or when he sighed. I'm not sure, but he might have been there five minutes before I noticed that I wasn't alone. I did notice however, when he said my name loudly.

"Athrun!" I could feel my whole body lift off of the chair as he spoke, his voice catching me by surprise.

"K-Kira…" My words came a bit more surprised sounding than I wanted them to be.

"Idiot." He said the word with a smile lingering on his lips, so I could tell he wasn't mad. He casually linked his arms behind his head and moved so that he was behind me and leaning on my chair. Carefully, he observed the small yellow and green bits of his mechanical pet, which I was currently trying to fix.

"Birdy will be fine Kira. Don't worry about it!" I knew I didn't sound convincing.

"Athy, he's been crashing around the house for a solid week now, and every time you say that it'll be fine, it gets worse!" He sighed heavily and I couldn't help but agree with him. We both know that I've tried my hardest to fix the bird, but I lost all of my blueprints and it was such a long time ago…

I yelp slightly as I shock my hand.

"Not paying attention?" Kira asks me, concerned but amused.

"Shut up Ki. I'd like to see you do better." He shoots me a pout over my comment and stalks into the kitchen, probably to fix supper. It's been about a month now since I moved into this house, the money my parents had left me giving me everything I wanted including a two story wonderland of Athrun. I fiddled with a screw as I thought about it. Both parents dead after the war, Kira's family five minutes away, and all the pizza I could eat. Well maybe not the pizza, but you get it.

Back on that day, the day that everything ended finally, Kira and I had gone to his parent's house. I can remember how Aunty (That's what I always call Kira's mom) was crying; so happy to have Kira back. She was also happy to see us still friends (Heh, she's so sweet) after all of this. I'm kind of surprised too, to tell you the truth. Ya know, after all the fighting and shit.

I fidget with my tools that are lying about on the desk. Come to think of it, that was one of the happiest days of my life. The fighting stopped, I got to see aunty for the first time in years, I felt happy, I was alive and I made out with Kira in the morning.
Huh? Oh I forgot to mention that didn't I? Well, to put it simply, Kira and I are… sort of secret lovers.

It's a secret 'cause nobody knows about it yet. Minus Ms. Murrue and Mr. Waltfeld anyway. During the fighting I went out with Cagalli on Kira's request, but ditched her later (also on Kira's request). Now Kira and I are 'dating'. Quotations? Well, I don't consider it dating anyway. We haven't gone on a date, don't snuggle in public (or even semi-public) places, and don't even hold hands…though we aren't all that innocent when we're alone together. We are two 18 year old boys that have hormones ya know!

He says he loves me and I believe it. I love him too after all. But he's just super shy in public, that's all. Everything I do is for that boy, which reminds me that this is the second sleepless night trying to fix his bird for him.

The smell of something like pasta floated into the room I'm sitting in, making me smile a little. The boy can also cook. I, on the other hand, could make a profession out of burning water.

Another small electric shock makes me feel like giving up, so I retire into the kitchen where my night in shining amour (or dork wrapped in tinfoil at least) is making noodles with Alfredo sauce in another pan.

"God I love you" the words pass through my lips easily, but the day that I had first told him, it had been a different story.

"Your lucky that I love you back Athy, or you'd starve or get fat." He snickered and stirred some of the creamy sauce in the pan.

"Totally different things there, Ki." I laugh at him quietly, moving so that my arms are linked around his waist lazily, resting on his hips. He leans back into me comfortably, being used to me hugging him at random times now.

Well, you would too if your best friend and you had just survived (not to mention starred in) the war greater than all wars and were on different sides of it almost the whole time. There were days when I swear that I had killed him. Thankfully, he always came back, alive as ever. I think it was about two months before the war ended when I realized how much I loved him. I couldn't stand having to fight against him over and over. I was so glad when I didn't have to anymore.

Instead, we fought on the same side. But even then there was a risk. I thought I had lost him for sure in the last battle, but there he was again; Mr. invincible Kira Yamato. Then came the treaty (the best day of my life) and with it, Kira.

I had fallen asleep in his bed (with him there) because we were both so exhausted. Everyone else went drinking but I was too tired, so I found Kira and crawled in. I'm not sure why I risked that, guess I just wasn't thinking right. It wasn't till he woke me with an unexpected kiss did I tell him how much he meant to me. Surprisingly for me, he returned it (I guess that i should have figured though, he did just kiss me). And that led to more kisses, kisses led to touching, touching led to… well, all I can say is that we both took showers before meeting the Yamatos.

And that leads us up to present day, half snuggling while standing up and making supper. I'm happy that Kira's mother let him come over so often, but I almost wonder sometimes if she would be so willing if she knew…

A shutter passes through me at the thought but Kira either doesn't notice or pretends not to. He knows my mind is weird after all… and he probably thinks I'm getting perverted thoughts or something. Go figure.

I look up to see a knowing smile on his lips

"Thinking about mom?"

I can't help but gape. How does he do that? "Y-ya"

His eyes twinkle a little and he turns in my arms so that he is facing me.

"Your… so creepy when you do that Kira!" I'm still just staring at him as he winks at me and kisses my cheek lightly.

"I just know you." It's funny 'cause I know its true. Kira knows everything about me; right from my favorite book to what turns me on most. He's… observant to say the least.

"Meh…" (That's all I can say to him? Pathetic!)

He giggled and ruffles my hair, turning around and going back to stirring the sauce.

Reluctantly, I let go of him so that he can do it better, after all, I don't want him burning anything because of me. I sit down at the table and begin to read through my mail vaguely. Flyer, flyer, bill, flyer, bill… Something official looking? I stare at it curiously, but toss it aside with the rest as Kira puts a plate down in front of me and sits down in the chair at my side.

"Is it good?" I can see the worry in his eyes.

"Nooooooo" I make sure that my sarcastic tone is easy to pick out.

"I think I messed up on the sauce… it's from scratch…and the noodles-" He is cut of when I shove a forkful into his mouth from my plate. I can't help but laugh at his expression; stunned, messy from the sauce, but still adorable as ever.

I really do love him. But I dont like how we have to stay hidden all the time..

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