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The handle of the door seemed very unfamiliar under my fingertips. Even the feeling of walking was strange after the week in the hospital. I swung the front door of the house open and stepped inside, kicking off my shoes and heading over to the kitchen for some coffee. The only remnants from the crash were a few scabs, bruises, and a gauss bandage I was told to wear on my head for the next week or so, but I still felt the pain of almost losing Kira.

Moving over to the table, I crossed my arms on it and layer my head in them, just watching the coffee drip slowly into the pot that was waiting for it. The smell made me feel a little better about being home as it pushed the smell of stale bile and strange medicine from the hospital out of my nose. Signing, I remembered that coffee was the exact thing we had been getting that day…the reason we were in the car to begin with.

A few bangs make their escape around the bandage and into my eyes and, as I went to brush them away, my hand found itself swiping against wetness near my eyes…I was tearing up? I took a couple of deep breaths which seemed to help. My mind was still a disaster though, so I had to find something to do before I sat down and cried like a little girl. God…if only Kira could see me now. He would laugh- I could almost guarantee it. I am rather pathetic when he's nowhere to be seen.

Briefly, I wondered what I would do if Kira were to ever break up with me, but I stop when I feel the prickling sensation of tears again. Racking my brain, I try to find something- anything really- to keep me busy…and my mind lands on Kira's broken pet. Birdy. Thats right, I never finished fixing him…

The pieces were all smaller than I remembered, the handles of my favourite tools seemed colder, and the desk lamp was just too bright. I blamed all of this on my head injury of course, but the truth was that it had probably been too long since I last did a complete reconstruction like this. Then again, I found myself squinting more than I should have been and I knew that wasn't something that just happened over that short of a time. I glanced up to look at a clock on the other side of the room and tried not to panic as I realized the numbers were only nearly legible.

Was my eyesight really going? Probably just the head trauma…but was it permanent? And I had my head hit many times before and nothing like this ever happened. Perhaps this was just one too many times? I make a face at the thought. If this whole 'not-being-able-to-see-as-well' thing didn't go away soon, I would have to go in and get them checked…and have glasses? So few coordinators had them, and even fewer actually need them- I would stick out like a sore thumb!

A few deep breaths later, I continue to work on the green and yellow metal bits in my hands. Just focusing on the task at hand would help me not freak out as much. The time escapes me as I get back into the rhythm of attaching wires and adjusting screws, but I am snapped from my trance by the sound of the door bell, followed by rapid knocking.

"Who the hell.." I mumble to myself as I make my way down the hall, trying to figure out who would even know I was home. A small part of me dies as my mind goes back to the last conversation I had with Lacus, and I convince myself that she would be on the other side of the door…ready to tear my face off. Sighing, I grabbed the handle and swung the door open.

"Yzak?!" His hair was messy (very unusual for him), and he seemed to be upset about something. I couldn't help but to slightly gape at his dishevelled demeanour, since he was usually the fist one to yell at us for being 'unpresentable' on any given day.

"F-fuck you." He staggered past me into the house, the smell of alcohol following him closely.

"Oh, for the love of god Yzak, you're stinking drunk." I make a move to go around him, but I am stopped when he decides now would be a good time to go in for a hug. Stunned, I let my arms hang down by my sides. "What're you…" I trail off as I notice his shoulders shaking and can feel hot tears soaking through my shirt. "Yzak…."

"It's all your fault! Dearkaaaaaaa-" He sobs, hiccups, then continues "Dearka is so mad at me and I didn't do anything and I was just worried about you because you're like my only friend and and and and." His words are fast and slightly slurred so it took a minute for them to sink in.

"Wait wait. Hold up. Okay, so…Dearka is mad at you because I'm.." The words felt weird "..Your friend? Yzak that doesn't make any sense." I moved so that I was holding him at arms length, mostly so that I could read his expressions.

"And because you and I did it." He was almost whispering now so I had to move a little bit closer, but I almost leapt backwards when he said that. I'm sure my face would have been amusing to see.

"Yzak.. Firstly, we didn't 'do it', we fooled around a bit because of the alcohol…Which you seem to be getting a little too friendly with today, but I digress. Secondly, that was a LONG time ago and I thought we both agreed not to bring it up. And th-"

"He's jealousssss." Yzak cut me off before staring down at the ground intensely. "We've been fighting for ages about it now. And I've been worried about you recently because…you know.. you almost got yourself KILLED and all that…" He looked back at me with an almost comforting familiar glare "So he thinks I have feelings for you or some shit, but NO. No no no. I only have them for him!"

"What. The. Actual. Fuck." My mind was trying to process everything, but it seemed like it was going in slow motion.

"And don't try to say anything bad about it, because I figured out that you're boning Kira." I felt like I was going to pass out, so I just nodded slowly. When I finally got my voice back, I offered for the two of us to sit down and talk things out, which he thankfully agreed to. Time went by in a haze and when I next looked out the window, the sky had gone black. Yzak seemed a bit more sober, but I still wanted to make sure he would get back to his apartment safely so I urged him to call Dearka and get a ride.

I didn't hear the conversation (As Yzak had gone into the kitchen to make the call) but no less than 20 minutes later I was opening the door to find Dearka's knee forcefully slammed against my stomach.

"Zala." His tone sounded deadly.

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